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EVERYONE: [Mystery Dungeon] The Demon's Legend - Threadmarks

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Thank you for showing interest in my very first fanfiction. I hope you will find joy in reading my sequel to the "Explorers of ..."-Games, which were - storywise - one of the best games i have ever experienced

Have fun reading!

"Three years have passed since Darkrai's plan - to plunge the World into Darkness and Chaos - has been foiled by Max (a Treecko) and Jimmy (a Chimchar) and their allies. In these three years a ferocious Aligatr named Ironhard joined the team. Things could go well for the Trio, which has reached legendary status among explorers, but soon they need to face a great challenge: Preventing the return of a demon from ancient time - Kyurem.
During their Queste they will face many trials, which will test not only body, but the mind too."