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Need help completing the Scarlet Pokedex


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Apr 8, 2021
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Hi there,
I got Pokemon Scarlet around a month ago and it was a fun experience IMO. After completing the story and my 1st Academy Ace Tournament, I decided to take on completing the Pokedex.

I only have a few unregistered entries left in my game (not counting forms of the same Pokemon) and most of them are exclusive to Violet. I have some Scarlet exclusives up for trade.

LF: Passimian - FT: Oranguru
LF: Eiscue - FT: Stonjourner
LF: Iron Treads - FT: Great Tusk
LF: Iron Hands - FT: Brute Bonnet
LF: Iron Moth - FT: Slither Wing
LF: Iron Valiant - FT: Roaring Moon

LF: ENG Miraidon (so I can nickname it) - FT: JPN Miraidon

To register Mismagius, Scizor, and Slowking, I prefer to follow this order:
Scyther holding Metal Coat > Misdreavus holding Dusk Stone (I'll use the Dusk Stone to evolve Misdreavus)
Mismagius > Scizor
Scizor > Slowking or Slowpoke w/ King's Rock

I'm available on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. My time is PDT. If you decide to help out, I appreciate it :bulbaLove:
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