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Review M11: Giratina and the Sky's Bouquet: Shaymin

Why not? Sure, most of the entries would suck, but there'd have to be some that would be game-worthy. And it would only be for one or two, and it's not like the game would be built around those one or two.
But why? Game Freak are perfectly capable of making their own, not too mention the royalty they'd have to pay to the maker would probably be huge.
Well, like I said, it seems to work for Digimon. I'd imagine it would be similar for any other Japan-based franchises. Which would probably mean that any such contest would be Japan-only, but even so, that's millions of fans.
I can't see what they'd be taking a break from considering that $$$ > vacation time. Unless GameFreak is making a Drill Dozer sequal, they're probably starting on the third version of D/P and pre-designing new Pokemon.
Yeah, I am sure they are working on the third part to DP... and possibly GS remakes...
They don't reveal new Pokemon in the movies until they've revealed all that Generation's Pokemon. We have one extra hidden Pokemon this time around, and thus, one extra year in which to focus on just the 4th Generation. It'd be pretty silly, afterall, to start promoting the next generation when they haven't even finished unveiling the current one.

Next year's movie will doubtless be the Gen V debut, but not this one. It's probably safe to say we'll have Shyamin and Regigigas and that's it for the new legendaries. Though it wouldn't be a stretch of the imagination for the Regis to return.
I can't see what they'd be taking a break from considering that $$$ > vacation time. Unless GameFreak is making a Drill Dozer sequal, they're probably starting on the third version of D/P and pre-designing new Pokemon.

Well, better for them to take their time and come up with a quality product than rush it and come out with crap, ne?
i doubt they will put a new pokemon in this movie.

i know my idealogy is a bit off when i say this, but you never know, it could be true:

the first movie of AG was the Jirachi movie. No new pokemon.
the second was Deoxys. It revealed Munchlax, and some fans insisted that the boxes of La Rousse could be new Pokemon as well.

now, we are at generation 4. ok, my info may be wrong because i didnt pay much attention to the anime at this point in time, BUT:

i remember reading on serebii.net that movie 6 could possibly be the last (though it doesnt make sense when you think about it, especially now that we are going onto 11)

but then movie 7 came out. personally i think movie 7 was basically garbage. that entire movie was pointless asside from munchlax and putting two more legendaries in the story. other than that it had no point: no sub-plot, no moral to the story, just two legendaries duking it out while the gang is stuck in the city.

that out of the way, i think they put munchlax in to get more viewers because there would be a new pokemon in the movie. having a new generation pokemon in it may cause everyone to go see the movie?

but, where we are now with generation 4. ash, brock and dawn are moving a LOT slower than ash, brock, max, and may did in hoenn. i dont exactly remember, but La Rousse was near Fortree city, meaning at the second AG movie, Ash was already over half way through hoenn. so far, Ash has barely gotten far into Sinnoh at all.

also, (correct me if im wrong) but i thought that currently pokemon is more popular than it was in 3rd generation (at least outside japan).

i just think with so much left to do in Sinnoh and the fact that this is the official release of shaymin, they wont put 5th generations in because there is no need to!!!
Um...Movie 7 was no amazing work of cinema, but saying it had no sub-plot or morals is idiotic.

And implying Munchlax was the only reason people went to see it is even stupider, as Munchlax wasn't even central to the plot like Manaphy, Lugia, Lucario, or the Latis (the main-role preview Pokemon). I'm sure it probably increased patronage, but I'm willing to be without it just about as many people would still have gone.
Um...Movie 7 was no amazing work of cinema, but saying it had no sub-plot or morals is idiotic.

What was the plot that was at all comparable to the other movies? I mean honestly?

Movie 1 was good, it really delt with cloning and individuality.
Movie 2 i didnt like as much, but the theme of anyone can make a difference was a good moral.
Movie 3 was pretty bad. i dont really remember a moral in that one either. if there was one it was probably about how Molly wouldnt let go of her past. but thats a stretch.
Movie 4 may have had a moral about preserving and exploiting nature. if i had to say there was a moral.
Movie 5... the artwork was beautiful but it didnt really have a plot (but i heard that was bc the dub messed it up)
Movie 6 was really good and was about friendship
Movie 7 was about what?
Movie 8 was about things not being what they appear, and two plots about the importance of friendship and how far it will go.
Movie 9 was all about parenthood with May and Manaphy's relationship
Movie 10 was about labels and how just because your destined or created to do/act a certain way, your are in control of your own destiny.

So this is an open question to anyone... What WAS Movie 7 about?
Honestly 7 seems to get too much flak mainly because of it's ending.

The whole story with Tori overcoming his fear of Pokemon wasn't a plot? And I think Tori helping Deoxys reunite with it's friend was just as much of a plot as the other movies.
Dag... thats right. I completely forgot Tori was scared of Pokemon. Sorry, that one completely slipped my mind.

Your right. It did have a plot.
I didn't like Movie 7 either. I really think Deoxys got screwed out of a good story both times it appeared in the anime. But whatever, at least they followed it with the awesome Movie 8.
Hey, there are a lot of well designed fan-Pokemon...have you looked at MagesPages on Deviantart? http://magespages.deviantart.com/

A lot of those are really good, I wouldn't mind some of those in a game or something, but I do agree with what Habunake said. Although, the break that people were talking about is probably out of context. I vaguely remember that, and it seemed more like they were going to take a month or so break at the time of the interview, which would mean it was probably a while ago.

However, I also would like to bring a point that they also could just mean they want to do something else besides pokemon again for the next game before working on GenV
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