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Make Assumptions About the Person BELOW you

attempts to comfort the owl.
I actually haven't visited the Northwest. Gotta change that soon.

v Has more than one electronic device on the table
*Rawr* "let's play"
only once in 2009 - when it got to 103 F in Seattle
highest ever temperature in Seattle since records started in 1880's
(according to our local news)

v - at one time has fainted a shiny Pokemon
Electric Extradimensional
Oh, several times, actually...in player versus player :3c And maybe some Ultra Wormhole shiny I didn’t care too much about, I dunno.

v has ever watched The Wiggles
link to the unknown
I like them when they're shelled and salted. I got some for my hamster recently, though they are unsalted and unshelled. Better for her, worse for me. I still eat some, but they are merely decent, not good.

v thinks sandwiches are some of the best things ever
*Rawr* "let's play"
depends on which sandwich it is, and that it has No tomato
then yep, love them - easy and best quick meal

v - loves creme filled donuts
attempts to comfort the owl.
Surprisingly, I don't. I prefer the doughy and light donuts and cream makes it more heavy.

v Is able to wake up at the right time without an alarm clock