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Lucky Pokémon

Jul 10, 2015
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I'm in the habit of swapping a bunch of pokemon during community day or special research days so yesterday I got 2 Lucky Lotad :) Also got a lucky perfect Mamoswine for two community days ago
Nov 4, 2017
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Did lots of trading between my two accounts and got several lucky Pokemon. Most interesting is a 100% Lucky Machamp for my main account (and badly wanted, too) and two lucky Giratina of 96% and 93%. It's the Altered Form and sadly not the Origin Form (which is far more useful as a Ghost-type attacker due to better stats and access to Shadow Ball).
Fire Chicken
Jun 9, 2012
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Lots of luckies since my last post...

Grotle and Walrein after October CD.
Halloween event, Dusknoir, Sableye, 100% Drifblim, Skuntank, several Gengar with Lick (some powered up), several Pikachu with hats, Mismagius
An Alolan Golem
Pinsir Weekend, got a few, maxed out too. Ponyta/Cubone weekend, got a few, including a 100% Rapidash.
Random Machamp and Ambipom.
Several of the Cyndaquil line from November CD, best is a 98% Blast Burn Typhlosion which I might power up someday.
Random Altaria, Lopunny, Hitmontop, Flareon, Plusle, Exeggutor, Armaldo (lucky register from the Let's GO event)
100% Weavile! Unfortunately with so many other Ice and Dark types this never got powered up.
Shedinja: now that was a lucky one.
100% Alolan Exeggutor!
A few Electabuzz from a nest, some Eevee too and a Magneton (let's GO event still I guess), Swalot register, random Venusaur, Azurill (had a friend who insisted on trading babies), Hypno, 80% Wigglytuff (lol), random Raichu, Raticate (tiny), Marowak, Beedrill register, Pinsir, Totodile...
100% Girafarig register, from a nest.
Oh and then December CD: lots of luckies from all 11 featured Pokemon, best of which a 91% Tyranitar which I powered up, a 80% Ivysaur (heh) and some others.
Random Chansey :D Dugtrio, Fearow, Persian, Arbok, Zangoose, Hariyama, Solrock (thankfully got that one done before Equinox), Rhyperior, Granbull, Kingler (register), Porygon-Z, Swablu, Qwilfish (register), Pichu (baby-trading friend), Xatu
100% Scizor! Now this one is on the ALMOST IMMEDIATE power-up list as a Rain attacker on all the Psychic Raids, but something ALWAYS happens to show up in the last moment with priority before it :(
Shuckle, Wailord, Aerodactyl, Tyrogue (babies xD), Manectric
Holiday event, Delibird, Raichu Santa Hat, Abomasnow, Froslass and Glalie (thankfully I got a female Snorunt)
100% Magcargo, 80% Electrode, Minun, Omastar
Did a few Meltan trades with a friend over several days, got lucky Melmetal 96%
Mantinue (register), Magby/Munchlax (more baby trades), Spinda (got that one done with thankfully)
January CD, several Totodile, some evolved. Then the next day did some more and got a 100% which is still a Croconaw -_-
Traded a Kyogre in from a friend trying to get a good IV to power up for the upcoming Groudon, got a Lucky 87%. Had nothing better at the point (yeah I'm unlucky with Kyogre IVs), so maxxed. Still my best Lucky to date at 4050 CP.
100% Breloom with Grass Knot :D Unfortunately not gonna get maxxed soon, have enough Machamp/Roserade.
Togekiss, Crawdaunt, Alolan Muk, some more Breloom with Grass Knot...
SHINY DRATINI/LARVITAR/CHARMANDER, got VERY lucky with that one friend who unfortunately quit but wanted me to trade everything in...
Then Lunar New Year event came in with boosted rates:
Some more Tyranitar, even a Mewtwo!
Eevee, Piplup, Toxicroak (register), Miltank (register), Wynaut/Budew (baby trades), Dodrio (register), Monferno (register, saving up for Chimchar CD), Feebas from Limited Research (no Shiny still though)
Masquerain (register), Volbeat (register), Bellossom (register)
February CD, several Swinub, some evolved, some maxxed out, with Ancient Power and without.
Valentine event, Luvdisc (register), Slowbro (register)
100% Seadra (not evolving yet just in case we get some Kingdra exclusive move for Trainer Battles)
PALKIA! Bad IV, tried to get some good ones with special trades during its month, didn't happen, but still registered.
Gorebyss/Huntail from Clamperl Research, got good RNG here (I'm looking at you, Cascoon! -_-)
Staravia (register, saving for possible Sky Attack Staraptor)
DIALGA! Same deal as Palkia
Vileplume (register), 100% Kabutops (register), Yanmega (register), Tangrowth (register)
March CD, a few Treecko, some evolved
Cradily (register)
Lotad Research, Ludicolo register and some more spares
Several Roselia/Turtwig from Grass event (equinox)
Lunatone register (so glad I'm done with that so I can keep the rest for regional trades), Ditto register
Bug event, Ledian register, Parasect register, Butterfree register AND SEVERAL WURMPLE THAT ALL STILL BECOME SILCOON ARGH
A few spare Yanma too, might power up someday

Lucky Trades get released:
First one, Giratina Origin 93% 15 attack, which is cool, but I got 100% so staying on the bench. Still a register (never got Altered, never gonna try)
Kyogre weather boosted 82%. Prime candidate for next legendary max out in preparation for Groudon return if all goes right with Earth Day.
And a few more Kyogre hoping I can get better IVs but nothing above 91% 12-13 attack, so nah, still prefer the weather boosted. I'm really cursed with bad Kyogre IVs even though I have maxxed 3 and am working on the 4th
Also just one Groudon (that one friend didn't have Kyogre) and one Rayquaza (same deal). Still relevant legendaries and lucky dex registers
Also waiting on 2 more friends, we just can't schedule a day fitting both sides :(

Several Bagon from CD, including 98% and 96% evolved.
Nincada (glad I got done with this)
the future is not written
May 1, 2009
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Man there is no point in me updating my post in this thread because I do several hundred trades a week (my trade count is at 8808 and I have probably acquired 500 or so lucky pokemon in my time), BUT! I did manage to get lucky friends and get a Farfetch'd, and got a full-odds lucky Latios too! I'm only six Pokémon away from finishing my lucky Kanto dex -- Nidoking, Arcanine, Onix, Hitmonlee, Lapras, and Zapdos. The first two and last one (with a lucky friend) should be pretty easy to get. Not looking forward to the other three though.