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Natorei's stats

Discussion in 'Trainer's Stats' started by Natorei, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. Natorei

    Natorei Crazy Duck Lord

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    Apr 20, 2010
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    Current Status-- I'm back. Again. At this point, I think it's safe to assume that I'm going to be gone every year during May and late April.

    And my adoration of Chainy IS a permanent part of my stats. Just watch, it'll never go away. -stares-​

    Trainer stats--

    Basic Stats
    Username: Natorei
    Character Name: Dianne Shirect
    AIM: NatoreiURPG
    Money: 5900
    Win/loss/draw: 40/25/0
    Current Streak: 7
    Longest Streak: 8
    Position: Trainer
    Rival: Jathan Einherjar (ChainReaction01) [ x ]
    Story Companion: Geoffrey Elliot (Mcfeegle) [ x ]
    Pokemon List: Cloyster (7/7/0), Typhlosion (9/5/0), Lanturn (5/5/0), Jolteon (6/3/0), Golbat (4/5/0), Dragonite (7/3/0), Zweilous (3/2/0), Dialga (0/0/0), Nidorino (5/1/0)
    Items: HM02 Fly (reusable), HM03 Surf (reusable), TM59 Hidden Power, TM26 Earthquake, TM155 Acrobatics, Moon Stone, Sooth Bell
    Used Items: Water Stone x2, Thunder Stone
    Badges: -


    Pokemon stats--

    Nickname: Aurora
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Shell Armor and Skill Link
    Nature: Serious
    TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Surf
    Obtained: Starter

    Nickname: Ray
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Blaze
    Nature: Jolly
    TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: -
    Obtained: Mart

    Nickname: Gale
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Volt Absorb and Illuminate
    Nature: Calm
    TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Surf
    Obtained: Mart

    Nickname: Storm
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Volt Absorb
    Nature: Naughty
    TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: -
    Obtained: Mart

    Nickname: Skye
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Inner Focus
    Nature: ???
    TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Fly
    Obtained: Mart

    Nickname: River
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Shed Skin
    Nature: Gentle
    TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Surf, Fly
    Obtained: Story "Dragonskin"

    Nickname: Haze (or "Fredward")
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Hustle
    Nature: Quiet
    TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: -
    Obtained: Mart

    Nickname: -
    Gender: -
    Ability: Pressure
    Nature: ???
    TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: -
    Obtained: WWC 2010 prize

    Nickname: Hemlock
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Poison Point and Rivalry
    Nature: Rash
    TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: -
    Obtained: Pokemart


    Nickname: Eos
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Shell Armor and Skill Link
    Nature: Quiet
    TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Surf
    Obtained: Story "Shifting Tides"
    Lost: Gift to ChainReaction01; Christmas 2010

    Nickname: -
    Gender: -
    Ability: Thick Fat and Ice Body
    Nature: -
    TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Surf
    Obtained: Mart
    Lost: Gift to Pokemon.Master51; Christmas 2010
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    Last edited: Sep 7, 2011
  2. Natorei

    Natorei Crazy Duck Lord

    Blog Posts:
    Apr 20, 2010
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    In-depth Battle Log

    Current Battles:
    Including the link, participants, Na's brain style commentary, and turn-by-turn battle style updating commentary.

    Finished Battles:
    Including the link, participants, winner(s), and overall comments/synopsis. Read here to learn mah strategies. =D

    [ x ] = forum battle
    [ F ] = forum FFA
    [ f ] = AIM FFA
    [ o ] = AIM battle

    [ x ] L285 and Dratini VS Aurora; Ataro reffing. Aurora wins.
    Ice Shard is my best friend. Aurora can be fast if she really wants to...​
    [ x ] ChainReaction01 and Ralts VS Aurora; Ataro reffing. Aurora wins.
    The suspense! Identical speed stats, whoever hit first would win, and Ice Shard wouldn't hit hard enough... ​
    [ x ] Ayame Kijo and Cobalt VS Aurora; Ataro reffing. Aurora wins.
    Water vs Fire tends to end favorably for us. Aurora hated the Bounce, though. ​
    [ x ] Stormy and Gunther VS Aurora; Ataro reffing. Gunther wins.
    Confusion really sucks; clamp was the only damage happening. ​
    [ x ] ChainReaction01 and Ralts VS Aurora; Ataro reffing. Ralts wins.
    In retrospect, I realize that my strategy only had a ~25% chance of working. Jathan both overpowered and outsmarted me. v.v​
    [ x ] Dust and Sneasel VS Aurora; Ataro reffing. Sneasel wins.
    Sneasel's already high attack, plus swords dance, proved formidable. ​
    [ x ] Knight of Day and Knight VS Aurora; iReign reffing. Knight wins.
    Shadow Ball is a killer. And, in other news, I swear to respond in a timely manner in all future battles. ​
    [ x ] Lotad and Skorupi VS Aurora; Ataro reffing. Aurora wins.
    Ice Beam froze Skorupi on the first turn; he never escaped. ​
    [ x ] Glinor and Gligar VS Aurora; Ataro reffing. Aurora wins; Aurora evolves!
    Could have Ice Beam 2HKO'd, instead Clamp/Ice Beam 2HKO'd. It all works. ​
    [ x ] Wrave and Dratini VS Ray; Ataro reffing. Ray wins.
    Aqua Tail was going to 2HKO, but then it missed! Ray's speed won it for us after that.​
    [ x ] Lugh and Kuromori VS Ray; Ataro reffing. Ray wins.
    If Ray hadn't been slightly faster, and Kuromori hadn't been taking recoil damage, we would've lost. ​
    [ x ] Mcfeegle and Selena VS Ray; Ataro reffing. Ray wins.
    It seems kinda fitting that Geoffrey lost his first battle. I adore that kid. =D​
    [ x ] Cornbread and Cyrel + Wiiunite and Meowth VS Shuckle(numbers) and Onix + Ray; Ataro reffing. Ray wins.
    That was chaotic, to the extreme. Might wait a while before doing one of those again... xD​
    [ x ] HikaruIzumi and Ralts VS Ray; Ataro reffing. Ray wins; Ray evolves!
    I'm beginning to believe that, with the exception of Gallade, the Ralts family is easy to handle. ​
    [ x ] Hyoma and Shou VS Ray; Ataro reffing. Ray wins.
    Sadly, Kakuna just doesn't stand a chance against a Quilava. At all. I'm lucky I even got money. >.<​
    [ F ] Forum Free-for-All VS Aurora; Fierce Deity reffing. Aurora 25/55.
    Not bad, for a first try. Just tried to take out as many of the little ones as I could in an attempt to get a higher ranking. ​
    [ x ] ~Sakura~ and Lu VS Gale; DrStubbsburg reffing. Lu wins.
    Hax on first turn are the way to do it. Paralysis took Gale out, and let 'em set up a really good Endure-Reversal combo. ​
    [ x ] Alaskapidgeon and Waves and Sparks VS Aurora and Ray; sec reffing. Aurora and Ray win.
    I love Skill Link with all my heart. What more is there to say? ​
    [ x ] Mubs and Blastoise and Dragonair VS Aurora and Ray; Ataro reffing. Blastoise and Dragonair win.
    I used too much of Aurora's health taking out Blastoise; she didn't have enough remaining to take Dragonair. Ray didn't help. ^^|||​
    [ x ] Ghaskan and Bu VS Gale; DrStubbsberg reffing. Gale wins.
    My first OHKO. Convenient in some ways, and really really really annoying in others. v.v​
    [ x ] Xeniaph and Josei VS Ray; DrStubbsberg reffing. Ray wins.
    I ran across a stroke of luck-- Hypnosis missed, allowing me a 2HKO with Eruption/Flame Wheel​
    [ x ] Synthesis and Lookatmahswirl VS Gale; DrStubbsberg reffing. Gale wins.
    Hypnosis and Paralysis all in one match, but Gale still managed to OHKO the Bellydrummed Poliwag. Love her. ​
    [ x ] Solid and Gregg and Sasori VS Gale and Ray; DrStubbsberg reffing. Gregg and Sasori win; Ray evolves!
    Forfeited due to lack of posts. ​
    [ x ] HikaruIzumi and Kirlia and Pichu VS Ray and Gale; DrStubbsberg reffing. Kirlia and Pichu win.
    Forfeited due to lack of posts. Last battle before my untimely death. D=​
    [ x ] Turtwig A and Turtwig VS Gale; DrStubbsberg reffing. Turtwig wins.
    Leaf Storm. Dx​
    [ x ] IslandWalker and Basil vs Gale; DrStubbsberg reffing. Gale wins.
    The type disadvantage looked bad, until confusion smacking gave us a chance. ​
    [ x ] ShadowJake and Charmander VS Gale; DrStubbsberg reffing. Gale wins; Gale evolves!
    It was obvious from the beginning that I was gonna win, but snot, the trainer was such a butthead about it. ​
    [ x ] Dermodio and Pondy VS Storm; DrStubbsberg reffing. Pondy wins.
    Sleephax took Storm out for two turns; otherwise, he'd have done enough damage to win. ​
    [ x ] Spirit and Scyther VS Storm; DrStubbsberg reffing. Scyther wins.
    Scythers have stats. Eevees don't. X-scissor did boatloads. Take Down didn't. ​
    [ x ] ChaoZZ HoTneZZ and PsyForce VS Gale; DrStubbsberg reffing. Gale wins.
    Chaozz's strategy was sound, but he wasn't fast enough to pull it off. Gale hit too hard too fast. ​
    [ x ] Chromas and Tux and Wyrm VS Storm and Eos; DrStubbsberg reffing. We win.
    If Chromas hadn't given me a chance by evening the weaknesses, I would've been trounced. He's a good guy. ​
    [ x ] Win and Pineco and Grotle VS Storm and Ray; DrStubbsberg reffing. We win.
    First set ended with Pineco Exploding both mons; then Typhlosion vs Grotle was easy. ​
    [ x ] The Shiny Drapion and Skorupi VS Eos; DrStubbsberg reffing. Skorupi wins.
    Eos was totally winning, but then Cross Poison landed a critical. ​
    [ x ] The Shiny Drapion and Skorupi VS Storm; DrStubbsberg reffing. Storm wins.
    We would have lost, but a really random Acupressure gave us an extra turn. Wuzzat? ​
    [ x ] Rage Baron and Vice VS Eos; mubz reffing. Eos wins.
    I feel guilty every time I beat a newbie on first battle, but this one especially hurt. >.<​
    [ x ] Timpeni and Mimi VS Eos; Pidge reffing. Eos wins.
    Battle RPed, reffing included. Pretty awesome. Congrats to Mimi for evolution. ​
    [ x ] Wario-Magician and ??? VS Storm; DrStubbsberg reffing. Storm wins.
    The other guy never posted. I don't even know what Pokemon I just beat. ​
    [ x ] Pokemon.Master51 and Bulbasaur VS Eos; DrStubbsberg reffing. Eos wins.
    I didn't like Eos until this battle. There's something to be said for reusing your very first strategy ever. ^^​
    [ o ] Morru Magnum and Togekiss, Tyranitar, & ??? vs Gale, Aurora, & Ray; ChainReaction01 reffing. Morru wins.
    First time on AIM; I was paying more attention to the interface than the actual battle itself. -_-​
    [ x ] Rage Baron and Vice VS Storm; DrStubbsberg reffing. Vice wins; Storm evolves!
    If I hadn't missed on the very first turn, I would have won. Or at least put up a fight. ​
    [ x ] FrostyJake and Starly and Charizard vs Eos and Aurora; DrStubbsberg reffing. We win.
    Twin battle! Eos could've taken the Charizard out all by herself, if she hadn't started with 40% health. ​
    [ x ] The Shiny Drapion and Drapion VS Eos; PichuBoy reffing. Drapion wins; Eos evolves!
    'twould have been nice if Drapion had noticed the 'at least one basic' in the rules. ​

    [ x ] Gabite and Volt VS Skye; gmandiddy reffing. Volt wins.
    Skye didn't do badly, considering the type disadvantage. I have faith in her yet. ​
    [ x ] Mcfeegle and Salena VS Skye; DrStubbsberg reffing. Salena wins.
    Aaand Feegle is active again! That fills me with joy. Congrats on first win. ​
    [ x ] Timpeni and Momo and Mimi VS Storm and ???, gmandiddy reffing. Storm wins.
    Trounced thoroughly. I wanted to get Skye some free exp, but got impatient. ​
    [ F ] Forum Free-for-All VS Aurora and Ray and Gale; Pidge reffing. Place 24/42-ish
    Aurora out early; allies helped me to not only survive for a couple of turns, but take people out with me. Earned 18k. ​
    [ x ] 1+1v1+1 Togepi and Glacies VS Wyrm and Skye; Eeveedude reffing. Togepi and Glacies win.
    I wish that Skye were useful. That would be nice. ​
    [ x ] Niall and Cairo VS Skye; mubz reffing. Skye wins.
    Skye's first victory, and yet I feel kinda guilty about it.​
    [ x ] MuddyMudkip and Kipper, Superman, Bolt & Liana VS Aurora, Ray, Gale, & River; DrStubbsberg reffing. We win.
    River KOed two fully-evo'd Pokemon even though she's basic. Nasty critter, that. ​
    [ x ] Glinor and Venepide VS River; DrStubbsberg reffing. River wins.
    Good first battle. Did pretty well, considering it's a bug. ​
    [ x ] weegee and Stinger and Bubblegum VS Skye and River; mubz reffing. Skye and River win.
    Zubat vs Zubat was interesting for a while. I had the upper hand, other than the speed ties and flinching. ​
    [ x ] Mcfeegle and Chopin VS River; DrStubbsberg reffing. Chopin wins.
    I wasted a turn with a dragon dance at the beginning; I shouldn't have. ​
    [ x ] weegee and Omnibus VS River; DrStubbsberg reffing. River wins; River evolves!
    Type advantage + vendetta against people who restarted just to get free Litwicks = own't. ​
    [ x ] Niall and Cairo, Sheildon, & Deino VS River, Fredward, & Skye; eeveedude reffing. Niall wins; SKye evolves!
    Deino vs Deino speed tie sealed my doom.​
    [ x ] Chuck Norris and Omnibus VS River; DrStubbsberg reffing. River wins.
    Same mons as a few battles ago; trounced thoroughly, as a few battles ago. ​
    [ x ] Opossumguy and Litwick VS Skye; mubz reffing. Litwick wins.
    Getting own't by a properly obtained, honest to goodness firstie Litwick isn't so bad.​
    [ x ] Swoobat and Burg & Snivy VS Skye & Fredward; DrStubbsberg reffing. We win.
    Golbat's not nearly as worthless as Zubat. It makes a difference. ​
    [ x ] Opossumguy and Lampent & Oshawott VS River & Skye; DrStubbsberg reffing. We win.
    Lampent proved tougher than expected; but, this time, I didn't lose even though it was properly obtained. ​
    [ x ] Night Owl and Cub VS Fredward; Mubz reffing. Fredward wins.
    Roleplaying is fun. I feel guilty for hitting another newbie like that. Darn dragons are overpowered. ​
    [ x ] Glinor and Venipede VS Fredward; DrStubbsberg reffing. Venipede wins.
    I lost... to a bug. Good thing it was my brother's bug, or I would be quite put out. xD​
    [ x ] CommBA and Golly VS Hemlock; Nitro reffing. Golly wins.
    Typing was suuuuuuuper advantageous to one side. The results here were fully expected. ​
    [ x ] Muddy Mudkip and Dragonite, Victreebel, & ??? VS River, Aurora, & Ray; Ebail reffing. Muddy Mudkip wins.
    I was winning by pure fluke for a while, then reality caught up. ​
    [ x ] dandanni and Pyre VS Fredward; Ebail reffing. Fredward wins; Fredward evolves!
    Roleplaying is good fun. Dandanni seems like the type to keep coming back for more. ​
    [ x ] KantoMasta and Flipper and Sparky VS Hemlock and ???; Ebail reffing. Hemlock wins.
    Somehow, we managed to win without a second Pokemon. I understand I was vs a Magikarp for at least part of it, but still...​
    [ x ] EternalLoathing and Scraggy VS Hemlock; DrStubbsberg reffing. Hemlock wins.
    Won by forfeit over a month after the battle started. I'm unimpressed.​
    [ x ] Focus58 and Lotad VS Hemlock; DrStubbsberg reffing. Hemlock wins.
    I think this is the first time I've actually had a poison type advantage. ​
    [ x ] YouLookLikeBread and Venom and Macho VS Hemlock and Skye; Ebail reffing. Hemlock and Skye win; Hemlock evolves!
    Hemlock got trounced by psychics; Skye was fast enough to avoid that. ​
    [ x ] Dannycon and Gyarados, Prinplup, & Pidgeotto VS River, Storm, & ???; DrStubbsberg & Ebail reffing. We win; River evolves!
    River was taken out by Ice Fang; Storm swept, 'cause Danny's entire team was weak to electric. ​
    [ x ] CommBA and Sparkplug & Machoke VS Hemlock & Skye; The Crimson Rose reffing. We win.
    Double-KO due to hax on both mons. Weaknesses won the second round for me. ​
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  3. Natorei

    Natorei Crazy Duck Lord

    Blog Posts:
    Apr 20, 2010
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    National Park Stats--

    Full Name: Dianne Cassandra Shirect
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Dianne takes everything at face value, never giving credit to prowess she hasn't seen firsthand. She is very headstrong, and gets a big head easily; she also tends not to respect authority. Despite her arrogant behaviour, Dianne finds great pleasure in the presence of people. She is adept in keeping secrets.
    Description: Dianne's appearance is neither unattractive nor particularly striking. Dianne's build is slender, but not tall, so people tend not to notice her shape unless they're specifically looking. Her blue eyes contrast her short brown hair, which falls to her shoulders before turning out slightly. She wears practical clothes; generally long pants, a short-sleeved shirt, and a jacket. She always carries her pack with her, and often wears a falconer's glove. Dianne stands at five feet, two inches (~155 cm). [ x ]
    Pokemon Captured: Cloyster, Aurora (starter). Typhlosion, Ray. Lanturn, Gale. Jolteon, Storm. Golbat, Skye. Dragonair, River. Zweilous, Haze/Fredward. Dialga. NidoranM, Hemlock.
    Pokemon Natures: Aurora, serious. Ray, jolly. Gale, calm. Storm, naughty. Skye, ???. River, gentle. Fredward, quiet. Dialga, ???. Hemlock, rash.
    Park Items: Parkball x3, Superball x3, Full Heal x2, Super Potion x3.

    Park Runs--

    Woods, with Ranger Chainy (ChainReaction01) IN PROGRESS
    1. Masquerain-- avoided battle
    2. Ekans-- battle very possible(in progress)​
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