May Monthly goals, Marshtomp event, Shiny Snubbull, and more in Pokémon Café ReMix

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Several events have begun in Pokémon Café ReMix with the start of the month of May.

Monthly Goal
Earn ☆s by clearing Main orders, Training orders, and Past Orders. Earn boosters, stamina, Golden Acorns and more. Receive the Squirtle Young Turtle's Hat outfit in the Normal Course, and Grookey Rock 'n' roll outfit in the Premium Course (Premium Pass must be purchased) by achieving a certain threshold.

Marshtomp event
A Marshtomp event has started and will run until May 13th, at 2:59 p.m. JST. Earn points by clearing Main orders and Training orders. Get 50% more event points by purchasing the Monthly Goal's Premium Pass. Earn boosters and Golden Acorns by clearing certain thresholds. Marshtomp can also be recruited as staff.

Increased chance of Shiny Snubbull
Shiny Snubbull will have an increased chance of appearing as customers. Use this opportunity to recruit Shiny Snubbull as a staff Pokémon.

Yamper in Pelipper Deivery feature
Yamper will now be the target Pokémon that players can serve drinks and dishes to to recruit as staff.

Special Pack available
A Special pack will be available until May 13th, which contain some Golden acorns and stamina.


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