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Name a fictional character, and the person below will assign them to an evil team!

skull on the grounds that i think theyre the ones thatll give her the most freedom to just chill out and do whatever and sell coconuts or whatever. maybe star by the same reasoning

jin from xenoblade
well, her character is very anti-authoritarian, so that rules out galactic, flare, and plasma. i don't think she would be a good fit for the g3 teams, star, skull, or yell... so i guess rocket? she is not only allowed but encouraged to steal shit and do whatever she wants, so maybe them.

homura akemi (madoka magica)
...sf akuma? he would never join a team, he thinks he's above having to work with other people. if he absolutely must, i guess plasma, but he'd try to usurp n/ghetsis to become the leader. literally all he cares about is strength, canonically.

okay, a less morally corrupt character to shake things up a bit. weiss schnee?
byleth will join whatever their friends tell them to :)
there is no canon route and the different houses remind me of different teams (the church feels like galactic, the eagles feel like plasma under n's leadership, the deer feel like skull, the lions feel like... maybe the aether foundation?), so one of those.

vergil (dmc)
from yuyu hakusho, revolutionary girl utena, or street fighter? yell, magma, and skull respectively.
juri han might try to infiltrate the others though. except for star or yell, she would not bother.

seto kaiba
Team Plasma
blue-eyes white dragon

Given her nature as the Control Devil, I feel Team Galactic's agenda to erase the spirit of mankind befits her nature as the embodiment of the fear of control and subjugation.

King Hippo
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