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Collection: My Pokemon Plushies and Stuff

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Oct 27, 2014
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I decided I'd finally show you guys my collection!
So far most of my collection is made up of plushies (I have around 70 or so), but I do also have some figurines, and games of course.
Anyway on with the pictures!
NOTE: Sorry for the awful quality of the pictures, the lighting in my room isn't that great and the camera I was using isn't that great either. Also sorry about the grey lines on the outside of some of the pictures. I had to crop them and I guess something went wrong in the process.

PLUSHIES: Black Kyurem Tomy plush, Black Kyurem PokeDoll, Emboar PokeDoll, Samurott PokeDoll, Oshawott Tomy plush, bootleg Jolteon plush, Jolteon Pokemon Time mascot plush, Jolteon Tomy plush, Jolteon Kuttari plush (eyes open), Litleo Tomy plush, Litleo Pokemon Center plush, (bootleg?) Takara Tomy Glaceon, Jakks Snivy plush, and a few non-Pokemon related plushies that no one really cares about.
The Black Kyurem PokeDoll is my most recent plush get, in fact it only arrived yesterday. It has been one of my many grails for a long time now and I thought I'd never get my hands on one due to the crazy prices and whatnot, but I guess I was wrong. I got this one for a good price as well. It's tush tag has been cut of and it has a tear in it's left arm, but I don't really mind. I'm just happy that I finally got my hands on this guy XD
The Samurott PokeDoll was also a grail, but I finally got him when the Ebay seller 'hobby_japan' put some up for sale. I decided to get Emboar as well because why not?
Here is some better pics of my tiny Jolteon collection.

PLUSHIES: Giant Pokemon Center Wailord plush, Banpresto DX Serperior plush, bootleg Shadow Lugia PokeDoll, Zekrom Banpresto plush, Reshiram Banpresto plush (hidden behind Mandibuzz), Mandibuzz MPC, bootleg Shiny Vaporeon plush, Jakks Palkia plush, Spritzee Pokemon Center plush, bootleg Eevee plush, bootleg Shiny Magikarp plush (which you can't really see, but it's behind Zekrom)
FIGURES: Jakks Zekrom, Tomy Mega Aggron

I absolutely love Wailord. He is so big and squishy! The only downside is that he takes up a lot of space.
I also really love my shiny Vaporeon plush even if she is a bootie. She is just so soft and well made, and unlike a lot of bootlegs she actually looks like Vaporeon. No wonky eyes or anything. You'd swear she was a legit plush!
Eevee is pretty well made for a bootie as well, the only downside being that his neck fur falls out from time to time.

PLUSHIES: Bootleg Flareon, bootleg Ho-oh, (bootleg?) Takara Tomy Leafeon, bootleg Tomy Cobalion, Jakks Drillbur, bootleg Kyogre, bootleg Charmander, bootleg Piplup (behind Mewtwo), Banpresto DX Mewtwo, bootleg Articuno, Tomy Scraggy, Tomy Pansage, bootleg Giratina PokeDoll, bootleg Lucario, bootleg Charizard.
FIGURES: Jakks Scraggy, Jakks Servine..... and a Yoshi....

This is my 'bootleg' shelf, as almost all of them are fake, except for Mewtwo, Drillbur, Pansage, Scraggy and the figures. Most of these plushies were brought when I first started collecting and didn't know about bootlegs or anything.
I've gotta admit though I do love little Giratina, or as I like to call him 'Tapdancing Giratina'. It's a long story.....

PLUSHIES: Jumbo bootleg Latios, factory reject Tomy Shaymin - Sky Form.
Latios was actually one of my first Pokemon plushies and for that reason I really love him, despite his bootie status. Not only that but he is also pretty hard to come by. I've only seen about 4 or 5 other people that own one of these guys.
Shaymin is pretty nice as well.

PLUSHIES: Large Tomy Chespin plush, Large Tomy Fennekin plush, Tomy Chespin plush, Tomy Chespin plush version 2, Pokemon Center Ninetales plush, Pokemon Center shiny Mega Rayquaza plush, Tomy Torchic plush, bootleg Blaziken plush (hidden behind Fennekin's head. Really sorry guys), Shiny Pikados plush, Pokemon Center Dragonair plush (hidden behind Pikados. Once again I'm really sorry), bootleg Manectric plush (hidden behind Xerneas..... I'm hopeless at group photos........)
FIGURES: Tomy Chespin, Tomy Quilladin (who has fallen over), Tomy Chesnaught, poseable Tomy Mega Blaziken figure, poseable Tomy Xerneas, Tomy Piplup and Tomy Meloetta (both hidden behind Blaziken......)

This is were most of my recently purchased plushies are placed. My favourite is Dragonair, who I brought to take with me to Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions in Sydney. While down down there I fell in love with her. Her details are amazing and she is so cute. Also she's poseable!
Mega Quaza, all of my Blazikens, Ninetales and Pikados are also faves on mine.

PLUSHIES: Factory Reject Virizion, Sleepy New Years Fennekin, Sleepy New Years Chespin, Sleepy New Years Froakie, and large Meowstic Female plush (which is hidden, but I've got a photo of her below)
Yep.... my only piece of Virizion merch...... so sad, since Virizion is one of my all-time favourites. Such a shame her merch is so damn expensive, but I'm hoping to start a Virizion collection sometime next year though.
I love my sleepy Kalos starters, they're so big and soft. I honestly didn't think I'd get any of them let alone the whole set! Chespin is my favourite, but Fennekin and Froakie are also adorable.
My Meowstic is one of the softest plushies I own, since she is made of some sort of long minky-like material. She is also one of my faves.

Thats all I have for now. I hope you liked looking at my stuff, even if my pictures were terrible. I'll be sure to update as soon as/if I get more merch over Christmas :3
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May 27, 2018
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Would you ever sell the Latios?
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