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Micle and Custap berries to be made available in Japan


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Mar 14, 2005
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Two of the as-yet-unobtainable berries will be distributed to Japanese players as part of the upcoming movie promotion. Micle Berry will be found attached to the promotional Shaymin (which will be downloaded at movie theaters as Darkrai was last year); Custap Berry will be attached to the promotional Regigigas (which will be available for download at retail stores to those who pre-order their movie tickets).

As a reminder, the Micle and Custap berries are two new pinch berries, the former of which raises a move's accuracy (just once in the turn following activation), and the latter makes the next move to be used go to the top of its priority bracket (again, just for the next turn). Joining these berries to the elusive category are the Jaboca and Rowap berries, which will not be distributed this time around.

In case you are wondering, Shaymin's moveset will consist of Seed Flare, Substitute, Energy Ball and Aromatherapy. Regigigas' will consist of Crush Grip, Iron Head, Rock Slide and Icy Wind. In other words, Shaymin will have no special moves, whereas Regigigas has "inherited" two previously unattainable moves - Iron Head and Icy Wind - from Registeel and Regice, respectively.

This makes Regigigas the third recipient of new moves in this generation, with the first being Darkrai and the second - Mew (via Ranch). Considering the limited number and quality of promotional moves, it seems clear that serious moveset revisions will only arrive in the form of new installments to the generation.
Yay! Shaymin's being released! There are times that I really wish I lived in Japan. Also, isn't Energy Ball special?
Energy Ball is TM53. Shaymin also learns it by leveling up to level 73.
The Custap Berry has the potential to be a new force in competitive battling.
Party time. Can't wait to somehow get my hands on those two berries...

Because I have around 80 Enigma Berries that I can plant in the rest of Sinnoh's patches while these guys are growing, and pick them all at the same time. Thanks promo Darkrai.

So, I assume these things will have their met-at data be Pokémon Movie 08, their OT again えいがかん, ID of 07198?
Same as an Enigma Berry, but with a different flavor. I think we have the data on their Bulbapedia pages: [bp]Micle Berry[/bp], [bp]Custap Berry[/bp].
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