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Complete ME Streams: Brilliant Diamond Flying Type Challenge Run

Current schedule
  • Melli Enthusiast

    MElli Eternal
    Nov 18, 2014
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    This series wasn’t dead, but it did go on a brief crossover with my shiny hunting series, which finally concluded this past Tuesday night with my capture of a Shiny Dialga.

    Streaming schedule moving forward:

    Sundays at 8:30am US CST
    Tuesdays at 7:00pm US CST
    Thursdays at 7:00pm US CST

    These will usually be the core days I work around, but due to the time of year, there will be caveats to this schedule.

    For example, I will not be streaming this Sunday (12/19), because of the Speed Gamers’ Pokémon Marathon.
    However, I will be streaming next Friday (12/24), because I have off from work. I’ll need to figure out when, but it’ll probably be at 8:30am US CST.
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