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TEEN: Mewtwo fanfic!

bulbasaur's toys

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Aug 31, 2023
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I like the "What am I?" Mewtwo from Ultimate Evolutions movie and the first movie original japanese. Unfortunately, Mewtwo never got to meet Porygon because of Pikachu's mistake so...
I'll do it! I'll write about the grumpy physic cat and digital rubber ducky becoming friends! It'll take a bit though. :)
(There is swearing this is why its teen) :bulbaLol:


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Chapter One
Chapter One
The fic is from Mewtwo's pov

My first memory is clear. I was floating in a clear cool lake with sunlight streaming down slowly dissipating into darkness. There were lake plants waving in the water. Bubbles floated up from my nostrils. It was peaceful. I spent my time until now in the lake. I was getting restless though and the water was getting cold. I quietly floated to the top of the water then breached through the surface. I floated about 6 yards up in the air.
I leaned into the warmth of the light of the sun. The colors were so bright: the green of the trees, the blue of the skies and the lake. I drank it all in. I was just there in total peace. It felt like forever but I didn’t know for how long I just floated there. After this, I saw out of the corner of my eye there was a pink streak quickly dart past.
I turned around to meet it and was greeted with a pink creature with a long wispy tail and big blue eyes. I thought that I was the only one here. I wanted to ask it so many questions: “Who are you? Where are we? Who am I?” I went after the creature but my pursuit was cut short. There was a bang and my vision blurred and darkened.
I became aware of myself again some time later. I had a pounding headache and it was still dark. I relaxed and focused. I slowly opened my eyes and a blurry vision came into view. I was no longer in the forest. I saw dark shadows and bright lights. I reached out to them and I felt something cool and smooth between my fingertips. I held my other hand to my head to soothe my headache.
My vision sharpened and I realized that there were others in the room with me. In front of me there was a creature that stood and looked at me with wonder.
“Welcome,” I heard it say. It was a very faint welcome. I thought I heard something else but it was garbled. My fingers traced the glass up until I felt a spider web of cracked glass around up near my head. I looked around and saw that they’re were others that were gathered around me. Some others looked like one that spoke to me but some were different.
I felt an anger rise within me. I felt, no, I was trapped. I didn’t like the glass wall blocking me. I hated it, hated it, hated it! With that, a new crack formed down across the glass. Then, more, more, more and more. After a moment the glass cage was destroyed in a million little pieces and I felt the sweet kiss of air I had no idea I missed.
I floated there mildly bemused and still curious but very happy I was freed. I had one burning question though. “Who am I?”
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