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Notice: Mentor Program + Contact List


One Who Rebels Against Authority
Nov 1, 2011
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hi I'm returnofMCH (or the OLDEN one for the time being), I don't like long posts so I'll skip straight to the questions
Willing to mentor for playing: no, I suck at playing
Playstyle: paranoia, I get very stressed at even one vote against me, and get too heated in arguments as a result, which is why I don't play much anymore
Looking for a mentor to improve my play: Yes
Alignment: mainly town, I'm decentish with scum
make it so that I can actually play and not create a bad environment for the other players
Willing to mentor for hosting: Yes, at role PM writing and assigning roles via RNG, but I sometimes screw up with the latter
Looking for a mentor to improve my hosting: Yes, there is still some work I need.
just making balanced games that others enjoy, regardless of bastard roles.

notable games of mine as a host include twitchplayspokemon mafia and disney infinity "mafia"

notable games as a player include XY mafia and muder she wrote 3 both of which I was scum in.


The Sobbley Trainer
Nov 17, 2015
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I'll join as a Mentor for playing for the mafia alignment.

I'll also join in as a host mentor for:
  • Setup design
  • Creating custom roles
  • Hosting maintenance (how to keep your stuff organized)
I'd like to join as a student for the town alignment. And some FT lessons would also be appreciated for when I'm hosting.

My bio is coming soon
I was halfway through writing it when my laptop ran out of power :x


Dec 9, 2015
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Lone_Garurumon said:
It means I should not be playing more than one mafia game at a time.
He says and then proceeds to sign up for 3 starting around the same time.

Hi everybody! Name's Lone_Garurumon, but you could probably tell that, congratulations. I've been around for about a year and a half now, fun fact: I never intended to stock around any longer than the Christmas Competitions back in 2015, heh, you can see how well that went. I decided I'd try this "mafia" thing I'd seen talked about late last year, and, well, you can see what happened there. I'm a huge fan of Pokemon (What? Really? On a Pokemon forum?), Digimon (What? Really? A guy who named himself after Garurumon is a fan of Digimon?), Sonic the Hedgehog, and Kingdom Hearts. There's some other things too, but nothing close to the obsession I have with those. You wanna contact me, then just shoot me a PM or just find me on Discord (same name), I'm bound to get back to you eventually.

Play style: Yes. I'm sure I have one of those, I'm just not terribly sure what it is... Uhh... I tend to stay quiet about reads and stuff during Night Phases so Scum don't get anything to work with?
Willing to Mentor: Hahahahahahaaaaa, no, I'd have no idea what I'd be able to teach.
Looking for a mentor to improve:
  • My ability to make reads when Town: I could be worse at this, but I can have trouble picking out statements that seem wrong.
  • My Scum play: I've only done this once, and apparently I did fairly well, managing to stay roughly in the middle of undetermined for most players, but I'd like to see if I can get some way to do better.
  • My hosting ability: I haven't done this yet, but I've got a game in the queue, and some games in the works,
    • Aspects of hosting I can foresee myself needing advice on:
      • Keeping track of things such as votes and player OC contact
      • Flavour text writing (I enjoy writing but I'm not sure how good I'd be at it)
      • Game balancing


Just some random guy on a random site
Dec 6, 2016
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Yes, this is me IRL :p
Hello there, I am CheffOfGames, also known as TheUltimateChef or Cheffrey on different platforms. I am a big fan of gaming, why else would I mention that in my name, Pokémon, what else is new on a forum for Pokémon, Harry Potter, Ranger's Apprentice and books with a fantasy theme.
I have been a member of The War Room for around 6 months now and I like it here. I have hosted 1 game at this point, have 2 in the queue and am creating a few more. I don't really have a favorite role but if I need to choose it would probably be either an Investigative role or a Social role.
Up till this moment, I usually try to stay quiet throughout the game and try to get as much information as possible, once I trust someone enough I give them all information I've gathered up till that point.

Willing to mentor for playing: Not now but after getting better myself, sure.
Playstyle: I often stay quiet and try to get as much as possible, then I die without leaving any info because I have no certainty that I know who town is... This is how it happened up till this point.
Looking for a mentor to improve my play: Yes
Alignment: All
Forming better reads and not solely relying on other players for information and reads.
Willing to mentor for hosting: Not now but after getting better myself, sure.
Looking for a mentor to improve my hosting: Yes
Goals: Being able to create a "balanced" and fun game out of almost everything

Here is a link to all the Mafia Games that I've played


The Sobbley Trainer
Nov 17, 2015
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Hey everyone, I'm Dylan, the most "Explosive" member of the community. Well, at least in the lore...
I've been around since november 17th 2015, and ever since I've been active in TWR (Besides that hiatus I took... we don't talk about that one.) and F&G. I've even joined the staff team as of lately! Nowadays you can also find me a lot in the OtB section where I'm also modding.
Currently I'm studying Computer Science with a focus on Game Development in Amsterdam. I have a ton of interest, a few beginning with a P: Playing Piano, Pokemon, Programming, Watching Anime, Playing & Making Games, Reading books and probably more I'm forgetting. I'm always open for chatting if you feel like it, we can talk about any subject or even ask me questions about the forum or tech questions. I should be able to answer them. Most of the time at least.

Due to me claiming bomb a lot, (only twice but hey that's enough here to become a meme) I'm the Godfather Bomb

Willing to mentor for playing: Yes.
Mentoring Allignment: Mafia or Indep.
About my playstyle and mentoring: I'm mostly known for making crazy plays (that don't go well often enough) and being able to uphold a town look when mafia. I mostly try to inviltrate the town alliance and destroy it from the inside out. Very risky, I know.
My usual playstyle is... Well something new everygame. I like being unpredictable, it makes you more scummy... and to create activity, that's exactly what you need!
If you don't mind crazy risky strategies. I'll be your perfect mafia mentor.

Looking for a mentor to improve my play: Yes.
Allignment: Town.
  • Improving my information analysis. I usually don't think about things a lot and miss vital points of information because of that.
  • Improving my town play. Ever since I started playing I got Mafia a lot, and when hosting ended up picking up a lot of good mafia strategies. Therefor I'm lacking in the town department.
Willing to mentor for hosting: Yes
Mentoring Skills: My most notable skills are, creating fun, balanced and crazy setups. And yes those 3 can be combined into one! I love creating custom roles or using roles that nobody uses on a regular basis. It keeps the players on their toes knowing there could always be something unexpected around.
Besides that I've over the years learned a good way to navigate around and handle all of the information a host has to use. I can teach you some tricks and give you some tips for that aspect of hosting as well. In short:
  • Setup Design
    • Creating Custom Roles
  • Hosting Maintenance (How to keep your game organized)
Looking for a mentor to improve my hosting: Yes.
Goals: The whole balance part, and keeping track of things I got covered. But something that was always new to me since I joined BMG (as I've played mafia on other sites before) was the Flavor Text that went into the games. Some tips and tricks on how you guys write your flavor text would be appreciated :)

For a list of my games, See my signature =)
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Doctor Floptopus

Master of Chaos
Dec 24, 2013
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Flop said:
I'm not bastard, merely mean :p
Hola! I'm Flop, a young gal from Cardiff, Wales, UK, Europe, Earth, The Solar System, The Milky Way, etc. I like Merlin, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, all the books, Maths, Politics, correcting grammar and shipping. I'm currently studying A levels hoping to do Mechanical Engineering at University. I'm also known as Flip or Phil. I don't have many notable Mafia games as a player because I'm not a power player and Mafia is supposed to be a team effort and also because I'm crap. My general play is to read off feelings, lurk and never trust anyone. I enjoy being Mafia more than Town, but I'm also worse at it.
I am willing to mentor as a Host.
I have experience hosting many games - (mostly) balanced Mafia games, unbalanced and Bastard Mafia games, and non-mafia games. I currently hold the record for the most non-mafia games hosted.
I would like to be a student in playing.
Basically, I can't infer or lie.
Notable games hosted:
Chaos Mafia, Chaos Mafia II, Mafia: - Masters of the Whoniverse Mafia and Doctor Floptopus's Totally Bastard UK Politics Mafia-Style Game .
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Constantly in limbo
Apr 14, 2017
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I want to sign up as a student! I have experience with other games like mafia, but none with mafia itself