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Moves that Pokemon should/should not be able to learn


Jul 22, 2014
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The most classic example is Doduo's and Dodrio's ability to learn Fly, even though they don't have wings, nor can spin their heads like an helicopter as some may suggest. :loopy:

If you know other cases of moves a pokemon is able to learn but shouldn't be, post it here. ;-)
The opposite also applies, if you think there is a move a Pokemon could be able to use, but doesn't in games.
Diglett/Dugtrio learning Aerial Ace. Wrap your mind around that one.

They can learn "Claw" moves, too. So, we can expect that Diglett/Dugtrio have feet, claws and wings... but they're always buried... :lol:

Mewtwo can't learn Fly, even if he's rarely seen on foot.
And Rapidash has diamond hooves, but can't learn Bulldoze nor Earthquake... :-(

Basically this.

Edit: Also this!

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Zapdos should learn Hurricane. It is the only one of the bird trio who can't. And on top of this, it is a thunderbird. So why is the thunderbird of all things not allowed to learn this attack? Especially as there are so few flying type special attacks anyway.
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Lugia is said to be connected to storms, so I wonder why it doesn't get Hurricane. Possibly to keep Aeroblast as its most powerful Special Flying type STAB attack.
Mew can learn attract even through it's a genderless Pokemon.

Mesprit, Azelf, and Uxie should learn Power Gem because they have gems on their foreheads and tails, and the move exclusive to Pokemon that has gem-like features.
Doduo/Dodrio learning Steel Wing. They don't even have WINGS, so how can they use Steel Wing without wings?

How do you know it doesn't have wings? They have several entries referencing how small their wings are, and how they run faster than they fly.

They're based on ratites, if you look at most of ratites (Rheas, Kiwis, Emus, Ostriches, ect) you'll notice that their wings often aren't readily visible for the most part, and they are small. (of course they can't fly like Doduo/Dodrio can, but that's neither here nor there).
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