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Milotic Master1's Stats

Discussion in 'Trainer's Stats' started by MiloticMaster1, Jun 27, 2013.

  1. MiloticMaster1

    MiloticMaster1 New Member

    Blog Posts:
    Jun 27, 2013
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    Trophy Points:
    For old times sake
    Money: 8,300
    Items: Scope Lens, Quick Claw, Icy Rock, Life Orb, Choice Band, Choice Scarf, Focus Sash
    Wins: 188
    Loses: 27

    Elemental Stones: Water Stone x3[USED] Dawn Stone [USED]

    Tm Toxic [USED]Tm Earthquake[USED]Tm SwordDance[USED]Tm Icebeam[USED]Tm FocusPunch [USED] Tm SwordDance[USED] Tm SludgeBomb[USED] Tm Substitute[USED] Tm Icebeam[USED] Tm Earthquake [USED] Tm Substitute [USED] Tm Earthquake [USED] Tm DragonClaw[USED] TM BulkUP[USED]Tm FocusPunch[USED]Tm Toxic[USED] Tm Substitute[USED] Tm Giga Drain[USED] Tm SleepTalk [USED]HiddenPower[USED]Tm Icebeam[USED] Tm Thunderbolt[USED]Tm Attract[USED] Tm Return[USED]Tm Protect[USED] Tm Brickbreak[USED] Tm FocusPunch[USED] Tm SludgeBomb[USED] Tm SwordDance[USED] Tm Substitute[USED] Tm HiddenPower[USED] Tm HiddenPower[USED]Tm Sludgebomb[USED]Tm ShadowBall[USED]Tm AerialAce[USED] Tm Bulkup[USED] Tm Substitute[USED] Tm Overheat[USED] Tm Dragon Claw[USED] Tm Endure[USED] Tm Substitute[USED] Tm Facade[USED] Tm Taunt[USED] Tm Shadowball[USED] Tm Brick Break[USED] Tm Roar[USED] Tm Reflect[USED] Tm Thunderbolt[USED] Tm Bulk Up[USED] Tm BrickBreak[USED] TM Rock Tomb[USED] Tm Return[USED] Tm Focus Punch [USED] Tm Focus Punch [USED] Tm Psychic [USED] Tm Counter [USED] Tm IronTail [USED] Tm Attract [USED] Tm Rain Dance[USED] Tm Double Team[USED] Tm Attract[USED] Tm Mimic[USED] Tm Attract[USED] Tm Rocktomb[USED] Tm Sword Dance[USED] Tm Sword Dance[USED] Tm Substitute[USED] Tm Rockslide[USED] Tm ThunderPunch[USED] Hidden Power[USED] TM Facade [USED] Tm Brick Break[USED] TM Sword Dance[USED] TM X-Scissor[USED] TM Stone Edge[USED] Thunder Wave[USED] TM Trick Room[USED] TM U-Turn [USED] TM U-Turn[USED] Tm Brick Break [USED] TM Substitute[USED] TM Rock Tomb[USED] Hidden Power [Flying] TM Earthquake [USED] TM Focus Blast[USED] TM Earthquake[USED] TM Protect[USED] TM Return[USED] TM Focus Blast [USED] TM Brick Break[USED] TM Ice Punch[USED] TM Fire Punch[USED] TM Thunder Punch[USED] TM Curse[USED] TM Dark Pulse[USED]TM Attract[USED] TM Double Team[USED] TM Torment[USED] TM Protect[USED] TM Toxic[USED] TM Thunderwave[USED], TM Swords Dance[USED] TM Hidden Power[USED]TM Substitute[USED], Brick Break[USED], TM Stealth Rock[USED] TM Ice Punch[USED] TM Bulk Up[USED] TM Reflect[USED] TM Sunny Day[USED] TM Hidden Power[USED] TM Will-o-Wisp[USED] TM Rain Dance[USED] TM Avalanche[USED] TM Substitute[USED], TM Swords Dance[USED], TM Ice Punch[USED] TM Brick Break[USED], TM Stone Edge[USED] TM Aerial Ace[USED] TM Aerial Ace[USED] TM Substitute[USED], TM Aerial Ace[USED] Iron Tail[USED] X-scissor[USED], Poison Jab[USED] Protect[USED] TM Stone Edge[USED]
    Hidden Power[USED] TM Substitute[USED]
    TM Thunderwave[USED] TM Seismic Toss[USED] TM Grass Knot[USED] TM Focus Punch[USED] TM Energy Ball[USED] Hidden Power[USED] TM Swords Dance[USED] TM Explosion[USED] TM Psychic[USED] TM Thunderbolt[USED] TM Icebeam[USED] TM Substitute[USED] TM Thunderwave[USED] TM Earthquake[USED] TM Substitute[Raffle TM/USED], TM Sunny Day[USED] TM Grass Knot[USED] Hidden Power[USED]
    TM Earthquake[USED] TM Aerial Ace[USED] TM Brick Break[USED] TM Rain Dance[USED] TM Skill Swap[USED]
    TM Rockslide[USED] TM Substitute[USED] TM Thunderbolt[USED]TM Wilo Wisp[USED] Sludgebomb[USED] TM Energy Ball[USED]
    TM Focus Blast[USED] TM Hidden Power[USED]
    Unused Tm's: Tm Sky Attack
    Hm's: Surf, Waterfall

    Reaper Cloth [USED]

    Trainer Occupation: Trainer, Ex-Cianwood Gym Leader, Ex-Veilstone Gym Leader
    http://miloticmaster.proboards81.com...?board=general Updated Stats.

    Vaporeon (Male)
    Nickname: Tsunami
    Ability:Water Absorb
    Tms/Hm: Surf, Toxic, Icebeam, Substitute, Protect, Roar, Hidden Power [Fire], Waterfall
    MTs/BMs: Wish
    Wins:59 Draws:2 Loses:28

    Weavile (Male)
    Nickname: Ice Cube
    Ability: Keen Eye, Inner Focus
    Tm's/Hm's: Surf, Avalanche, Substitute, Ice Punch, Swords Dance, Brick Break, Aerial Ace, X-Scissor, Poison Jab
    MT/BMs: Fake Out, Pursuit
    Wins: Draws: Loses:

    Breloom (Male)
    Nickname: Sir Sleeps Alot
    Ability:Effect Spore, Poison Heal
    Tms/Hms: Brick Break, Attract, Sludgebomb, Focus Punch, HiddenPower [Water], Rock Tomb, Substitute, Sword Dance, Facade
    Wins:20 Draws:1 Loses:3

    Exeggcutor (Female)
    Nickname: What Am I Some Sort Of Tree!!!!, the Arcanine
    Ability: Chlorophyl
    Tm's/Hm: Flash, Light Screen, Rest, Substitute, Protect, Hidden Power[Fire], Giga Drain, Sludge Bomb, Sunny Day, Swords Dance, Explosion
    MT/BMs: Synthesis
    Wins:14 Draws: Loses:9

    Kangaskan [F]
    Nickname: Alex <3
    Ability: Scrappy/ Early Bird
    Tm's/Hms': Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Return, Thunder, Brick Break, Surf
    Wins: Draws: Loses:

    Ludicolo (Male)
    Nickname: Eladio the lawn mower
    Ability: Rain Dish, Swift Swim
    Tm's/Hm's: Icebeam, Giga Drain, Surf, Waterfall, Brick Break, Attract, Toxic, Substitute
    MT/BM's: Leech Seed, Synthesis
    EWins: Draws: Loses:

    Sceptile (Female)
    Nickname: Gecko Car Insurance
    Ability: Overgrow
    Tm's/Hm's: Safeguard, Sunny Day, Focus Blast, Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Flash, Swords Dance, Hidden Power[Ice], Substitute, Brick Break, Aerial Ace, Drain Punch, Dragon Pulse
    MT/BM's: Leech Seed, Synthesis, Counter
    Battles: 0

    Jolteon (M)
    Nickname: Thunder Cat
    Ability: Volt Absorb
    Tm's/Hm's: Charge Beam, Hidden Power[Flying], Substitute, Thunderwave, Thunderbolt
    Wins: Loses: Draws:

    Lucario [Female]
    Nickname: King69
    Ability: Inner Focus/ Steadfast
    Tm's/Hm's: Hidden Power[Fire], Calm Mind, Flash Cannon, Stone Edge, Poison Jab, Psychic, Focus Punch, Toxic, Protect, Rain Dance, Iron Tail, Earthquake, Brick Break, Rock Tomb, Rest, Attract, Focus Blast, Shadow Claw, Captivate, Rockslide, Sleep Talk, Substitute
    MT/BM's: Agility, Iron Defense, Crunch, Vaccum Wave
    Wins: Loses: Draws:

    Primeape [Male]
    Nickname: Rocky
    Ability:Vital Spirit, Anger Point
    Tm's: Earthquake, Rockslide, Overheat, BulkUp, Aerial Ace, Substitute, Ice Punch, Endure, Facade, Taunt, Thunderbolt, Protect, Hidden Power [Ice], Return, Fire Punch Focus Punch, Counter, Iron Tail, Attract, Double Team, Mimic, U-Turn, Thunder Punch, Stone Edge
    Wins:33 Loses:2 Draws:

    Infernape [Male]
    Nickname: Crazy231
    Ability: Blaze
    Tm's/Hm's: Shadow Claw, Brick Break, Sword Dances, U-Turn, Earthquake, Stealth Rock, Bulk Up, Hidden Power[Ice], Sunny Day, Will-o-Wisp, Grass Knot, Substitute, Aerial Ace, Iron Tail, Stone Edge, Focus Punch
    MT/BM's:Thunder Punch, Fake Out, Encore
    Wins:4 Loses:6 Draws:

    Alakazam [Male]
    Nickname: The Spooner ;)
    Ability: Synchronize, Inner Focus
    Tm's/Hm's: Focus Blast, Shadow Ball, Substitute, Taunt, Shockwave, Energy Ball, Hidden Power[Flying], Thunderwave
    MT/BM's: Encore, Barrier
    Wins:4 Loses:9 Draws:

    Nickname: No one uses me ;_;
    Ability: Swift Swim
    Tm's/Hm's: Bulk Up, Surf, Waterfall, Brick Break, Substitute, Rock Tomb, Protect, Return, Attract, Taunt, Rain Dance
    MT/BM's: Baton Pass
    Wins:1 Loses:6 Draws:

    Tangrowth [Female]
    Nickname: Rambo
    Ability: Chloropyll, Leaf Guard
    Tm's/Hm's: Brick Break, Hidden Power[Fighting], Swords Dance, Sludge Bomb, Substitute, Earthquake, Sunny Day, Rockslide
    MT/BM's: Leech Seed, Amnesia
    Wins: Loses: Draws:

    Jumpluff [M]
    Nickname: Bert the Chimney Sweeper
    Ability: Chlorophyll, Leaf Guard
    Tm's/Hm's: Aerial Ace, Attract, Double Team, Energy Ball, Grass Knot, Hidden Power [Poison], Protect, Rest, Return, Silverwind, Sleeptalk, Substitute, Sunny Day, Swords Dance, Toxic
    MT/BM's: Encore, Aromatherapy
    Wins: Loses: Draws:

    Hypno (F)
    Nickname: Raul
    Ability: Insomnia/Forewarn
    TMs/HMs: Shadowball, Trick Room, Calm Mind, Focus Blast, Brick Break, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Fire Punch, Curse, Protect, Hidden Power[Flying], Thunderwave, Seismic Toss, Grass Knot
    MT/BMs: Barrier, Baton Pass, Belly Drum, Wish
    Wins: 5 Loses: Draws:

    Nickname: Balls of Steel
    Ability: Static
    TMs/HMs: Thunderbolt, Hidden Power[Ice], Taunt, Substitute, Toxic, Protect, Thunderwave, Reflect
    Wins: Loses: Draws:

    Kingdra [F]
    Nickname: Queendra
    Ability: Swift Swim, Sniper
    TMs/HMs: Icebeam, Raindance, Surf, Waterfall, Protect, Return, Substitute, Curse, Swift, Double Team, Rest, Sleep Talk, Attract, Hidden Power[Fighting]
    MT/BMs: Signal Beam, Draco Meteor

    Nickname: Sh!try
    Ability: Early Bird/Chlorophyl
    TMs/HMs: Hidden Power[Fire]

    Starmie [G]
    Nickname: Starwars
    Ability: Natural Cure, Illuminate
    TMs/HMs: Surf, Waterfall, Psychic, Thunderbolt, Icebeam, Thunderwave, Substitute, Grass Knot, Hidden Power[Psychic -_-], Reflect, Light Screen, Rain Dance, Skill Swap

    Gengar [F]
    Nickname: Zareeeeeeeeeen :eek:
    Ability: Levitate
    TMs/HMs: Substitute, Thunderbolt, Sludge Bomb, Wilo-Wisp, Energyball, Psychic, Focus Blast, Hidden Power[Dragon]
    MT/BMs: Haze, Perish Song

    Gym Record.
    Mahogany Gym (x2)
    Dewford Gym(x4)
    Blackthorn Gym (x3)
    Lavaridge Gym
    Trovita[thanks zark xD]
    Zephyr Gym
    Snow Point
    Mineral Badge thingy