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Move Type Availability Charts?

Mar 23, 2020
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So I think something missing from a LOT of the strategy and typing discussions around Pokemon is the question of 'how likely is it that your opponent has a move of type X, and how powerful is that move likely to be'. Being weak to Dark, when everything with a big jaw has Crunch regardless of its type, is not the same as being weak to Grass, when non-Grass types (other than Bugs) having access to that type for coverage is relatively rare. Or at least, it's my perception that it's relatively rare. However I would love to see some hard data. I'm looking for either of the following:

- A spreadsheet or database with all the Pokemon available in Sw/Sh in it, with their stats, and the highest strength move they have access to of a given type (ideally broken down between special and physical attacks but hey I'll take whatever I can get)

- Lacking that somewhere which has essentially the results of that collated, with the percentage of Pokemon with access to moves of a given type, ideally with them identified so the wheat can be separated from the chaff, or more aptly the Tyranitars from the Cherubis.

Do such resources exist? I can look up moves I believe to be common like Fire / Ice / Thunder Fang / Punch, Crunch, Iron Tail, Shadow Ball, etc and just see how many Pokemon know what I'm guessing are the most common moves of a given type, but I'd love something more concrete than my assumptions in conjunction with some guess and checks. I can make it myself but with the massive Pokedex and huge move pool it'd take many, many hours to build it by hand. Still, it seems like useful enough data I can't imagine I'm alone in thinking this would be worthwhile to build if it doesn't exist already, right?