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"Lucario and the Mystery of Mew"


Jun 11, 2004
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That is the 8th movies dub name, according to a scan I saw on SPPF.

An actual dub title!

Well, before now, people were even telling me that a dub version of the movie hadn't even been announced yet.

So I was like, "Huh? But, isn't that what they are doing right now, dubbing the 8th movie?".

Anyway, I knew sometime or another they'd have to come out with the dub version.

I just wanna know when it'll be out on video/DVD.
It's from Pokémon Fan, a magazine published by Pokémon USA. The person who posted the scan on SPPf posted more pages from the magazine which supplement information on Pokémon.com. In addition, that site says that information on the movie will be out this weekend.

It's not fake.
And that's a wrap.

So. Opinions on the name?

(Lucario's name comes as no shock at all)
I really like the dub name for the movie ^^ It's sensible sounding, goes with the theme of the movie too, I'm happy with it~! :D
And already the complaints start rolling in, because OMG Lucario isn't as cool as Rukario since it doesn't have a K!

And of course it's the English dub's fault, because there's no way the Japanese could make a name with L's or C's. That's crazy talk!
Would those complaints ever have been posted if Serebii hadn't stuck to the direct romanization when all the proof for the correct spelling started appearing? I wonder.

...no, wait, I don't.
Rukario, Lucario, Rucario & Lukario are ALL correct spellings so kindly stop
Well, Lucario is the correct spelling now and that is all that matters.
Actually Lucario being the US Name does not make it the correct Japanese Spelling :p

But I know what you mean...just taking your statement at face value
Moving on from the name debate...

I wonder if 4Kids will get Puffy to record an English version of the ending theme. It's not impossible, especially since we got an English version of "Chiisaki Mono," even though Hayashi Asuka didn't sing the English version and probably had nothing to do with the "translated" lyrics.

It's going to suck watching this movie in fullscreen, though, because the movie's scenery pretty much requires one to see it in widescreen to get the full effect.
Soon the other two pokemon that don't have English names yet will get ones. I don't know if we had this many pokes have English names before the game is released even in Japan before.
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