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Movies/TV Movies/Short Films/TV Series You Plan on Watching

Mar 6, 2023
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  1. He/Him
I plan on watching Seven Samurai Helmed by Akira Kurusawa and released back in 1952. I heard that the movie was an inspiration for Star Wars, a series I greatly enjoy. Thus, I wanted to check it out for writing purposes and to maybe find what was referenced in Star Wars.

Hopefully there isn’t a thread for this already though I’ve looked through the few threads with Movies/TV in Outside the Box and couldn’t find any like this.

Alright, so here we go!
Jeez, the list goes on.

The Kurosawa films are definitely on my list. Also, plan to fill in the gaps in the James Bond films I haven't seen. I got a Blu-Ray box set on sale years ago with everything up to Skyfall, but I still haven't seen them all. Blame laziness.

For series, definitely stuff like The Wire and The West Wing. Big iconic blind spots for me. Also been meaning to watch anime like Trigun, Code Geass, and the '97 Berserk series.

I'm sure I could consistently update this with stuff I have on my watch lists, though. :p
Hopefully there isn’t a thread for this already though I’ve looked through the few threads with Movies/TV in Outside the Box and couldn’t find any like this.
There is indeed not. Thanks for the thread idea!

Mostly interested about Deadpool 3 at the moment.
Really hoping Deadpool 3 comes out alright. Just a bit nervous given the current writers strike.
I heard that Ryan Reynolds won't have much freedom but it could be just a rumor. I like the Wolverine costume but if you watched 90s X-Men cartoon or read the comic books you'll obviously notice what's missing in those pictures.
Godzilla x Kong sounds very interesting and still has a lot of mystery about it however
Apparently the new villain is an orangutan kaiju, I'm still waiting for Destoroyah and even SpaceGodzilla to make appearances. The Monsterverse movies starting from 2014 were a huge upgrade from the 98' Godzilla, they're decent when the focus isn't so much on the human characters and more on the kaiju monsters.
I’m hoping to rewatch hunger games: the ballad of songbirds and snakes today because it’s so good and I need to watch it again and we’re gonna buy it from Amazon prime and my mom gets to watch it and it’s so goooooodddd aaaaah

I think it’s my favourite movie ever :) (coming from a person who’s pretty deep into a hunger games phase and doesn’t watch many movies)
Watched The Man Called Flintstones and The Jetsons Meet The Flintstones.

Next are the original two Care Bears movies.

All of this on TubiTV.
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