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Review M19: Volcanion and the Mechanical Magearna

That's the way it is.
Jan 10, 2016
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I don't need a link but just to clarify, are there any ways to watch it?
New Member
May 5, 2016
Reaction score
One of the best pokemon movies in recent recent memory. Kinda reminds me of the old school movies like spell of the unknown.

The plot is straightforward, without a plot twist anywhere to shake things up. Team Rocket is useless, and outside battling ash and volcanion, contributes nothing to the plot. I mean, they could have helped battle the mega army at the least.

Characterization was great and it's nice they didn't have to waste time on the pikachu shorts, they put their Extra 20 minutes to good use. I also thought Magearna while charming at times was a plot device for more. Ash's freinds got more screen time then I expected which is nice. Overall a good film in my opinion.
Destroyer of Fairy, Steel and Ice types.
Feb 21, 2011
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I am not sure which two movies of gen 6 I like. Either the Hoopa movie or Volcanion. Hoopa had lots of legendary (including a brief appear of Arceus) which I loved. Volcanion movie has lots of mega evolutions plus brief appearance of Complete Zygarde. This latest movie is just as great as the previous in my opinion.
New Member
Jan 20, 2021
Reaction score
Don't ask why, but I loved this movie. I saw it when it first came to Netflix not knowing a thing about the plot. The first half was really good. But after Meowth was kidnapped by Alva(For little to no reason), I didn't seem to enjoy it as much, mostly because Alva is my least favorite movie villain and he tried to kill almost everyone.

LOVED the final battle. Alva's fate could've been more satisfying though.

Team Rocket mattered to the plot again! I loved the movie because of their role. What made me love the film the most was the reunion between the trio att the end. I was literally crying at it. Those three are a cute little family and I love it.

Overall, I give the movie a 8.6/10 because Alva is not a good villain but I still liked it.