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Contest Mega Venusaur vs Mega Sceptile


what is your spaghetti policy here?
May 9, 2010
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This is an odd case for me because I love regular Venusaur and dislike regular Sceptile, while I dislike Mega Venusaur and love Mega Sceptile. I just don't like the random pink flowers stuck on Mega Venusaur, I think they could have been a little bit more creative with its changes. However it's godly in battle with that great bulk and Thick Fat, so I don't mind it entirely.

Meanwhile I love the design changes with Mega Sceptile - the added bits of colour around the eyes and the stripes looks great and it brightens up Sceptile's otherwise very dull and very green design. The rocket tail is super cool and references real life lizards that can drop their tail and regenerate it as a defence mechanism (firing it at the enemy is arguably more than defence tho!) which is neat. I don't like the wad of leaves around its neck though, and I was never fussed for making it a Dragon type like everyone else wanted it to be, but at least it's unique. Mega Sceptile managed to take a Pokemon I didn't really care for and improve on its design a lot making me interested and liking it. Lightning Rod is also niche and interesting, rather than just slapping Huge Power, Magic Bounce, an -ate ability or Tough Claws on it and calling it a day like most fans seem to want to do.
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Call of Fate
Feb 26, 2015
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Venusaur, since Thick Fat is actually useful on it, unlike Lightning Rod on Mega Sceptile, who still has very shallow special movepool.
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