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Make sure to catch the eighth Pokétoon episode, "Jigglypuff's Song", with official English subtitles, on the Pokémon Kids TV Japan YouTube channel

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The eighth episode of Pokétoon was released on the official Pokémon Kids TV Japan YouTube channel at the beginning of this week. The episode is titled "Jigglypuff's Song".

Synopsis said:
ある日、モモが公園を通りかかると、泣き続けているプリンを発見。 プリンと仲良くなったモモは、後日同じくプリンを連れているともだちのアンズと出会う。 アンズのプリンが上手な歌を披露すると、モモのプリンはなにやら居心地が悪そうにしており.....?!
One day, when Momo walks in the park, she finds a crying Jigglypuff. Momo, who became friends with the Jigglypuff, later meets her friend Anzu, who also has a Jigglypuff. When Anzu's Jigglypuff sings well, Momo's Jigglypuff looks somewhat uncomfortable.....?!

Momo: Kaede Hondo
Jigglypuff: Miho Okasaki
Anzu: Miyu Tomita
Director/Storyboard/Color Design: Satō Yū
Screenplay: Midori Sato
Character Design: Shinoya
Background Art: Toshiyuki Tokuda

You can watch the episode below. Both English and Japanese subtitles are available in the video.



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