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Most disappointing Alola Pokémon?

Geek of the Games
Dec 23, 2009
Reaction score
Pyukumuku was a big one. I wasn't expecting a whole lot, but I was stunned to learn that Pyukumuku doesn't learn any offensive-based moves. All the moves it learns are status moves (like Soak and Taunt) and moves like Counter. I mean, even just giving it Water Gun would've given it SOMETHING, but GF pretty much turned Pyukumuku into nothing more than a damage-absorbing sponge with about just as much variety as a common kitchen sponge. Again, I wasn't expecting much out of it, but it was surprising to learn it only had non-offensive and counteractive moves at its disposal.

As others have stated, Toucannon was a letdown. I was hoping for a regional bird that could match wits with Talonflame, like the Steel/Flying musketeer idea that was floating around. Instead... we get Toucan Sam. Now, mind you, I don't hate Toucannon, as I will admit they gave it pretty decent coverage in moves and its abilities aren't total wastes of space, but we're back to the Normal/Flying bit and a very bland design. So I'm on the fence about it. Not a good successor to the god-bird of battles: Talonflame, if you ask me. Plus it always seems to have this grumpy expression, like it's always angry. Heh, a Pokemon-version of Angry Birds. But seriously, its expression is very off-putting, as it never seems happy. Even in the recent anime episode it just sat there with a constantly grouchy look, even after hatching several eggs into newborn Pokemon, which would make even the grumpiest of beings crack a smile or look proud. It just always seems like it's in a bad mood 24/7. Even real life birds show more emotion than that (I should know, I've owned several small parrots, with my cockatiel, Zeru, being my current bird). Are toucans always that grumpy-looking? Either way, Toucannon was a letdown. They could've kept it as its own evolutionary chain as a second regional bird (a la Pidgey and Spearow), while still making Pikipek the Steel/Flying musketeer that people like me hoped for. I ditched mine in Moon right after it evolved, as I was very disappointed in it, but I'm giving it another chance in Sun, but I'm still disappointed that GF didn't make this regional bird be able to match wits with the king of competitive birds: Talonflame. At least use a more original or rarely used type combo would've been nice. The same thing happened with the transition between Diggersby and Gumshoos, where the successor failed to live up to the predecessor (though in that case didn't really bother me, as I rarely use early-route Normal-types for long).
Destroyer of Fairy, Steel and Ice types.
Feb 21, 2011
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Pyukumuku having no offensive moves pretty much made it unusable in my opinion. I would rather use a Wishiwashi.
Actually Your Boy Guzma
Mar 26, 2016
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Here's the thing, though - I can actually see the link between Pikipek and Toucannon. Woodpeckers are actually fairly close relatives to toucans.
Empoleon Fanatic
Mar 14, 2011
Reaction score
Incineroar, why couldn't it just become one of the big cats like a Leopard/Tiger etc, who said Tony the Tiger could come back? Litten is great, Torracat was amazing, I was like "Yes! Surely they're doing this evolution right!", nope, Incineroar is a disaster, for that reason I started with Popplio, at least Primarina pretty much turned out how people expected.
Purple Poison Pupa
Nov 20, 2016
Reaction score
Why does Vikavolt have to be so slow. I look at that thing and I swear it looks like it would at least have a speed of 95.
I read that it's literally slower than Grubbin and Aggron.

Anyways, the big disappointment for me was Incineroar. I was expecting a sleek, quadruped feline to match Litten, but they crammed kitty with steroids. Boo-hoo.
#1 Wooloo Fan
Apr 10, 2010
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I echo people's sentiments regarding Toucannon, but only because Normal/Flying is unoriginal at this point. Toucannon itself is great, the glowing beak effects are nice attention to detail.
Formerly GTT
Jul 5, 2009
Reaction score
I freaking love Toucannon. One of my favorite regional birds to date. Right behind Pidgeot, Noctowl, and Swellow. There's nothing wrong with simplicity every once in a while.

Anyway, I think the biggest disappointment for me is actually Decidueye. Don't get me wrong, I love the hell out of it, but I was expecting a fast sweeper when I first saw it and that speed just...that speed, man.

Not cool, Game Freak. You make a freaking owl ranger assassin Grass Starter and you don't give it 100+ speed? Shame on you.

Deci is still far and away my favorite Alola mon though. I still love its badass design and for a utility mon, its movepool is a thing of beauty. But that speed tho....

Vikavolt's speed is disappointing, but not really surprising considering the general slowness of Alola's Pokemon.

Besides that, Lycanroc Midday's movepool is also super disappointing. With a few movepool tweaks (EARTHQUAKE) this thing could be a beast, but as it stands, its mediocre at best. Lycanroc Midnight is more disappointing, but I don't give a fuck about that one, so whatever.
Darth Ignis
Jul 19, 2015
Reaction score
Toucannon is a power house battler. Despite it's simplistic Normal/Flying typing, I really appreciate it. Especially with the amount of ghost pokemon in the game it seems.

Lurantis is boring. I never intended for it to be on my team, but I needed either a water or grass type to counter ground and rock Pokemon. Fomantis was the first thing I came across.
May 25, 2016
Reaction score
I love Toucannon, Woody (my Toucannon) is a powerhouse and puts in the finest work. Peoples reaction to its simplistic design is what I was afraid would happen to litten if he became just a bigger cat with fire around him. I think many would claim he was just a litleo clone (like some do with Solgaleo). Incineroar is an amazing Pokémon in my book.

I love most of the Pokémon in this gen, much like I do every generation. I think it's a good thing that every 'mon isn't viable in battle. IMO, makes the world a tad bit more believable. Maybe some 'mons are better companions.
Driving You Batty
Apr 17, 2010
Reaction score
Lycanroc Midnight needed much more to stand out. It can't just coast off its design alone!
Mari-yo Puyo
Jul 16, 2010
Reaction score
I also feel that Lycanroc's Midnight form didn't do too much to differentiate it from its Midday form, which is a shame because its No Guard ability has a lot of potential. The other three No Guard Pokemon makes great use of this ability (Golurk a bit less so). I feel that at least Midnight should have more powerful-but-inaccurate moves, such as Iron Tail and maybe Dynamic Punch.

I don't think the new Alola Pokemon are terribly disappointing, but I thought that Lurantis could've done more to differentiate itself.

Previously, when I saw Lurantis pure Grass-type and Leaf Guard as its only ability, my first thought was that it needs to have a great Hidden ability to make up for both of these. Flower Veil was my original suggestion given that this ability + Grass-type makes it immune to status and stat drops. Contrary seems like a much better ability than I thought, but it's an ability that depends on specific moves this Pokemon learns. Certainly it's got Defog, but its Contrary ability and Leaf Storm (the only move that takes advantage of it) means it will inevitably be compared to Serperior, who has higher defences and more importantly, faster. Given that Lurantis is Physically-focused, a Physical Grass STAB that lowers Attack (or raise it with Contrary) should be the way to do that.

Contrary to what others thought, I think it's amazing that Pyukumuku doesn't learn an attacking move, purely for the fact that it has already cemented itself as a unique Pokemon. Plus, it has pretty good survivability, given that it has Unaware and the best defences for a Pokemon with it.

Thanks for reading.
Borderland Sword
Mar 19, 2013
Reaction score
There's a lot of mons that disappoint me stat-wise. IDK what the deal is but so many Alola mons are so slow when you'd THINK they would be much faster! The starters' final evos, Lurantis, Vikivolt...like WTH were they doing with making so many SO SLOW??!

But as of now, my vote goes to Komala~ So much wasted potential with a stand alone mon that can't evolve. I get they tried to compensate by giving it huge Attack, but, really, why doesn't it evolve?? 3: I feel like it makes it so forgettable because of that despite being one of the first revealed Gen 7 mons~
Princess of Power
Mar 20, 2007
Reaction score
Trumbeak. Holy cats, Trumbeak.

Once it evolves into Toucannon, it's a heckuva lot better but trying to keep Trumbeak alive was taxing. I'm not kidding, mine just kept getting its tail feathers handed to it constantly, to the point where I slag near pitched it in a Box. The only thing that saved it was the fact that it evolved before I could and it learned its signature move, which saved it. But even now, I'm thinking of replacing it, as I'm just so disappointed with it.
Ghost maniac
Sep 1, 2010
Reaction score
The starters. Seriously, I am so disappointed by all three.
Decidueye is just awful, it has awful speed, it dies a lot late in the game, doesn't get any useful moves via TM and did I mention it dies without attacking?
Incineroar is somehow even worse. Even slower, learns useful moves very late, and the dark type it gains upon evolving is a disgrace.
Primarina is ok, but there are better things out there, in terms of both water and fairy choices.
I also wanted to use Mimikyu on my team I was very excited for it but it just fell short, as it was replaced by my old pal Gengar. Disguise is nice but it doesn't accomplish much in-game.
Kommo-o is also very disappointing. It doesn't get any useful Fighting moves and its special movepool is mediocre. I also feel its overdesigned but that's beside the point
Jan 22, 2014
Reaction score
Toucannon. It has a great design but a poor move-set, stat spread and set of abilities. Which saddens me because I usually use regional birds.
Jul 12, 2011
Reaction score
Oricorio! Now don't get me wrong, I'll always love it, but the fact that it CANNOT learn any fire, electric, psychic, or ghost attacks really put a damper on its potential, and the only way it can even make use of their different typings is Revelation Dance. Granted, I know this is because they can change shape with the different colored nectars, but why even do that? Why not just make them separate entities and have them learn their own attacks? Y'know, like the two Nidoran?
If I have to be honest, its Oricorio to me. Its a very cute bird and I love the four different styles, but the fact that they all have the same movesets and all is a bit disappointing. They don't really learn any moves that you'd expect from a Fire, Electric, Ghost, or a Psychic type, besides maybe Rest. That's why Oricorio disappoints me. I'm sorry, Oricorio.
MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY. I love their designs, and I love Baille to bits, but it would've helped a lot - and I mean A LOT - if they could have learned at least one elemental move per form. They were able to do this with all the Rotom forms - Wash Rotom knowing Hydro Pump, Oven Rotom knowing Over Heat etc and the moves replace each other whenever their forms change. They could have done the same with the Oricorios but NOOOO they didn't..... ;_; I understand that they can copy every dance move performed on the field, but even with the ability, their movepool is just too restricted.
Well-Known Member
Sep 15, 2010
Reaction score
Disappointed is a little strong because it doesn't seriously bother me but there are a number of Alola Pokemon that seem like they should have had evolutions (Komala, Minior, Pyukumuku) or pre-evolutions (Drampa, Turtonator) but didn't and it seems like they would have benefited a lot from having a relative.

There's also the fact that Pyukumuku doesn't have any attacking moves, so I can't imagine how anyone will get any good use out of him outside of competitive double battles. It's like they sat down and decided to be really "quirky" with it's moveset but in the end it just makes him bizarre.

Mimikyu kinda annoyed me with how it has special electric attacks but it's special attack is so poor. I know it's meant to mimic Pikachu but it still sucks that it can't really use them effectively.

Also I don't totally get why Toucannon wasn't Fire/Flying with the pokedex description it has. I mean you could say they just did a Fire/Flying regional bird with Talonflame but that kind of logic didn't stop them making three Fire/Fighting starters in a row.

Design wise I don't really have any complaints, it's a really strong gen from that side of things in my opinion.
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