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Masumishipping (Misty + Max!) discussion thread

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Mar 8, 2005
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Welcome one and all to the MasaumiShipping (Misty/Max) discussion thread.

We all know that Misty likes "younger men", so what if Misty went for a really young boy, namely May's little brother?

Max himself seems to like Misty a lot, as Max started grabbing Brock by the ear/shirt after he saw Misty do it in the Togepi/Mirage Kingdom episodes.

Meanwhile Misty and Max had a bonding moment in the Clefairy episode in the Kanto saga, where they both reflected on the fact that they both have older sisters. They both know that their sisters' can be a pain at times, but they know their sisters love them regardless.

Characters spending time alone in a cave can be shippy to some extent, and it was a good chance for Misty and Max to get to know each other.

Here are some pics to get you started:




^ Notice May's expression as Misty bends down and signals Max out to say goodbye to him. :x

Misty seems to be a revelation for Max, as before this Max has only really been around his mother and older sister. Misty could probably be the girl that opens Max's eyes to women. And if Misty thinks he's cute enough and wants to take "charge" of an older girl/younger boy relationship, then this could work.

Anyone else find Misty/Max to be an incredibly amusing ship? :D
This sounds like a intersting shipping but doesn't Max like Vivi the Winstrate girl? But I will give a half-so for this shipping but its pretty funny if you think about it.
Max liked that girl, but then the girl hated Max because he beat up her Marril. :p
It seems like it'd be a cute one sided (from Max) ship. Reminds me of Mikey/Misty.
Ohhhh yeah I fogot ^.^'' If so I will love to see these to hook up. And see May face hehehe going weird. =]
Scott85 said:
Anyone else find Misty/Max to be an incredibly amusing ship? :D

I do! XD

When Misty came back most shippers (including me, sorta) were hoping that there would be a bonding moment with Misty and whoever they liked her with

Who would have thought that the writers have a bonding moment with Misty and Max? XD
I wasn't expecting a Misty/Max episode either, I always thought they'd make a Misty/May episode eventually, but they haven't so far.

Can anyone else see a crazy scenario where Misty starts coming onto Max for no reason? There are some fun fanfics out there where teenage girls come onto 8-10 year old boys, and it's always funny to see a girl come onto a boy and the boy has no idea what's going on. XD
The way I see it, Kasumi and Masato can relate because they're both the younger(est) sibling. Takeshi is oldest, and Satoshi is an only child. Both have frustrations about their sisters, and they have that (a big that) in common.
I also like Max/Misty. They can learn alot from each other.
very nice pictures :)

Now, if only I could understand what they're were saying

Misty:*stands still*
Max:What is she doing?

Max:Lets save the Pokemon!
Misty:But first us!

Misty:I told you we should have saved ourselves first darling!
Max:Well sor-ry honey!
*Misty and Max realise what they just said*
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