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Movie 10: "Dialga vs. Palkia vs. Darkrai" discussion thread

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Reminds me of the "Ultimate Pokémon Movie" idea I had when I was like 8 years old in which all of his Pokémon come back to defeat a brainwashed Mewtwo or something like that.

...A bunch of Kabuto crawled into Ash's skin at one point.
I don't think any of the team's Pokémon other than Pikachu actually played a role at all in movie 6...
^Yeah, but they couldn't go the whole movie without having May call out a single Pokemon. XD

10th anniversary, eh? Bring Misty back then! (and maybe Tracey, May and Max if you guys are feeling generous)
Ash should rescue Max from Fuwante...

who has received stronger powers from Darkrai...

May would be too busy fighting Hikari over Sheimi...
10th anniversary, eh? Bring Misty back then! (and maybe Tracey, May and Max if you guys are feeling generous)

If it is a 10th anniversary movie, I imagine it'd be like the Mastermind special. Misty, May and Max would show up, but poor Tracey would only get a 1 second non-speaking cameo. :p

I'm not sure if they'll actually do that though. It's the first D/P movie and they should use the D/P cast. Misty was rightfully not in any of the AG movies because she didn't belong there, and I don't think she or May/Max will be in the D/P movies either.

Besides, Misty doesn't have the benefit of being the "last-gen" girl anymore. The writers have pretty much let her fade into obscurity since early BF. I doubt we'll see her until Shinou ends.
What the...?

If you look very closely at the Movie 10 poster, you might wanna shout out in mock bad subtitled voice-over, these words: "GODZILLA!"
If they're going to use CGI in the actual movie I hope they're not going to use that for landscapes. From the clips I saw from movie 9 the animation didn't blend very well with the CGI in some scenes.

BTW. Is it just me or are they putting more and more effort into hiding the swf files by the year?
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This doesn't bode well for Galaxy in the Show.......
I'm a bit worried by the fact that every picture of Dialga and Palkia are rendered in CGI.

I really hope the animators don't resort to CGI for the legendary pokemon...it'd clash really badly with the other hand-drawn characters.
Anyone else here feel Dialga and Palkia are uglier in 3-D than in 2-D? =(

One thing keeps me optimistic - their source of inspiration, La Sagrada Familia and other places in Barcelona. I have seen many pictures in my work of said source of inspiration (we've got a whole database of Barcelona pictures in progress). It is really notably awesome, possibly among the coolest architecture I've ever seen or imagined.

No matter how much the CGI sucks, this movie will be beautiful. Or... well, I'll go cry or something.
I hope we get Shirona in Movie animated form...

I'm a bit worried with all the Ledgendaries in that poster....
Yeah if they're gonna be in CGI for the movie I'll be upset. They look great in the opening, but here not so much. The city looks really beautiful and having Dialga and Palkia as CGI would just kinda mess it up.
As Gravy suggested over at SPP, I wonder if another Pokemon will play a role?

Our first Event Ledgendary, Darkrai, somehow causing the conflict perhaps?
Wonder if there's any chance in hell of Brock having any decent role in this movie. Not optimistic about that. I mean, May wedged herself into the movie 9 plot out of the blue (pun not intened), but we had no idea what that one would be about for a long time; just based on the big battle plot, it already seems like this one's gonna be a standard everything-goes-out-of-control-and-Ash-saves-the-day sorta movie. *sigh*

Brock: Ten years, nine movies (all ten if you count those *really* brief cameos in 2000), no major role.

But the dream for Brock fans will live on, I guess...
Eh, I wouldn't rule it out. We haven't even seen what human characters will appear, and the "10th Anniversary" makes me wonder if they will shake it up.
Well, there was a short preview of it at the end of the new episode. Can't explain much though, need someone more experienced for that.

edit: No there wasn't, sorry. It was actually the preview for the double-episode next week, with a brief silhouette of Di/Par shoved in. Sorry, didn't realize what it was.
It was just a colorful background with silouhettes of Dia and Paru.
What I gather is that the movie will be just like any other, but I think that the Pikachu short's gonna be the thing that's all reminicent and whatever. The short little thing about it showed pretty much every legendary that's ever been in a movie + Lucario + Groudon/Kyogre. My guess would be that it's just Pikachu and a bunch of other pokemon running around running into legendaries, maybe some of the group's older pokemon too just since it's supposed to be special.
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