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EVERYONE: Memories: A Phanpy’s Story

Aug 16, 2010
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Wow, thanks for all the reviews! I'm blown away by the positive feedback, and super-appreciative of the good criticism. Let me know if this chapter has any more of what you guys are looking for as far as my writing and description goes.

Episode 5

Well, obviously, although I don't forget, there are things that I simply don't remember... like the whole time I was blacked out, don't remember a thing. I'm sure you all guessed that. Well, continuing on, here's more of my story, where was I?

* * *

I awoke staring at the ceiling, in a soft bed in a cold, white building. I had no idea where I was, really, and the night before was a bit of a blur. I rolled over onto my stomach, then stood and turned myself around, taking in my surroundings. Before making a complete three-hundred-sixty degree turn, I stopped at seeing a kind face. She was a tall, light-skinned, light-red-haired human with an heir about her that said joy.

She smiled at me and said, "Oh good, you're awake. Hello, little Aecen, Terrance has been worried about you."

So many things I wanted to ask her, if only I spoke her language. Where was I? What had happened? Who was she? Was Snowy okay? Was Terrance okay? Where was Terrance? I gave a worried look to the joyful woman in front of me.

"Oh," she said, "you're probably worried about your friends. Don't worry, they're fine. I'll take you out to them."

With that, she picked me up out of the bed and brought me outside a plain, white, swinging door with a small window. As soon as I was on the other side of the door, I saw Terrance come running up to meet me. Once again, the emotional bond we share became so obvious, as he was feeling for me the exact same way I felt for him... entirely, out-of-our-brains worried sick. The woman handed me over to Terrance and he embraced me.

"Oh, Aecen," he said, "It was amazing! Joseph and his Magnemite saved the day! I know you tried hard, buddy, but it's okay, you'll get 'em next time!"

I felt a little twinge inside after that. In my short life to that point, I don't know that I had ever felt patronized, and I knew Terrance didn't mean to hurt me that way, but that's what I felt. That feeling was quickly replaced by guilt. Oh, the guilt, it was all my fault. It was my disastrous power that caused the Zubat to attack, and... those were small stitches I saw on Terrance's forehead. They really got him good. I caused Snowy to faint in the worst of times, and rendered myself completely helpless.

I looked into Terrance's face once again as he held me. He didn't appear to be upset or accusing of me. Love was all that I saw. He had already forgiven me. He put me down on the floor and said, "The nurse says you're all better now, so we're going to go investigate what happened last night. At least, Joshua wants to investigate, and so does Joseph, so we're going to go. Angela isn't so happy about it."

I looked past Terrance and saw Joshua and Joseph sitting next to each other on small, cushioned chairs. I looked the opposite direction and saw Angela with Snowy. Angela looked upset. No doubt it was from the way she found Snowy last night; it didn't sit well with her at all.

Terrance got my attention again as he spoke, "Aecen, you were really brave trying to tackle the Zubat and save us last night. Thank you, buddy."

More guilt now. With those words, Joshua got up and headed towards the exit to the cold, white building.

"Alright," said Joshua, "I've got a feeling I know what scared the Zubat last night. I say we go into the woods and figure it out."

The boys nodded all together and followed Joshua. Angela pouted and reluctantly got up with Snowy. I was the last to leave, and I heard Angela speak under her breath, "I really just want to stay in this town. I'm so sick of it out there."

It was a long six hours to get all the way back to our campsite. By some miracle, probably one involving Joshua's Totodile and Joseph's Magnemite, my brave trainer and his companions had made it all the way to Cherrygrove, and now we were walking six hours to go all the way back out of town. I understood the young boys' curiosity about the happenings. Angela, obviously, did not. The one thing I didn't like, however, was them finding out that this whole disaster was my fault.

* * *

The campsite was a complete wreck. Really, it wasn't a campsite at all. Four sleeping bags, strewn every which way, and a few fainted Zubat still on the ground here and there. There were berries somewhere in the camp the night before, but no doubt the Zubat or some other wild Pokémon had already made off with them now. Joshua was prepared, however. As soon as we arrived at the camp, Terrance and his siblings began to gripe about hunger. And honestly, I was feeling the stress of hunger- or guilt, maybe it was- myself. Whatever the feeling, food couldn't hurt.

Joshua reached into his bag, "Okay, everyone, don't worry. I brought a lot of berries from home, as well as some real food for us." Joshua unloaded a few morsels of food from his bag and proudly said, "dig in!"

As was typical of Terrance and his family, we all ate in complete silence, aside from the chewing and grunting. Joshua let his Totodile out of its Pokéball to enjoy a meal too. Wanting to get my mind off of the disaster, or the guilt, I promptly introduced myself as soon as I finished eating.

"Hello," I said, "My name is Aecen."

Joshua's Totodile's lips parted to an enormous smile, then spoke with a voice that finally revealed her gender, "I'm Tootsie!"

I giggled. She was so sweet already, "Nice to meet you, Tootsie! I'm glad to see you're feeling better after battling Snowy."

"Well," Tootsie said, "my pride is a bit hurt, what after losing to a boy, and an ice-type to boot! But I'll be fine. He's a good fighter."

Snowy was just walking towards us as she said that. "Thanks," he replied, but his tone was a little less cheery than it usually was when someone complimented him. The following statement from him clarified why, "But after last night, I don't know that I'm cut out for battling. Not after what I went through."

I looked at Snowy, utterly shocked. Did I really put him through that much damage, that he wouldn't want to battle anymore? "Snowy!" I said, "No way you should give up battling. Please don't say it's because of what I did. It was a freak accident. I couldn't even do it again if I wanted--"

"Okay, let's go!" I was interrupted by Joshua's voice, "We're going into the woods to explore a bit, maybe encounter some wild Pokémon to catch, and hopefully discover the cause of the big rumble that set the Zubat on attack."

Our trainers began walking, so we followed, Snowy shaking his head at my feeble defenses of my lack of control.

It was that moment I realized something about myself. I was not strong. Powerful, yes, but strong... without the ability to restrain your own power, how can you call yourself strong? My thoughts weren't quite that profound at that age, but that theme was certainly present, no matter how simple. If I lose control, I am weaker than any other Pokémon. No matter who I can beat in a battle, if I cannot control, I am not strong. That is what I discovered that day. I was not strong.

On into the woods we marched.

Joshua seemed to be an expert tracker. As soon as he entered the woods, he spotted my tracks and Snowy's tracks, and matched them to be exactly the same size as ours, as he took our feet and measured them against the footprints we left on the moist forest ground. He followed our tracks in no time, straight to the epicenter of the disaster.

"This is simple," said Joshua, "I've heard about this all over the place. Terrance, your Pokémon knows the move Earthquake."

Terrance looked over at me, stunned, "But... how?" he asked, "I haven't ever taught him that move."

"No," Joshua replied, "his father did. And depending on what Pokémon his father was, he may know more than one move that you wouldn't expect from him. The explanation is simple," Joshua walked over to the tracks left from the battle. He pointed to the skid marks, the foot prints, and narrated our whole battle exactly how it happened. He was truly impressive, "Aecen and Snowy went out to play, to battle. They both fought hard, but with their low levels, and Snowy's access to a super-effective move on Aecen, the battle couldn't last too long before Aecen would faint. However," Joshua continued, moving to the large crack in the earth, with my footprints embedded deep into the ground at the mouth of the crack, "The battle turned out differently than expected. All the stress caused Aecen to use Earthquake, a move that he probably didn't know he had yet either. Not knowing which Pokémon his father was, we could be in for more unexpected moves like that from him."

"How would we ever know who his father is?" Terrance inquired.

"More than likely," replied Joshua, "he was bred in the Goldenrod day care center. No doubt the current champion of the Indigo League, or an avid collector, decided to breed two of their Pokémon, or more, to give new trainers starters that they may otherwise be unable to obtain. Don't you guys know this? It's on the TV all the time."

Terrance looked down, probably thinking of the fact that all he really watched were cartoons, "Yeah... sure," he said abashedly, "just like that, of course."

Even Joseph seemed surprised at Joshua's knowledge. Angela, however had a look of wonder on her face that was unexpected.

"Do you think Snowy or Magnemite have these moves too?"

"It's possible." Joshua replied, "Were all of your Pokémon bred in Goldenrod or caught in the wild?"

Terrance knew the answer to this one, and he spoke it loud, "Yeah they were all bred in Goldenrod! Mom and Dad couldn't get Pokémon any other way."

"There you have it," said Joshua, "If we want to find out what other kind of crazy moves are in store, we should head for Goldenrod. But we just might want to stop in one town beforehand to collect a gym badge."

Terrance leaped up suddenly with excitement, ran over to me and picked me up, saying, "Aecen, wow! You're so strong!"

... So strong.
Don't Look Away
Sep 17, 2008
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And so the plot thickens I wasn't expecting for it to be Earthquake though at least the group has a goal aside from just getting badges. However I can understand why Aecen is feeling bad not only did he cause the accident but he did it with an attack that he didn't know he had and is still unable to control.

I'll keep on reading to keep on writing xD
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Jul 29, 2011
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Needs some work. My advise is tos go away for a little bit and come back later.
he does not! i think you should be actullereading the story before going all "you should go away for a while and come back'! its not nice to tell aperson to go away when there story is going on strong. again great job trouble! still lovin it!
Aug 16, 2010
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Episode 6

Power... Strength. My life was just beginning, so I learned this lesson early: they are not the same thing. Thankfully, the lesson I learned, although originally a setback, would eventually become my advantage.

* * *

As Terrance held me up over the ground, his eyes screaming pure excitement, my eyes could only sink down to the ground. Terrance was keen to my feelings as he picked me up a little bit higher, empathy now sneaking its way in over excitement.

"Aecen," he said, his tone changing drastically from the previous happy shouting, "what's the matter? Why aren't you happy?"

I moved my legs up and down, indicating to him that I wanted to be put down. He understood and cooperated, placing me on the ground. I walked over to the epicenter of my disaster and sat there, wallowing in my guilt before my whole company. Terrance walked over to me and knelt there with me, "Oh Aecen, it's okay, it was an accident."

Somehow, that didn't help me to feel any better.

"Yeah, an accident." Angela said. She shot a deadly glare to Terrance and me, as if accusing the both of us now.

Joseph identified the tension immediately, "Angela, what's the matter? How can you be so upset about this? Aecen is obviously sorry for what he did."

"Yeah, and he should be. Look at everything he did." Angela was suddenly furious. I was getting scared. "Terrance, your Pokémon wrecked our camp, sent Zubat attacking us, and look at your forehead! You're lucky you weren't poisoned, Terrance! People can be seriously hurt by wild Pokémon, and not only was yours not around, but he was the reason we were attacked, and the reason Snowy couldn't help us either."

I saw tears welling up in Terrance's eyes. I felt a wetness streaming down my face now. These words hurt worse than any attack Snowy had ever dished out. But she was right. There was nothing I could do.

"Angela, wait." Joseph said, but he was cut off.

"Wait? Wait for what? Hm? Wait for you to defend the disaster cannon named 'Aecen'?"

"Yes, Angela, wait for that. No, better, wait and hear me out for more than just that reason. If you don't remember, the pleasure of saving your behinds was mine and Magnemite's, so you owe it to me to at least just listen. Angela, Pokémon are unpredictable, and even dangerous. If you had read as much as I have, you would know that even your own Pokémon could do some serious damage to you. Going on this journey, however, means that you're ready for that. Not only that, it means that you're ready to trust the people around you, and the Pokémon that you and they decide to surround themselves with. It doesn't matter how dangerous, it doesn't matter the risk. If you want to be champion, you need to get used to things even more intense than this. Angela, Aecen was only practicing. It looks like he was having fun with Snowy. Something happened that was beyond his control, but it's over, and now that we know about it, we can prevent it in the future."

"I know a good way to prevent it." Joshua piped in, "You guys need Pokéballs. You need them to keep your Pokémon in, and to catch more Pokémon with."

Angela didn't seem phased by Joshua's interruption. Tears were filling her eyes now, "Joseph, I'm sorry. You're right." She turned over to Terrance and me and apologized to us as well. "Guys, I'm sorry. I'm really just feeling hurt for Snowy, and a bit for myself. Snowy just doesn't seem the same after the earthquake, and he's kinda skittish." Sure enough after Angela mentioned it, behold I looked and Snowy was hiding behind Angela's left leg, almost like he was afraid of everyone. This wasn't right. "I just don't know what to do now."

Terrance stood up, wiped his eyes and his nose from crying and looked at Angela now with compassion, forgiving her already for her harsh words, "Angie... I'm sorry Aecen caused all this. And he's sorry too, but... but Snowy is strong. He'll be okay. Just keep raising him up the way you are, and he'll be stronger."

Angela was moved by the simplicity and truth in Terrance's words, "Oh Terrance, I'm sorry for what I said." Angela went over to hug Terrance, and Terrance opened his arms to her. Joseph smiled as he watched the two embrace. I walked up to Terrance's leg and pulled at the pants covering his calf. He released Angela, and picked me up. Angela picked Snowy up, and we made our way back to Cherrygrove.

* * *

On re-entry to Cherrygrove, Joshua pulled ahead and took the lead to show us the market.

"Okay," Joshua began, "The notches on your belts- by the way, I like the color scheme for each of you- they're for holding Pokéballs. You guys can hold up to six Pokéballs with Pokémon in them on your belts. Any extra Pokéballs must be empty and in your bags, which are also very nice." It seemed as though Joshua was just now discovering the quality of his companion's equipment. Little did he know that it was as much as their parents could afford, which would later on be discovered. His own simple color scheme, mostly black, white, and gray was actually the least his parents could afford, but the fact that they gave him more money and equipment to start out with was enough to make up for that. Terrance and his siblings didn't even have any Pokéballs to put their first Pokémon in. "I'll use my extra money to buy you guys some Pokéballs." Joshua continued, "Since Angela defeated me in battle, I owe her something anyway."

By this time, Angela's attitude had sobered up quite a bit as she said, "I think your company and your help has been enough. You don't think so?"

"Well, perhaps, but it's traditional to honor a victory with something of monetary value. I say Pokéballs for everyone, at least five each."

"I don't know." Joseph spoke up, "You've already given us food, and led us all the way to Cherrygrove, which is apparently out of your way, considering you were headed the opposite direction of home."

"It's true, Joseph. I was headed to New Bark Town. I figured that since I was starting out to become champion, I would visit every city, and I thought I'd start with the nearest, even though I would have to track all the way back."

Joseph shook his head, "It's a good thing I brought one of my books. There's a map here of Johto. I'll let you look at it later. I'm pretty sure that the routes lead all the way around in a circle, from Blackthorn City all the way back to New Bark Town."

"Well, if that's the case, then I suppose it's a good thing you all stopped me in my tracks. Going back and forth with my Tootsie would have been a lot of work that I didn't need to do."

"Tootsie?" Terrance piped in.

"Sorry, yeah, that's the name of my Totodile."

"Aw, that's cute." Angela replied.

Joshua blushed a little, "Yeah, uh... thanks."

His bashful response made Angela giggle.

"Okay, okay," Joshua continued, "let's go ahead and buy you guys some Pokéballs."

Joshua led us all into the market. As soon as Terrance, Angela, and Joseph stepped in, I saw their jaws drop almost to their toes.

"There's so much here!" Terrance exclaimed.

"Oh, you haven't seen anything yet." Joshua replied, "Just wait until we get to Goldenrod. They have a market there with everything, over five stories' worth of merchandise."

With the three siblings rolling their jaws back in place, Terrance began again, "Oh, wow, fise sptoriesh worf?"

*Just kidding, their jaws weren't actually on the floor, it was just hyperbole... I'll cut the jokes now...*

He actually said, "Well alright, I think this is enough for now. Let's get those Pokéballs."

Joshua turned to the sales counter and asked for two sets of ten Pokéballs. Each set he ordered came with an extra, white, shiny Pokéball that the salesman called a "Premier ball." Joshua then began divvying out the Pokéballs, five per trainer, including himself. Then he kept one Premier ball for himself, and gave the other to Angela.

"Angela," he said, "this is for your victory. You've earned this."

Angela smiled and nodded, "Thank you, Joshua. Do you mind if I pass this on?"

Joshua's face cocked itself to the side, as he was quite perplexed, "Sure, it's yours to do what you want with it, but why-"

"Terrance," Angela interrupted, "I want you to have this as my official apology. I want Aecen to live in this premier ball."

"But what about Snowy?" Terrance argued.

"Snowy is strong. She'll make it wherever."

I looked at the exchange of Pokéballs between their hands. I was to live in one of those small devices? How did it work? How could I fit in one of those? And what if I were to evolve? Would they need a bigger one? Terrance asked the questions I was pondering as we walked out of the market.

"Joshua, how does this work?"

"Well, I'm not sure the science behind it all, or what the Pokémon experiences, but I know Tootsie is no worse for the experience of being inside one, and that it works by pressing the button on the center and aiming it at the Pokémon. It helps if you warn them so that they can consent. Somehow the Pokéball won't take or keep them if they are unwilling to go."

Terrance swallowed. The mystery and anticipation of what might happen to me was as potent to him as it was to me. "Well, Aecen. You ready?"

I nodded.

"Don't worry." Joshua reassured us.

"Come on, buddy. It's your new shelter. Maybe, if there's room enough, you can practice your new move."

So I acquiesced finally. In a red flash, I was no longer standing on the ground in front of Terrance and the rest. I was instead in a home-like environment. It's really hard to explain, it was as if I had been shrunken down to infinitesimal size, and a place was decorated for me with premier luxury. The color was predominately white. I was on top of a hill with small, white flowers growing close together all the way down to the trough of the hill. It was as if the world stopped at the bottom of that hill. I tried walking down to the end of that world, but the further I walked, the more land started to appear. Still all around me, there was mostly white. White flowers, yellow centers, green stems.

There were no clouds, no need for shelter. I only needed a soft patch of grass for sleeping. And just upon thinking that, I stepped on just the right patch of flowers, soft enough for me to lay down and sleep on. It was perfect. This whole place was perfect. I wondered then if the Pokéballs that weren't Premier balls were this cozy and wonderful to look at on the inside.

There was one thing I would miss, however, about being in this cozy place. Terrance's loving, forgiving face. How long would I have to go without seeing him? But the truth was that for the time being, I was better off in here, learning to control my power and turn it into strength. Here, I couldn't hurt anyone. And so again, what appeared to be a small cage without my companions, an apparent hindrance, would become my advantage.
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make plove not warble
Jun 10, 2010
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Good stuff! The incident with the earthquake was a good way to start the story and introduce some more of the characters' behaviors. Hopefully Snowy isn't permanently damaged.

I'm liking this theme of the difference between power and strength. It's always nice to have an idea or lesson to return to throughout a story. I also enjoyed your description of the inside of a Poke Ball, and I would like to see what the insides of some of the others look like. My guess is that a Master Ball would probably be quite frightening, as there is no escape. Anyway, keep up the good work!