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Mafia ME Movies Mafia: Endgame: Winners are You! 15/9/17

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Murphy, Edward
Nov 18, 2014
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A crowd was milling around the RM studio, seemingly aimlessly, as they awaited the delivery of their scripts.
Looking somewhat harried, returnofMCH dashed in, carrying several sheaves of paper. He ran to each person and delivered a bunch of pages with their name on it. There was one for him, as well.
He caught his breath for a bit, gasping at his exertion.
"Sorry for the delay," he apologized, "these just arrived, so even I haven't had a chance to read them yet."

The actors began looking at their scripts in detail. Within a few moments, angry muttering and raised eyebrows ensued.
"This is only a partial script," said one of the actors, hitting the pages emphatically, "all I have is my own character's lines."
"And these characters," chimed in one of the actresses, "these are supposed to be us? I'm nothing like this!"

The assembled group muttered its agreement about the ridiculousness of their characterizations. They mobbed around MCH, angrily.
"What idiot wrote this garbage?" demanded a second actor, crumpling the papers he was holding.

Suddenly, a limousine pulled up in front of the studio. A chauffeur emerged from the driver's seat and opened the passenger side rear door. Out stepped a garishly clad man wearing ridiculous cowboy boots, overly large aviator sunglasses, a sombrero, and carrying a fancy walking stick in his robotic arm. The new Section Head of Fun and Games had arrived.
"That would be ME," said the engineer, having overheard the actor's comment.
He glanced at the disgruntled crowd over the top of his novelty sunglasses.
"Got a problem with that?"
"No, no, not at all," said the actor, uncrumpling the script and trying to smooth it out.
"We were just talking about how interesting these scripts were," remarked an actress.
"Glad to hear that," said the newly minted SH jovially, "I wrote them up last night."

The gaudy mod walked to the front of the room and stood on the elevated stage.

"Study your parts well," he said, addressing the crowd, "because this is going to be a bumpy ride."

The madman tapped his walking stick on the ground, effectively dismissing the assembled actors, who wandered off throughout the studio to learn their parts.

Welcome one and all to yet another Bulbagarden Mafia Universe game, hosted by myself, the one and only Maniacal Engineer, and @returnofMCH. The premise of this game is based on an old blog entry that MCH made before the switch to Xenforo, in which a series of movies were made with ME as the protagonist. As the above FT implies, the characters in this game will be some of you lot. However, they are meant to be ridiculous characterizations and blatantly out of character, so please do not be offended by how you are portrayed, assuming you are in the game, of course.
A bit of clarification. The order of the overarching BMU story goes: Random Messages Mafia II -> ME vs WE -> Fruit Bowl Mafia II -> ME Movies Mafia, so, despite the fact that FBM II got hosted before ME vs WE, it takes place right before this game, hence the FT above fitting in right after the final FT for FBM II.

As always, in order for this game to not devolve into too much chaos, a few rules need to be followed:
1. Forum Rules and War Room Rules always apply.
2. Day phases will last 48 hours and Night phases will last 24 hours. Votes and actions will be locked as soon as the deadline for each phase passes. Votes/actions at :00 count, those at :01 don't. If the hosts are sure that they won't be able to update, they may extend the phase in question straight from the beginning. In the event of a phase ending during ME's Sabbath, MCH will update the phase at the appropriate time, and Flavor Text will be added in later.
3. Please be active. You may be subbed out if you haven't made a game-relevant action for 72 hours. If no sub is available to take your place, or you keep not performing game-relevant actions for the next 72 hours, you may be modkilled. The aforementioned deadlines may be shortened on the host(s)' discretion, in case where waiting for that long would disrupt game integrity too much.
4. Nameclaiming is not allowed. No quoting or screenshots of any conversation with the host. This includes exact wincon wording and posting fake data that supposedly comes from said sources. Roleclaiming is permitted.
5. If you change your username mid-game, please state your old and new ones in-thread and mention the host(s).
6. To vote, use the following format: "VOTE: <PLAYER>". To unvote, use "UNVOTE: <PLAYER>". A tie in the plurality of votes will result in No Lynch. In order to change your vote, you must first unvote the player you had previously voted for.
7. Rules are subject to change. The host(s) will make sure to mention you if that happens. Your Role PM may also list exceptions to any of these rules.
8. No loophole abuse at all, please. You may ask the host(s) if a specific action you are unsure over would be considered a loophole in private and they may let it slide. However, obvious loopholes that are clearly outside the nature of the game abused without informing the host(s) beforehand may be faced with a zero-tolerance policy.
9. There are no hammer or hyper majority rules in this game. ME thinks they are dumb. The phases will be always be locked at 9:01pm U.S. Central Daylight Savings Time.
10. Outside communication (that is, communication that occurs outside of this thread) is permitted. Please make sure to include us in any OC chats you may have during the game.
11. After dying in the game, you may post more but said posts may not contain game-relevant information.
12. If the game has no deaths for 4 consecutive phases because of continuous No Lynches in the day phases followed by factions with kills purposely idling them in the night phases, or if the game has reached a stalemate state, the game will end as a tie for the parties involved.
13. The most important rule. Have fun!

The above is mostly Zexy's standard ruleset with a few minor improvements that I feel are necessary.

1. @Rainbow Cloud @TheCapsFan - Killed N6: Doctor Floptopus Mafia Rolecop
2. @MegaPod - lynched D4: Midorikawa Town Lover
3. @Arata Kiyoshi Miku - Killed N5: Enzap Mafia Godfather Encryptor
4. @CheffOfGames - Won in Endgame: Maniacal Engineer Town Doctor
5. @Elementar - lynched D5: returnofMCH Town 1x Vigilante
6. @Pika_pika42 - lynched D3: Lord Dragelsnart Mafia Roleblocker
7. @Zexy - lynched D1: Random Punster Indep Serial Killer
8. @Midorikawa - killed N3: jackatlasred Town Miller
9. @Feenie - killed D4: Zexy Mafia Lover and 1x Strongman
10. @Elieson - killed N2: Yours Truly Town Cop
11. @jackatlasred - killed D2: Elementar Town Backup
12. @Zachie - killed N2: TheCapsFan Town Spy
13. @Lone_Garurumon - killed N1: Town 1x Lightning Rod
14. @Alex Kaz - Lynched D6: Rainbow Cloud Town Restless Spirit
15. @AussieEevee - Won in Endgame: Elieson Town Flying Pumpkin That Shoots Laser Beams Out Of Its Ass

1. @SoaringDylan
2. @Yours Truly
3. @Pikochu
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Fire Chicken
Jun 9, 2012
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In. Although taking off HYPER-MAJORITY is not minor, necessary or improvement :p
Apr 14, 2013
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...Much though I'd like to participate in this thing, I feel that it would be best if, since I'm already in two games here, I just stick to being an informed observer for the moment because laziness is fun or something. So yeah, sign me up as an observer.
Just some random guy on a random site
Dec 6, 2016
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And why not? It is double so hard although you have more information.
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