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Make Up a Mirror verse character

Mirror Iris would be so fun. For starters, she would have a love hate relationship with Axew, Dragonite and Gible as she detests Dragon types to no end, yet possesses three.
The Mirror Versions of Team Aqua and Team Magma have been friends and allies for years

The Mirror version of Giovanni's Persian is as sweet and polite as they come

The Mirror versions of Ho-Oh, Lugia, Entei, Suicune and Raiku are all ancient evils that have terrorized Johto for countless years.

The Mirror version of Ash's Sceptile is kind of a goofball

The Mirror version of Ash's Infernape is cocky and over-confident because Paul praised him too much

The Mirror version of Macy loves Water-Type Pokemon and talks badly about Fire-Types, also, she's far more subtle about her crush on Ash, while Mirror world Angie is overly obvious about it
Mirror Dawn is tomboyish and wants to participate in the badge quest.
Mirror Paul doesn't really care about power and uses Ash's training style.
Mirror Viola is an enthusiastic but terrible artist who hates Bug types
Mirror Chespin hates sweets and only eats healthy foods.

Mirror Brock is gay and loves every cute guy he sees. It is also very rare to see Mirror Brock shot down by his intended.
Mirror Stephan never has to deal with people saying his name wrong.
Mirror Misty can't swim and really hates Water types despite being the Cerulean Gym Leader. Her Psyduck often refuses to come out of its Poké Ball too.
Mirror Scott drives in a civil manner, but knows nothing about Pokémon, so he instead founded the Pokénav Plus Cup of Pokémon DASH, of which....

Mirror Serena is a diehard competitor, and she dresses like the Delinquent trainer class(Complete with Shiny Corsola Blue #5 lipstick!
Mirror Trip is loving, loves all people, and less intelligent
Mirror Virgil is sickly, evil, dark
Mirror Bianca is very neat freak and competitive
Mirror Burgundy is tomboy and kuudere
Mirror Georgia is feminine looking and become Iris's best friend forever
Mirror Cameron is extremely intelligent and calm
Mirror Stephan is weak looking and extremely arrogant
Mirror N is naughty, pervert, and yandere
Mirror Cheren is tsundere
Mirror Cilan is calm and collected and introverted
Mirror Iris is extremely motherish nature
Mirror May is a butch tomboy who used to like Pokémon, but now doesn't.

Mirror Ghetsis is honest and altruistic, but must thwart the efforts of his evil son, N (and N's bitchy sidekicks)

Team Jenny
Jenny, the Mirror World's 2nd greatest criminal mastermind, cloned herself (she didn't trust anyone else to help her on capers, and this way she'll never truly be stopped) and they wreak havoc across all of Mirror World. Luckily, Team Rocket constantly thwarts them.

Team Joy
A selfish, sadistic woman who loves hurting people and Pokémon, she too cloned herself (because no one else wanted anything to do with her). There are disturbing reports about what the clones do with each other that takes Narcissism to whole new levels :uhoh:

Mirror World's greatest criminal mastermind, and a total a-hole.

Pokémon Healer J
A loving, caring woman (even though she looks rather silly) who will do just as much as she can help others--even if its an inconvenience or is dangerous--who travels the world in her airship to be there when needed, and insists on doing it all for free. Will lay down her life for her assistants and even total strangers. Gets her ass kicked a lot, but never gives up.
Mirror Team Rocket was founded by Mirror Giovanni under the desire for Pokemon protection rights. He owns multiple Safari Zones to repopulate rare species. Instead of cloning Mew, he merely attempted to locate Mew in order to rebuild its population. Team Rocket agents get sturdy Rock, Ground and Steel types that survive well in harsh environments.

The Mewtwo of this reality was in fact created by the mad scientist Professor Samuel Oak, who did horrible experiments to bring out the best in Pokemon. It is a clone of Deoxys here

James' Kanto team composed of a smart, mopey Golem and fasting Vileplume, along with his childhood Vulpix. Jessie's Kanto team composed of Onix(later became Steelix) and originally Snorlax, but a hasty trade resulted in her getting a Shuckle
Mirror announcer doesn't sound at all excited about the show or its characters, and instead of highlighting their accomplishments, he mocks their failures.
Mirror Sukizo frequently uses sesquipedalian loquaciousness when evaluating Pokémon Contest performances.

Pokémon Centers are run by Nurse Jenny, and the police force uses Officer Joy.
Mirror Misty's Psyduck can swim and is stronger than Mewtwo. It's also a genius that can crush others with the powers of its mind.
Mirror Nurse Joy hates being a doctor, Aswell as Mirror Chansey. They would rather see Pokemon hurt rather than treat them.

Also Mirror Arceus one time destroyed the world in a rage, Mirror Giratina stopped him.
Mirror Dialga goes through Space, While Mirror Palkia goes through time.
Mirror Emolga hates Apples, So much that she stepped in one after she stepped in mud.
Mirror Buizel is a pacifist who doesn't like battling but generally curb stomps whoever he's fighting.
Mirror Bayleef is a lesbian and constantly pines after Misty
Mirror Bulbasaur is a vicious troll who loves instigating fights between pokemon
Mirror Oshawott is humble, disciplined and trains hard to become a warrior
Mirror Totodile is a poor dancer and constantly lethargic but is a surprisingly good chef
Mirror Pidgeot/Noctowl/Swellow/Staraptor/Fletchinder have distinct personalities
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