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My car broke down. Again!

Geek of the Games
Dec 23, 2009
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Just as the title states, while running an errand my car broke down. AGAIN!!! It's fortunate I had my new phone, as it allowed me to call my folks and get a tow. Plus, as fate would have it, the dealer where we go get my old Honda Civic LX repaired was in the same town/city that I broke down in, so that was at least some good fortune. Sadly, however, that means I have no car for a while. And the car needs more work than just the breakdown itself. The cruise control has been dead for months since replacing the starter, the gas tank cover has been broken for months, and the gas meter stopped working a few weeks ago. And the dealer will probably find even more now that it's in their "care", just like always. So, yeah, today was rough and I won't be able to get anywhere for quite some time, at least not without my parents being the escort. I SOOOOOOO did not need this, especially now when everything is slowly opening up. Now, I'm effectively grounded. Considering it's an 18-year old Honda Civic LX that has practically gone from hell and back it might be finally reaching the end of its lifespan. We're hoping that maybe, just maybe, we can get a few more months out of it before replacing it. Mom already knows some people who might be selling used cars sometime down the road, so we have that as a possible option. We shall see. That's all for now.
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Mar 22, 2016
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Jeez, sorry to hear about that.

You could get a rental car, but there are some downsides. You don't know what the previous people were doing. My family had a rental car a few years ago and it reeked of cigarette smoke (how inconsiderate and I have to wonder why the employees never did anything about it) and while I don't know if every dealership is like this, they might charge you for the rental on a daily basis.