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Ongoing Mystery Dungeon Mornings with TheCapsFan - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX Recruit-em-all

Jun 25, 2011
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  1. He/Him
Hey everyone! Wanted to make a new thread dedicated to discussion around my newest series on the Bulbagarden Twitch, which is a continuation of the Mystery Dungeon Mornings branding that I was using for my Explorers of Sky run when I switched to Saturday mornings for that. I plan to reuse this branding going forward for completing the rest of the Mystery Dungeon games as well, if I can.

In this run, I'll be completing the main story and postgame of Rescue Team DX, with the added twist that this will be a Recruit-em-all run. This means that I will have to recruit at least one of all 386 species of Pokemon in the game, from Bulbasaur to Deoxys.

I've actually already had three episodes of this go live on the Twitch channel, with the first one airing on February 3. However, I unfortunately lost the footage for the first stream, so I only have episodes 2 and 3. :( Here they are:

It's a huge bummer that I lost the footage from the first stream, since it would have been fun to look back at the results of the personality quiz. But - we've started our journey playing as a Psyduck, with our partner Xopy the Cubone (thanks for the name suggestion @xopy !). Once again I've chosen the brilliant name, Team Name for our rescue team.

These will be streaming every Saturday morning at 10:30AM Eastern. Might push back to 10AM, not sure. It's been pretty variable in the past. I kinda like it that way. Hope you all enjoy :)
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