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Masumishipping anyone?

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Mar 8, 2005
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Masumishipping is my favorite Max ship by far (Misty/Max), especially after the Cleffa episode aired. When May yells at Max for something, he quickly runs behind Misty for protection. So sweet. :x

Max also copied the "pulling Brock by the ear" thing from Misty back in the Mirage Kingdom. It's also telling that Max would perhaps get a crush on Misty, especially since she's like a "revelation" to him, since he's mostly around his sister and his mother otherwise.

I also like the way Misty winks at Max before she says goodbye to him too, and May is like "Bwuh?" :D
Scott, you're just asking to be flammed. :)

To be on topic, I stamp this as "interesting..."
Wouldn't it be great if Misty actually returned interest too? We all know Misty likes younger men, but perhaps she'd like to have *really* young men. She can groom Max into the perfect boyfriend, she'd have him under her whim to command.

Of course I don't think his sister will like it very much if Misty starts seducing her 8 year old brother, but damn, if this doesn't make for some great fanfiction I don't know what will.

GOOD GOD I so gotta make a fic like this someday.
I love this ship! I think Max having a crush on Misty would be so cute if they accually tried to do anything with it on the show. As much as I like it, it is totally one-sided.

An interesting aspect that would make a great fanfic is that Max has also shown fanboyism towards both Ash and Tracey. :p
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