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EVERYONE: [Mystery Dungeon] The Demon's Legend

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Thank you for showing interest in my very first fanfiction. I hope you will find joy in reading my sequel to the "Explorers of ..."-Games, which were - storywise - one of the best games i have ever experienced

Have fun reading!

"Three years have passed since Darkrai's plan - to plunge the World into Darkness and Chaos - has been foiled by Max (a Treecko) and Jimmy (a Chimchar) and their allies. In these three years a ferocious Aligatr named Ironhard joined the team. Things could go well for the Trio, which has reached legendary status among explorers, but soon they need to face a great challenge: Preventing the return of a demon from ancient time - Kyurem.
During their Queste they will face many trials, which will test not only body, but the mind too."
Chapter I - Meeting at Night New


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Jan 10, 2022
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Chapter 1 ~ Meeting at Night

King’s Mountain truly deserved its title. For those who did not know the way to it, its rise remained hidden in a thick fog in the middle of a wide valley. Surrounded by a ring-shaped mountain range, Kings’ Mountain rose to the highest point in the sky. No other mountain in the world surpassed it and so it was seen as the final challenge for any experienced mountaineer - only when they climbed this king of a mountain were they considered legends in their field. But no one has ever been able to see the top. It was a completely different world than elsewhere. This is where the local Pokémon steel themselves by pushing large boulders up a slope and then releasing it only to lift it up again. Or they practiced meditation and endured for hours at icy heights. Those who wanted to climb mountain had to prove themselves in the eyes of the locals in terms of will and strength, otherwise they were quickly sent home again.
But despite everything, the top did not remain uninhabited. A single Pokémon had lived there for many decades and it was now at the entrance to its cave that led into the mountain. And like a silent watchman it looked down on the valley hidden in the mist. When the full moon opened behind a cloud and its light fell on the scene in front of him, a silvery sea glittered towards him, from which shadowy silhouettes of lower mountain peaks peeked out. The Pokémon's gaze fell on the moon and its posture was tense, as if it was expecting something. The wind fluttered around his white-red-striped ruff and he tried to ignore its icy coolness. Still, he shivered while his gaze was still on the moon.

"I hope you will still show yourself this night …", Lashon mumbled a little impatiently. As a Pokémon of the kind Slowking, he was not exactly used to the icy air that caressed his pink leather skin. And then he finally heard it in the distance. A low but melodic ring that announced the arrival of his friend. And then he saw its silhouette appear in front of the moon. At first it looked like a small black point that grew bigger and bigger. A body that was only half a meter long, very small arms and long feet and an equally graceful-looking round head became increasingly sharp. The tail, which was as long as the body, seemed to hold the small figure in the air, which, smiling broadly, stopped in the air in front of Lashon. He returned this smile and he noticed how his tension eased: "Welcome, Mew!"
"Lashon," the latter said with a smile, but the Slowking immediately realized that Mew was no longer what he was used to be. Normally, Mew had a decidedly cheerful and carefree nature, and was always up for pulling pranks. At one point, Mew had found it entertaining to use telepathic powers to manifest himself in Lashon's dreams and get up to a lot of mischief. Lashon had known that Mew had never meant any harm, but he had since learned to consciously keep him away from his mind, which is why his friend was again compelled to pay Lashon a visit in the flesh. And Lashon hadn't been surprised when Mew had embarrassingly told him that other Pokémon associated with Mew had now also denied him access to their minds. Yet Mew had now gained access to Lashon's dreams almost by force. Lashon, who would definitely have reacted angrily, however, saw it directly in Mew's eyes that an urgent meeting was needed. Because of the barrier that Lashon had erected around his mind, Mew had also been very hard to hear. But he had made it clear to Lashon that he should wait for him immediately outside his cave.
Living day in, day out at King's Mountain was a pleasant one for a Pokémon like Lashon, who hoped only for deep peace and relaxed tranquility from such a place with such scenery, but he had lost track of time over the years. Only the newspapers of all the countries of the world, which he had flown into his cave for a few years, were able to keep him approximately informed about what was happening in the world. Lashon still praised himself for the idea, because he could light the newspaper articles he read in his fireplace and then keep the fire going for a very long time using the powers he possessed as a Pokémon of the Psycho type, so he never got cold in the cave. But now he realized how long it had been since he had seen Mew, because the last time they had met in person was more than two decades ago. And Lashon noticed with trepidation that Mew had become thinner. Though Mew's stature had always been quite slender, his once pink but now white-tarnished skin stretched like parchment over his bones, and Mew's eyes were rimmed with dark circles. Lashon did not need to ask Mew to follow him into his cave, so Mew could have taken a seat there after his long journey. He suspected that Mew would keel over immediately if he exposed himself to physical strain. Mew's sunken eyes met Lashon's, looking back worriedly.

"Would you like, um, a cup of tea?" said Lashon, and he was unsure if Mew's body wasn't also tired of drinking. But Mew shook his head.
"As much as I'd like to agree to that," he said with a puckered expression, "I'm afraid I don't have much time ... basically, we all don't."
"What happened to you, Mew?" said Lashon, who was looking at Mew's appearance with concern. "How long has it been since we've seen each other? It must be over twenty years, right?"
"Thirty," Mew said curtly. "And I'm really sorry, Lashon! A lot has happened, but I don't have time to tell you about it, because I have to get back as soon as I can. In general, time is pressing that we have to act as soon as possible!"
Lashon looked uneasily into Mew's blue eyes, in which there was both a seriousness and a trace of fear, at which Lashon was now all the more dismayed. "What is it?"

And Mew began to tell. As he told, Lashon felt with discomfort as the icy wind grew colder and colder, and he now shivered more and more. But he was sure that it was not only the wind. He could see from the look on Mew's face that he was completely convinced of what he was telling. When he had finished, however, Lashon didn't really want to believe it.
"I'm sure of it," Mew said when Lashon openly admitted his doubts. "I feel his presence more and more strongly ... I can't explain how, but it's a matter of time before it actually happens."
"But didn't you make sure he was gone forever back then?" interjected Lashon, jumping uneasily from one leg to the next in the face of the threat Mew described.
"That's what we were all convinced of, that we banished him forever," Mew said, "and what's worse is that I can't let any of the others know about it."
"Don't tell me you're still at odds...", Lashon rubbed his conch crown in bewilderment, and Mew nodded regretfully. "Everyone is doing their own thing, the unity of the Guardians is no more".
"Oh dear..." muttered Lashon thoughtfully, looking Mew in the eye. "And what do you plan to do now?"
"If I only knew!" exclaimed Mew almost hysterically. Lashon was dismayed to see his usually good-humored friend so bereft of advice and help. He thought of what Mew had told him. An unpleasant question formulated on his tongue, which he also asked Mew. The latter still looked dejected. Before answering, he looked down sorrowfully, "I guess in a year."

"A year?" cried Lashon, obviously dismayed, and his crown slipped a little from his head, revealing a shiny bald head. He quickly tried to compose himself by straightening the crown, but the shortness hung over him like a sword of Damocles, which is why he paced up and down twice, agitated and visibly panicking. Mew watched him as he did so, and when he and Lashon looked each other in the eye again, he noticed that Mew was once again looking guilty. "I would therefore have to ask you a favor, Lashon ..." he said with a fear that worried his friend. But still, despite all the threat, he wanted Mew aside and assured him that he was ready for anything. There couldn't be anything worse.
"Excellent, Lashon!" exclaimed Mew with visibly feigned enthusiasm. "For you would have to inform the others of this instead of me, since I am no longer in the ... position ...".

This was worse than Lashon had imagined after all. The sword of Damocles took on a massive weight that crushed Lashon in his mind at once. Mew realized directly that his request made Lashon freeze. He had a very good idea of what he was asking of his friend, and quickly tried to save the day before Lashon interrupted him, however, "Me? All of them?"
"I know," Mew tried to placate him, "that I'm asking a lot of you, but I've got something like a plan for how we might do it."
"Have you perhaps considered that I am far too old to set out on such a journey?"
"I know it's a lot to ask, but ..."
"That is an understatement! You're asking the impossible for the time we have left."
"I know that, too, and there's nothing I'd like better than to leave you out of it. But you're the only one I can tell this to right now. And you know the others, too. I was also hoping more that you could call a truce between us."
"If only it were that at least," Lashon said, relatively flattened, and he felt bad seeing Mew so distraught. "But you forget that traveling to one alone is already very difficult in itself. Even if you teleported me back and forth from A to B."
He could tell by looking at Mew that he was voicing what Mew seemed to have feared all along. They both realized that a year was apparently too little of a time to get everything done that was needed in time. Lashon paced back and forth, his thoughts circling around both Mew and his tales. Then another idea occurred to him. He asked Mew to wait and went into his cave for a few moments until he returned with two cookies in his hand. "Here," he said to Mew, tossing one into his little arms. "Maybe this will help us think".

"Thanks a million, Lashon!" munched Mew; honey cookies were his favorite dessert.
"I knew this would cheer you up a bit, Mew," Lashon smiled encouragingly. He found that a more positive attitude was more conducive than pure panic. Mew noticed this too, as he began to gently float back and forth in the air again. It was obvious from his face that the honey cookie was bringing him back to his old self somewhat.
"There you go," Lashon said a little more cheerfully. "Food helps everybody. Both old and ... young ...".
Just then, a detail that had caught his eye while fetching the cookies struck him. And this time it was he who prepared a proposal for Mew. He already knew very well about Mew's reaction and indeed his eyes widened in surprise when Lashon finished: "Put someone else on this mission? Do you think I'm going to leave the fate of this world to ordinary Pokémon?"
"I know what you want to say, and I also think that in no way ordinary Pokémon could accomplish this task. But hear me out, Mew." The latter apparently didn't want to hear any more of it, so Lashon became a bit more forceful, "Please!"

Mew's attention now turned to Lashon, who told him that he had very specific Pokémon in mind, and that he was relatively convinced that they were the most likely to take on the task. Stoically Mew listened to his narration, and when Lashon had finished, he gazed thoughtfully at the full moon, which was gradually being swallowed by a larger cloud and the light was already diminishing.
"You're sure they could succeed?" he looked with doubt, but also hope.
"At least more than I can at my age right now," Lashon nodded confidently. Mew's mouth twisted into a thin smile, "Then you have my trust, Lashon, even if I'm not entirely comfortable with it ..."
"I know, Mew," Lashon replied. Then Mew finally nodded too, "Send them to me first then, and I can lead them in everything else."

Lashon understood. Mew thanked him by bowing his head in the air before turning and floating towards the moon, which had almost disappeared in clouds. Very shortly after, Lashon heard the soft ringing again, and as the moonlight disappeared and he stood in the dark, he also returned to his cave, which was illuminated by a small ball of light. Now he extinguished this with his telekinetic powers, but before doing so his eyes fell on the detail that gave him the idea he had convinced Mew of. It was a newspaper from a bundle brought to his cave by an extremely flighty Dragonite. And the front page described the exploits of a single exploration team that had achieved legendary status in recent years.
Chapter II ~ The Explorers of Team Mystery New


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Jan 10, 2022
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Chapter 2 ~ The Explorers of Team Mystery

Whenever the Magnemite used their electric powers, almost everyone became powerless and was caught between their magnets. Of course it depended on the difference of power. The two Magnemites couldn’t hope to lift a body being ten times bigger than them. And when a small body was too powerful to catch between their magnets, it wouldn’t work either. But fortunately, thanks to the effort of the three explorers, it was easy for the Magnemites. The Gengar, whom these three explorers have managed to encounter and defeat, was lifted up and it hung like an empty sack of potatoes in the air. The confident smile, which this Gengar had, has been disappeared and he displayed two angry eyes, narrowed to slits. If looks could kill …
But only two of the explorers met his angry gaze. One of them only looked for a few seconds, then he turned away disinterested. The other was still nervous although the Gengar has been defeated. The third one talked to Sheriff Magnezone, who definetly looked relieved knowing, that the criminal has been dealt with. It took him, his colleagues and the explorers several weeks to finally pin down the Gengar and arrest him.

“The leader of the taskforce will look forward to finally close this case. He is very eager to bring this Gengar to justice. And because of that he tasked us to already carry the reward for you. If you like to receive it, go ahead, you have earned it.”
“Of course we want to be paid after this waste of time”, the pokemon said, which has been turning his head disinterested. Being almost two metres at height he had a deep blue skin like leather and his body was defined pretty well. But his most prominent feature were his hands halfway forming a fist. It seemed like he was always preparing himself for a fight. His alligator-shaped eyes were sparking for a challenge. But when he looked down on the Gengar, he snorted disparagingly and turned to Magnezone: “He wasn’t really that of a challenge for us, to be honest.”
“Maybe for you, Iro …”, the smaller Pokémon said. Resembling a chimpanzee with reddish-orange fur he had a flame, as big as a regular hand, burning from his buttom; for a Chimchar like him it was a daily thing. He tried to dodge the look the Gengar gave him and to be not intimidated by that. But the Feraligatr namend Iro roared in laughter: “You know what you are talking about, Chim-Chim. You were the one being used as a puppet to fight against us by that Gengar.”

“Thank you for engaging a fight with me at that time!”, the Chimchar said angrily and carefully rubbed his egg-sized bump on the back of his head.
“And please stop giving me these nicknames! It’s Jimmy, got it?”
“Allright”, Iro shrugged, “but it was entertaining to watch you performing these figures he made you do. You could join a circus, do you know that?”
Jimmy showed his protest both ways – verbal and non-verbal -, but Iro ignored him and grinned mockingly to the Gengar.
“And you could entertain your fellow inmates, when you are in prison”.
Even though the Gengar’s eyes were still red and menacingly glowing slits, he grinned mockingly, too.
“Before that happens, I will break out and then I will display your body performing stunts! Everybody will laugh at you.”
“Go on and try it!”, Iro said and stepped forward to the Gengar. “You and me, One-on-One? After witnessing your skills, I might be not eager to engage in a one-sided fight, though.”
“If it hadn’t been for your so great leader over there, you would have been the one being beaten to a pulp!”

“Constables Magnemite, release him! I will show him!”, Iro said, his eyes were emitting fire and his hands fully formed fists now. He took another step to land the first blow, but a leaf-green arm stopped him. Iro looked into the topaz yellow eyes gecko eyes of his leader, who looked back warningly. He and Sheriff Magnezone seemed to have been listening to this conversation with one ear. Now the Grovyle stepped between them and turned to the Gengar: “You try to trick us, right? You want us to release you for a fight with Iro, so you can escape, don’t you?”
The Gengar didn’t reply with words, but he smiled arrogantly. The Grovyle nodded, because he was right with his assumption. He turned now to his colleagues: “We are better heading home now. We are done here.”
He already has put the gold, which he received from Sheriff Magnezone as a reward, into his bag hanging around his body. The three explorers said their goodbyes to the Sheriff and the Constables and went on their way back home. Before they went separate ways though the Gengar turned his head to the Grovyle.
“Your name is Max,? I will remember it the most, because you will be the first to be destroyed, when I get out!”
“Ignore him”, Max said, when Jimmy and Iro wanted to go back to the Gengar. They did, but the Gengar didn’t stop yelling.
“I will take revenge! You will regret that you crossed paths with me, Shadow!”
With each step they took, the yelling became more and more silent.

“What a stupid name”, Iro said, when they reached the ridge of the mountains, where they tracked Shadow down. A wide plain of grass, tinted by the golden shimmer of the evening sun, reached into distance. Iro yawned and stretched himself. He was the one with the least traces coming from the previous fight. Jimmy on the other hand sorrowfully viewed his bruises and abrasion on his arm and he shivered like always, when he thought back.
“In any case it is a fitting name! You have seen what he can do with his shadow.”
“I am amazed, what Ghost-type Pokémon can do in general”, Max agreed. Besides slight bruises he had some nicks on the leaves of his arm. In combat these leaves were formed into green glowing blades and if the opponent turned out to be a tough challenge, Max always felt the exhaustion in his arms. Luckily Shadow wasn’t a Steel-type, because these Pokémon would be almost impossible to take on. On the rare occasion, where Max lost his blades, the leaves grew back slowly and with immense pain. But even then he could rely on his teammates, Jimmy and Iro. The latter laughed about Jimmy’s statement: “I can’t stress it enough. It was so amusing watching you, Jimmy!”
“Just wait, until you are the one being controlled …”, Jimmy muttered, but Iro laughed again.
“Whoever tries that, it won’t work! I have trained my body to perfection, so I have control over it all the time; I have never been disappointed!”
Jimmy rolled his eyes annoyed.
“Since you have evolved into a Feraligatr, you have been a real pain with your word. Even as Totodile you were unbearable with your bragging!”
“Well, I have a reason for”, Iro coughed with a smile. “You do remember, which one of us brought down a Steelix singlehandedly? Folks would say, it would have been you, since you are a Fire-type. But how has it been in reality? Oh right, hiding in a corner out of fear.”
“Like always you mix things up, but whatever”, Jimmy called against Iro’s loud voice.
“You may be – physically – the stronger one, but unlike you I can bring up different qualities.”
“Which would be?” Iro said and stopped in his movements. Again there was a spark of challenge in his eyes. Jimmy stopped too and their eyes met. Max sighed. Now the usual bickering began.

“It was my plan how to stop Shadow!”, Jimmy said with a grim face.
“Which worked pretty well”, Iro said mockingly. “Offering yourself as a bait, so Max and I were able to do most of the work. But you failed even at that!”
“What do you mean?”, Jimmy said angrily.
“A bait is effective, when the target is actually distracted. But after Shadow captured you with his shadow, Max and I were distracted with saving you.”
Jimmy’s face turned into a slight red, but he got his composure again fast.
“Okay, that may be true … but Shadow was incredibly fast, it would be difficult to distract him even for you.
“It wouldn’t and you know why?”, Iro grinned. “He would have been distracted by trying to control me. But he wouldn’t have succeeded and you know why, I said it a few minutes ago!”
“Tell me again”, Jimmy ground his teeth. Iro met his eyes and then he smiled a bit meaner: “I am stronger than you!”
“Here we go again”, Jimmy called and the flame on his butt flared up. The heat between them got more intense. Max knew, it would take a few more moments to step finally step in.
“The Small One wants to play big!”
“I don’t want to be big like you, because the upper air stinks!”
“Only through training I managed to get that high! In comparison to that you stayed on the ground!”
“Want to feel my Flamethrower?”
“Go ahead, I only need my fists!”
“Right here?”
“Right now!”
“Dwarven hand!”

“And cut!”, Max finally stepped in and hold a green glowing blade between his friends. They took heavy breaths after this fight, but they stopped fueling it. Jimmy’s flame got smaller und Iro relaxed his fists. Both looked at each other.
“Balloon-head?”, Iro said in disbelief. “That’s all you got?”
“Well played, Dwarfen hand was a new one”, Jimmy hesitantly admitted. Iro smiled broadly.
“So it is another point for me, Jimmy!”
“Are you done?”, Max asked, just to be sure, before they went on. But he had to smile, too. It was indeed entertaining to watch the bickering of his friends. He looked at the sky, which took a deeper purple. The night would fall soon and they were miles away from Treasure Town. Jimmy and Iro grinned at each other, bumped their fists and turned to Max: “You know how things go between us, Max!”

The sun was nearing the peaks of distant mountains and the sky became darker. When night fell in, Max thought, they had to sleep in the open fields. But when they marched a few miles, they spotted the silhouette of a house or something similar ahead. Dots of light broke through the dark which resembled eyes.
“Ah, right!”, Jimmy said when they followed the path, which led past the house. “Hasn’t a tavern or something like this have opened here recently?”
Max remembered that, too. Before they set out to catch Shadow, there were rumors of a tavern being built. This must be the one, the Treasure Town people have talked about. The sun had fallen down for the day and they were tired and hungry after their mission. So they decided to step into the tavern. They could return to the Wigglytuff Guild on the next day. Max knocked on the door carefully and a cheerful Come in answered from inside.

At both sites of there were rows of tables, which filled most of the ground floor. A Chandelier equipped with Radiance orbs – glowing crystal balls, usually used for exploring dark caves – hang from the ceiling and showed several details of the warm interior. A wooden staircase lead to the upper floor, where the rooms were. Besides that staircase was a counter and behind that stood a Miltank glancing at them with her blue pearl eyes.
“Welcome to the Mornin’ Moo”, she said with a warm smile on her cow-like face. “Here you will get comfortable meals and warm rooms … err … I mean, warm meals and warm rooms … err …”
“We take both!”, Max laughed and the Miltank’s face went red.
“I am very sorry! I have not been doing this for long and not many customers have arrived here already.”
They looked around and they saw only two other Pokémon sitting at a nearby table. A Machoke with broad shoulders met their eyes and was excited to see them for a reason. He tapped the other Pokémon, which had a red shell and crustacean scissors, on its forehead, which also turned around.

“Hey, hey, Team Mystery! So good to see you!”
“Corpish!”, Jimmy yelled in delight and they shook hands and scissors. Although Corpish was quite careful with his scissors, Jimmy felt a firm grip
“Have you finished your mission on the Eastern Coast?”, Max said.
“I have it finished recently, it was easy-peasy!”, Corpish said and shook his Scissors proudly. Iro looked down to Corpish in amazement.
“Didn’t you have to retrieve a rare item from the always-rough Storm Coast?”, he said. Corpish nodded.
“For a A-rank request it was pretty easy!”
Jimmy whistled. A-rank Requests were pretty difficult, even for more experienced explorers. Corpish has been on his way to that for only two weeks on most of the time he has been travelling. Before they could exchange more words, Max felt a tap on his shoulders. It was the Miltank and Max turned to her. He has forgotten, that he was talking to her in the first place, but the Miltank didn’t mind that. In fact she was the one turning red again.
“Are you really the team Mystery? Have I heard correctly?”

Max nodded. The Miltank cheerfully screamed and ran into a room behind the counter. It took her several moments before she returned. She held several newspapers in her arms. The first headline Max spotted said Team Mystery – Their achievements.
“You have become quite famous in the last years. Like many other big-named explorers you are mentioned in the newspapers daily. Like here”, and she pulled an article out of the stack, “and here …”, and others followed. Another headline said Team Mystery busts Kidnappers, before it was covered by a new one: Rosendorn and Red Scorpion – New Elite Guilds.
“Are these all about the new Guilds, which have been founded in the last years?”, Jimmy said and took the article about Rosendorn and Red Scorpion with burning interests.
“That’s right, and currently a member from Red Scorpion has rented a room here. A strange one, but he is very nice. He came into this part of Ecunda, because he has to finish a job nearby. He wants to rest here, before he sets out. I still can’t believe how Red Scorpion has established itself in the midst of the Northern deserts. That member was very mysterious, when I asked him about that. But if that’s his way, I don’t have to ask ab- oh dear, the buns!”
She has been talking like a flowing river that much, that the explorers didn’t realize her going to the backroom directly. Max thought, that there was the kitchen, and indeed she came back later. She carried a plate of steaming buns on her arms.

“I am so, so sorry!”, the Miltank said dismayed. “I always get excited, when I meet explorers, I can’t control myself.
“Hey, hey, no problem at all!”, Corpish said smiling.
After the Miltank had taken several breaths to calm herself down, she offered them the buns and a full bottle of Oran Berry-juice. All of them agreed to have a bun and cup and thanked her. When Jimmy reached out to receive his cup, the Miltank spotted his abrasions on his arm. Immediately she examined it.
“Looks worse than it actually is …”, she said calmly, took her own cup and poured the juice over the abrasions. Jimmy coughed and Max was about to confront her about that. But then they saw the sudden effect of the juice. The abrasions healed up pretty fast and clean reddish orange fur was left.
“Oran Berry Juice works wonders on these kind of wounds. You are allowed to give them a proper shot with hat”, the Miltank said with a smile. Jimmy viewed his arm and nodded approvingly.
“You seem to know your stuff”, Iro said warmly, but the Miltank shook her hooves.
“Basic medical knowledge”, she only said.
“It feels a lot of better, thank you … err …”, Jimmy said and looked at the Miltank. She smiled.
“The name’s Rose, nice to meet you!”, she said. Then she looked from Jimmy to the nicks on Max’s leaves and to Iro, who also showed some marks from the previous fight.
“Do these injuries occur often?”, she asked them. The three explorers looked at each other.
“We do take not-dangerous missions. So maybe”, Iro said and looked away. Rose looked at him briskly.
“Have you ever considered to recruit a healer for your team?”
“A what?”, Iro said. Jimmy tapped him with his healthy-again arm.
“Someone who knows, how to cure poisonings and to attend to wounds. Like Rose demonstrated. And to be honest, recruiting a healer isn’t very far-fetched. I have already thought about that too …”
“Of course you did. You are fragile like porcelain!”, Iro snorted amused.

“Shut!”, Jimmy said, whose face turned red. Max thought about what he and Rose said. Since Iro has joined their team, they have been daring to go on more dangerous missions. Iro was able to take on several strong foes at the same time, but Max and Jimmy often had to rush into battle to aid him in the end. And that’s how they get beat up a little bit, too. After Darkrai, there hasn’t been a real threat to be dealt with. But there were so many other strong criminals outside. In fact a healer would actually be useful. He looked at Rose. Would she be able to fulfill this task? Did she know someone who could?
He asked Jimmy and Iro to stop their bickering und told Rose his thoughts. Immediately she turned red.
“Better you find another on, Team Mystery!”
“Why?”, Max said. Rose looked into her empty cup with great interest, like she wanted to examine the quality of the material. She didn’t notice, that someone new entered the tavern.
“Grass- and Psychic-type Pokémon are the best when it comes to medical treatment. My knowledge is basic and I can’t as much as they could.”
“You seem to be pretty sure about, how you treated Jimmy’s arm”, Max smiled encouraging. Rose shook her head.
“That’s absolutely nothing. I doubt, that I would be good at healing anyway. I am –“

“Are you kidding me, Rose?”
The Pokémon, who has recently entered the tavern, stepped to their table. It was a tall, pretty Gardevoir with deep blue hair and ruby eyes. Rose met her look and screamed joyfully. She got up and ran to the Gardevoir and both hugged each other heartily.
“What are you doing here?”, Rose said with a muffled voice.
“I promised you, I would pay you a visit, when you opened your tavern. And here we both are”, the Gardevoir said, released the hugging and smiled to the others. She said their Hellos to Corpish and Machoke happily and she even greeted the Team Mystery like they were old friends to her. But Max was sure, that he has never met a Gardevoir like her.
“You have heard from her before, Max”, Corpish giggled, when he watched Max’s confused face. “Does the name Mimi ring a bell?”
The Mimi?”, Jimmy said surprised. “The new member of our Guild, who is already one of the few allowed to go on S-rank missions?”
“Exactly her!”, Machoke said, who blushed while looking at her. He was about to stand up and offer her his chair, but Rose already has moved another one to their table. Because he was now the only one standing, he coughed and pretended, that he just wanted to stretch themselves. While doing that he continued to answer the Team Mystery.
“She is always on her way, though, and even when she is in the Guild, you probably won’t recognize her.”
“What do you mean, Machoke?”, Jimmy said and Mimi giggled amused.
“Because of my abilities”, she said and leaned toward to Jimmy. She put one hand on his cheek and Jimmy shuddered. Everyone at the table waited to see, what would happen next. Mimi then began to glow like a moon. Her body shrinked, her arms, legs and hair became shorter. And after five more seconds another Chimchar appeared on her seat. But it wasn’t just resembling Jimmy, it was an exact copy of him. From toe to hair it was Jimmy’s twin and both grinned at each other. The other Jimmy glowed again and Mimi appeared as Gardevoir again. Jimmy clapped in amazement and Corpish and Machoke joined him. Iro muttered, that he was relieved, because to see two Jimmies at the same time would be a hell. Everyone laughed.

Like all the other guests Mimi was returning from a job. She had to escort a senile Elder from Treasure Town and they were halfway preparing to cross the dangerous Labyr-Mountains, when the Elder remember, that he didn’t have to visit a friend on the other site. So Mimi needed to escort him back to Treasure Town.
“Aside a nice field trip this job was a huge waste of time”, said Mimi, who took a sip of her cup of juice. “I declined the reward, because I haven’t done anything.”
“You are too humble”, Rose said. “But I have heard, that the Labyr-Mountains have become quite dangerous. Is it true, that the attacks on travelers have become more frequent?”
“You are right, but it doesn’t take much, though”, Mimi answered. “Like the Caves the exterior of the Labyr-Mountains is like a maze. It is easy for bandits to hide and wait for unsuspecting travelers.”
“Cowards!”, Machoke commented angrily. He bumped his fist hard on the table. Corpish nodded in agreement.
“Is Wigglytuff planning to do anything against these attacks?”, Max asked Mimi, who shrugged.
“Chatot does think about it, because the Labyr-Mountains are the fastest way to reach the Northern parts of Ecunda. But we don’t know, how many are lurking there and how strong they actually are. Until we have more informations about them, Chatot is hesitating to send out something like a squad. We have heard of some well-known explorers, that they had to retreat, when they were there.”
“Have you encountered them?”, Max asked. Mimi shook her head.
“We were lucky. They seem to strike on different points and to move between them. I estimate, that there about four Routes through the mountains. With seventy-five percent probability you are lucky not to encounter them.”
“I am glad, that you didn’t”, Rose said. She put a big pot in their midst. Clouds of steam were coming from the inside.
“The explorer’s life does sound exciting and dangerous at the same time.”

After she handed out bowls of stew the tavern was additionally filled with sounds of spoons and slurping. The stew was delicious, Max thought.
“If I remember correctly, you were pretty eager to become a explorer, Rose”, Mimi said and watched her friend carefully. Rose stopped in her movements and looked thoughtfully into the pot. Then she shook her heard smiling.
“It was a stupid dream in my childhood, Mimi. I am not fit enough to become one. More like, I am fat enough not to become one”
“Rose, that isn’t-“, Mimi tried to say, but Rose stopped her by lifting her hoove.
“Look at you. Look at everyone else here. And then look at me”
There was an embarrassed silence at the table, but Rose found her smile back: “I know my forte. I cann supply you with warm meals and comfortable beds. Where, anyway, is that explorer from Red Scorpion?”
She looked upstairs to one of the rooms and left the group to check.

“Right, I forgot about that member from Red Scorpion”, Jimmy said.
“Red Scorpion? The Guild which operates from the Northern desert?”, Mimi asked surprised.
“Hey, hey, I have been wondering too, what an explorer like him is doing all the way down here!”, Corpish said. “It must have been a hell of a travel to get to this place from the desert.
“Rose said, he is here for a job nearby”, Max said. Mimi seemed to be in deep thoughts.
“All this way …”, she muttered more to herself than to the others.
Rose came back. She was breathing heavily out of exhaustion.
“He wishes that I bring the supper to this room”, she explained tired. “And look at that darkness outside. It’s pretty late. Do you mind that we end this nice little chat?”

With these words Max felt tiredness spreading into his limbs. Jimmy and Iro seemed to meet the same fate. Moving the chairs loudly they said good night to each other and headed to their rooms Corpish, Machoke and Mimi had theirs on the ground floor, while Max, Jimmy and Iro had to go upstairs.
Their room was decorated and equipped nicely. Three beds comfortable looking beds with white blankets and pillows stood near the each other at the wall. A mirror and a dresser were facing them from the other wall. Because Iro was quite heavy because of his size, he took the mattress from one the bed and laid it on the ground. Max and Jimmy, when they remembered the time, were Iro – freshly evolved from a Totodile to a Feraligatr – had crushed a whole bed, because it couldn’t withstand his weight.

How thet ime has been flying these past years. If Max had been asked at that time, when he has been awakening as a Treecko for the first time, he would never have guessed, how things would turn out. Never he would have believed, that he and Jimmy were kind of destined to save the world not once, but twice. And never he would have guessed, that he would find so many great friends, and Jimmy and Ironhard stood out the most. In the end he didn’t care, that any member of the team has to fulfill a specific task. Leader, Healer, Fighter, Organizer … all these positions wouldn’t matter, if they weren’t all friends with each other. Max looked at his friends who have started their bickering again. He felt a deep contentment inside him.
Yes, he thought. That was how it could go all the time. He didn’t need anything else in life. As long he, Jimmy and Iro would face all odds together, they would prevail at anything.
The moments passed and Jimmy and Iro made their terms for the day. They couldn’t muster the energy to talk anymore. They all went to sleep. Max smiled, when thought of the many adventures they already had lived through. And how many would come.

“Let’s make it another great day, tomorrow”, he whispered and closed his eyes.
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