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More AniPoke fanart, but mostly Bashou & Buson this time, and some BW! characters

I'm glad someone else loves them!!!
Please do, keep them alive~!


EDIT: I can't believe this Buson doodle opens page two, PFFT. Such is life.
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[RP-based, Faraway Place]
Another higher resolution piece drawn on iPad, Bashou hugs Buson for the first time (we should have figured it wouldn't happen without casualties, but... just one: Buson dying in that mystery dungeon forced Bashou to fully appreciate how much Buson means to him outside of being a tool like his weapons and Pokemon.)


And because my art is sweeter than my stories, generally, here's context to make you hopefully feel a bit less sorry for them. While, yes, Bashou & Buson are living honest lives in Ultern generally speaking, the incident where Buson dies... he did tempt fate with this horrible little plan (making highly exclusive maps, marking up prices to strongarm the market, and if the information's leaked, planning to collapse tunnels to render the leaked map obselete...) Bashou's plan was just memorizing it themselves and being tour guides, but sticking to the story of the path always changing. He's never seen explosives in Ultern and he actually doesn't like the idea of destroying the only natural habitat that seemed to suit Steel types in Ultern.

It's impossible, anyway, because it's a mystery dungeon and truly does change every time. :'D But just for the principle of the thing.
Your sketch pieces always have such a soft gentleness to them… I admire your love for this pairing so much, it’s just so evident in the way you draw how much you love Bashou and Buson!! Maybe one day we should RP together maybe…

Thank you so much!

We actually don't ship them as a romantic pairing (Simone's Bashou is asexual/aromantic, he has no interest in romance whatsoever, and is, on top of that, repulsed and averse to touch due to trauma, so it's actually a big deal that he slowly becomes alright with more forms of affection, he's healing here in this calmer setting! + my Buson only pursues women, but is honestly, an obnoxious nuisance on the order of Alder or Brock, so gets summarily rejected a lot... and never has any serious relationships because if he did, he'd want a family, but that doesn't... fit his dangerous criminal lifestyle, imagine leaving behind a kid like what happened to Musashi/Jessie when Miyamoto died?! He doesn't want to condemn a kid to that or drag anyone else down with him...), but I can see how they come across that way!

They are, despite that all that, the most important person in the world to each other, because they're in this together, good or bad. They're best friends and partners, platonically. ^^ ... they're just also a bit unhealthily codependent too and do not function well if separated. ^^;;;

We should! Faraway Place is a nice, casual game (you do not need to fill out applications, there is no activity check, you can play as much or as little as you like, all the events are optional, you can play around and make your own stories with the setting... all you have to do is make a character journal and join the communities. there's even a guide if you're new to roleplaying on dreamwidth, although I think a lot of it can be picked up just by lurking/watching others play and maybe asking questions about the most pertinent terms. ^^)

Now, for something cute, adding on to the above reunion:
They'll go home and get cleaned up... and, to spare Bashou's pride, under the guise of playfulness, Buson will help Bashou with his tangled, neglected hair from his little vigil by the Mystery Shrine waiting for him to revive...
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-pitterpatters back in- I hope this isn't unacceptably late, it's only been nearly two months, but checking the rules, I no longer see "thread necromancy" as an offense and we're only to have one thread for artwork, so...!!
I'm happy to see more B&B fanart lately (on the Japanese side, they've always had loyal fans who produce a lot of fanart regularly, but English-speaking side, it's been quiet a while outside of the similarly TRSilvers, so it was nice seeing more folks draw them again. ;3; ) Anyway, moving on!

I shrunk a bunch of the art this time, so I don't have to stick everything under the cut! ^^

(If anyone's curious, we finished the thread where Buson dies, so if you want to see how that above screencapped thread pans out... pyrrhic.)

Their reunion has not been written out yet, although we're backdating these, due to my rp partner taking a months-long hiatus and tagging back slowly, so everything's set nearly half a year back....

Onto drawings!! I illustrated a scene from my rp partner's fic (with her own take on Bashou & Buson), This Place Called Home. (The fic itself has a lot of heavy themes, even if it's never explicit/everything's only implied or backstory, so mind the warnings.) It's a bigger, hand-drawn piece, so some details are lost in both shrinking this and the filter I used to hide the other side of the paper shining through, so under the spoiler is the larger original. ^^



Note: it’s hard to see, but there’s a chain around Buson’s neck, for his father’s dogtags (since Simone writes Buson as coming from a military family), since I figured if Gozu can wear his under his uniform, why not Buson too?

And now for some fun Bashou / Hun expression-drawing practice (okay, given Bashou, it's a lot of smug, creepy faces, or just focused and cautious.... and one or two surprise chibi), but it's a lot of drawings, so shrinking them would lose all the details, so click to full-view.

Have some fluffy B&B in the summer. Buson napping comfortably, while Bashou (fanning himself, but I couldn't decide on what kind of uchiwa he'd have...) baffled by how he can do that... (Ultern, the setting of Faraway Place, is Okinawa-inspired, so sub-tropical climate!)
Bashou does not like heat or sun, hence Buson gifting him a wagasa/wood and paper umbrella soon after arrival. ^^ A combination of very pale skin and covering up more than others...

That drawing's old and not quite fitting the current season, so have cozy chibi tanuki and kitsune B&B keeping warm~

Lillie in bed with her Poke Doll, it's old, but I don't think I ever shared it.

A cutesy DenAi/Wishfulshipping comic, also rather old, but it's just cute. They're stuck out in the rain and then, Iris gets sick. Quite old and roughly drawn, but they're cute...

Not something we wound up fitting into the above linked thread, but something Simone talked about OOC-ly, like them having a moment where they're dealing with rampaging wild Pokemon and consider handling it like kind little Evie would... and then both going, yeah, no, and just escaping or battling, PFFT. (To be fair, running and even battling when necessary is also Evie-approved, their mental image of Evie is a bit more exaggerated, fff.)

Bashou and Buson have their own home (not staying at the ryokan/inn anymore!) in Faraway Place, but Bashou remains as suspicious as ever, so the only people he comfortably allows Buson to invite over are Manzana (the reformed former Team Flare agent who took Buson in before Bashou showed up) and Evie the talking Eevee... which means Bashou gets to witness more strangely domestic, doting dad-like Buson. He's tossing and catching Evie like a baby here while Bashou's just staring like, "Who even is this..."

My rp partner headcanons Bashou sometimes straightens all of his hair (and doesn't always have those ear-like tufts sticking up, depending on their length), I thought it'd be fun to draw what that might look like...

Buson: … your head looks so smooth, like it’d squeak if you rubbed it, like a… like a bowling ball or a pachinko ball—
Bashou: Don’t even think about it.

Aaand, lastly, this one's not RP-based and just kind of Bashou doing villain things (Bashou's got a knife and a slasher smile... only implied/off-screen violence, there's streaks that could be b&w blood or just thick motion lines, but putting it behind spoiler tags just in case), meanwhile, Buson's back there's entertaining himself by pretending to tweak the ear-like tufts of hair.

Buson: I wonder if he knows he looks like a little critter from the back...
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