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Mega evolve the Pokémon above

Oct 18, 2023
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  1. He/Him
What ability, type, and stat boosts would you give the Pokémon above if it could mega evolve?
You can be as basic or in-depth as you want, you can even describe the design if you want to!

To start off: Shuckle!
Okay, I will make use of Shuckle learning Sludge Wave / Sludge Bomb via TM and I'm going to do a offensive oriented Shuckle. I remove 30 from both its defenses to add 160 on its Special Attack stat. This way I maintain the "norm" of +100 on the BST.

Like this:

HP: 20
Attack: 10
Defense: 230 -> 200
Special Attack: 10 -> 170
Special Defense: 230 -> 200
Speed: 5

BST: 505 -> 605

His new ability will be Regenerator. His new type is pure Poison.

Imagine Shuckle covering itself with Poison or something to make some sense to these changes lol

The next Pokémon is: Kecleon
Kecleon's base stats have this bizarre slant into special defence (a full 30 points higher than its next highest stat, and 50 higher than its other defensive stat), and its learnset features a wide array of offensive options across many types, with notable moves in both categories, and an interesting little collection of status moves that would give it a few potential niches if it had better stats. This presents an... Interesting predicament to designing a Mega Kecleon, since the base Pokemon has such an identity crisis that it doesn't really inherently pull in any given direction.

I think I'm going to lean mostly into that special defence stat of 120(?!), and that wide array of attacking moves to empower Kecleon into a slow special attacker (because it learns Nasty Plot) that leverages its bulk for survivability and the opportunity to lay a bit of status (Subsitute and Thunder Wave would probably be the big ones).

HP: 60 -> 80
Atk: 90
Def: 70 -> 105
SpA: 60 -> 100
SpD: 120 -> 125
Spe: 40
BST: 440 -> 540

Its type remains Pure-Normal, but it's not going to keep it for long because its default ability is Protean, changing its type both offensively to boost its own power, and defensively to try and put itself into a type the opponent will struggle to overcome while it's using status moves.

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