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Needed modifications for Bulbawiki (extensions, MediaWiki version, {{tt}} template update)

What extension do you want in the Bulbawiki the most?

  • VisualEditor (beta)

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  • TimedMediaHandler (stable) (for the Archives as well)

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  • Total voters
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Oct 19, 2019
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On this thread, DO NOT report posts from me and the staff.

First, the current version of MediaWiki used for Bulbapedia is outdated. It's important to subscribe to MediaWiki's newsletter. Click here to do so.

PokéWiki had an idea that made the hidden content of the template {{tt}} readable on mobile devices. Yes, Bulbapedia is also frequented on mobile devices. A staff member must add the following to Bulbapedia, Bulbagarden Archives and Bulbanews' page "MediaWiki:Common.css".
/* Qtip */
@import url("/index.php?title=MediaWiki:Qtip.css&action=raw&ctype=text/css");
Also, we need the following MediaWiki extensions for Bulbapedia and the Archives (all except VisualEditor are in PokéWiki):
  • Math
    for mathematical formulae
    : We were formerly adding them using images, which are uploaded to the Archives, where the user has to be autoconfirmed to post them. Four users
    me (TheICTLiker4), Raltseye, Team Rocket Grunt, SnorlaxMonster (Bureaucrat)
    want this extension. Implemented as a <math> tag. (see details here)
  • Editcount
    for viewing, how many edits the user has done, grouped by specific namespaces
    : Currently, I am the only one that wants this extension. It is for viewing, how many edits the user has done, even on deleted pages, without the need to go to the preferences. Implemented as a special page, which, when transcluded, gives only the number. With this extension, I think there will be a new kind of awards on Bulbapedia, based on the number of edits. We have to ask MAGNEDETH for that, since TTEchidna was the Editor-in-Chief when awards were given out, and TTEchidna was blocked by MAGNEDETH indefinitely. (see details here)
  • WhosOnline
    for viewing, which users are currently online
    : With this extension, we can know, who is currently active. Yes, it's a very nice MediaWiki extension from Poland! This is implemented as a special page. (see details here)
  • VisualEditor
    WARNING! MediaWiki update needed to download this extension!
    : Self-explanatory. (see details here)
  • TimedMediaHandler
    This extension goes to the Archives and Bulbanews as well.
    : Self-explanatory. (see details here)
The first two extensions are those what do we really want, and the last two are those, that may be installed, but they don't need to be.
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