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Milotic belongs in the Togepi family

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I see more similarities between Togetic and Milotic than Feebas and Milotic. I know the point is to go from the ugliest pokemon to the prettiest when Feebas evolves, but still. Does anybody else agree?
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The only similarity between Milotic and Togetic I can see is the 'tic' on the end of their names. I just don't see it.
I actually see where EDB88's coming from. Somewhat.

But yes, the whole point is to go from ugly to beautiful, which is why Feebas and Milotic look nothing alike.
Bird-egg thingy is evolving!
Congratulations, bird-egg thingy evolved into sexy serpent!

I don't see the resemblence.
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I can kinda see it, but it wouldn't work. Sure milotic has a pale yellowish color and red and blue, but it also has gills. Egg to eggbird to long sea serpent wouldnt work too well either.
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i don't think this would be one of those Dratini cases.
ya know, small blue serpentine dragon->longer blue serpentine dragon->fat yellow winged dragon with legs.
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I don't see any physical resemble between them at all, apart from maybe colour scheme. One is based on a newly-hatched seemingly mammal from an egg or something, and the other is based on a large serpent, so I doubt they are related.
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Just because everyone else is disagreeing I'm going to at least point out some similarities. Aside from the "tic" they both have they both also have a red/blue coloration to them and are both based off of something mythical Togetic being a Fairy and Milotic, being a Mermaid.

I don't agree with you but here is something that is at least arguable.