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most annoying voice in the dub?

Iris, Ash, James, Meowth, Brock, Oshawott, Axew, Scraggy, Tranquill, Grovyle, Bianca, Professor Oak, Cadbury, Cameron, Burgundy, Krookodile, Krokorok, Sandile, Snivy(Trip's), Servine, Serperior, and plenty of others I'm not going to bother to name.

Besho said:

This guy:


Annoying in an amusing sort of way, but still annoying nonetheless.
Professor Oak's voice was always a tad irritating for me...

Bianca, Jessie, Misty, and Ash's new voice. He just totally sounds like a pre-pubescent girl now.
Sweet Baby James, Iris's voice.

Then pretty much every Unovan Pokemon that was dubbed (Oshawott sounds like a chain smoker, with Tepig an accomplice).

And naturally, everyone after the Battle Frontier controversy.
The COTDs with accents tend to get on my nerves the most - the bloody Mary Poppins English accents the voice actors insist on doing (That bloody witch from Johto, for example). Fantina takes the prize for me, for being an annoying character with a ridiculous Python-esque accent. At least Burgundy's French was supposed to be bad.

Iris comes in second (Draygun mastur!)
It's always been a tie between Iris and James for me. However, I didn't care for Max's voice (new or old) either.
Professor Oak's voice was always a tad irritating for me...

I actually think that Professor Oak's voice in the 4Kids dub actually suited him more than the one in Origins.

Same here. Stuart Zagnit as Prof. Oak is my favorite dub voice.

I don't know if I can pick a single least favorite, but I still haven't watched Battle Frontier due to how much I disliked the cast change at the time.
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Lisa Ortiz as Korrina, Amy Rose just doesn't suit her, Gurkinn sounds too young, and little Clemont's voice is ugly.
Definitely JCC's James, Knotz's Jessie, and JCC's Meowth in the TPCi dub. Oh and Bill Roger's Brock in DP.
... Ugh, what can I say? I think I hate all of them.
In terms of long-term characters: Iris. Her voice was like nails on a chalkboard. Throw in her annoying "catchphrase" and you get an award-winning combo that was enough on its own to repel anyone from the show. No wonder I hated her (and still do, for that matter), so I'm quite relieved to see her gone.

In terms of short-term (or one-shot, whatever you prefer): Jump definately wins that one. While it sorta fits, it's still terrible. At least he was only in a single episode, so that helped mitigate the problem.
Unpopular opinion time: Victoria Taylor as Ash.

So... High pitched... Nostalgic Team Rocket voices are not worth it.
I'm going to be honest here, and say that most of the voices in Pokemon....don't actually annoy me. Maybe I've just seen too much anime to the point where I'm desensitized to bad dubbing, I dunno.

THAT BEING SAID - James' current voice bugs me, a lot. He used to sound cool, now he sounds really, REALLY dorky. Not how I remember or imagine him. Likewise, Meowth's current voice isn't much better, being way too whiny.

Carter Cathcart, I have the upmost respect for you, but...you kinda wrecked two of the best characters on the show there.
Top 3 most annoying voices from most to least annoying:
1. Jessie-She probably has THE worst english voice ever. It is so high pitched and irritating that I feel like I'm going deaf from hearing her talk.
2. Korrina-It's almost as annoying as Jessie's imo. Her va really lost it it seems imo.
3. Iris-Her voice is irritating as well, though it does fit her character well imo.
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