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Cancelled Games Murder in the Dark [Game inactive, please restart]

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Re: Murder in the Dark

^... Beats me... But I hope someone just hurries up... Who ever they are...:expect:
Re: Murder in the Dark

Hey pikachulver, that post actually does that even more. It'd be wise to edit it.
Re: Murder in the Dark

alrighty I removed it! Now please hurry and vote whoever hasn't! (i think *star* and flamalex01 need to)
Re: Murder in the Dark

Kay Cobey (X-Scissor)
2.:006: Axle Cockleman (flamealex01)
5.:lx076: Rockolem Nindis (Golem the shy hero)
Jeeves (Domino Shelby)
7.:lx088: Gukassin Muk (Sea Princess)Pilly Poundis (Kona-Chan_Fan)
8.:221: Pilly Poundis (Kona-Chan_Fan)
9.:254: Sceptile (Mijzelffan)
10.:260: Steven (Jaxon)
11.:156: Flare (Raichu99)
12.:lx132: Daniel (Showsni)
13.:150: Mewtwo (Shadow walker)

BTW I changed my name!... So now Sea Princess has 5 votes! She's O-U-T OUT!
Re: Murder in the Dark

Congadulations! You have now voted out Gukassin Muk!
Gukassin Muk (Sea Princess) : 5 votes
Kay Cobey (X-Scissor) : 1 vote
Pilly Poundis (Kona-Chan_Fan!) : 1 vote
Jeeves (Domino Shelby): 1 vote

erm 5 of you
that is...

Ok so... I't finally time to say that "Murderer You can now PM me! Who's next???"

Yes! Who will go on, and who will die??? ~~Later~~
Re: Murder in the Dark

Even though I gave a hint about Sea princess not being the killer in my death quote he/she got still voted off.

Oh the irony.
Re: Murder in the Dark

:260: I hear dead people!! :O ^
Re: Murder in the Dark

dead people are laughing at everyone and want to know when the next murder finally happens!!!
"Murderer You can now PM me! Who's next???"

Re: Murder in the Dark

:150: It's getting creepy now!
Re: Murder in the Dark

:lx132: We're all going to die! This is just like that Agatha Christie book that had to have two name changes.
Re: Murder in the Dark

Flare awoke in the middle of the night, he heard creaking footsteps from a big pokemon, Flare obtained a low four legged stance, he slowly manouvered around the floorboards to the corridoor. The footstep sound had disappeared. Flare cautiously began making his way back to the room, he thought of the dead pokemon and the different ways they died, could there be some sort of linkage?. The footsteps started again, they rapidly turned into a jog and then a full out sprint. Flare immeaditley sprinted away, his body full of firely adrenaline. The pokemon was hot on his heels, the sound of each foot pounding against the ground shattered through Flare's eardrums, Flare made a sharp left and a sharper right. He barged the door of a dark room open, the room had no windows, the Aerodatyl grey wallpaper was more like a carpet and it was filled with numerous rusty steel vents. Flare looked back to see there was no pokemon behind him. Then, a heavy chuckle-like pokemon laugh came from behind as the door slammed shut. The vents opened up and a flurry of air freshener passed through the steel. Flare inhaled only to mutter his last word "Poison".

Ha! Tried to make it exicting for you guys but anyway VOTING TIME! lol
Re: Murder in the Dark

So, another innocent Pokémon dead. It looks like the killer won't be content until they've murdered everyone. Judging by the heavy footprints leading to the room where Flare's body was found, it seems a weightier Pokémon might be the culprit... So, I'll vote for Pilly Poundis.
Re: Murder in the Dark

lol Does any of the deceased pokrmon apart from me know who the murderer is?
Re: Murder in the Dark

:260: *BUMP!* OW! Not again!...Huh? Where'd everyone go? T_T
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