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New Anime Summaries! (And one new title)

LOVED IchibanCon
Mar 13, 2003
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Habunake said:
Me too. I love the show completely, maybe because I'm easy to impress and I like how the episodes aren't overly stressful and deep and help cheer me up when I'm down.
Yeah! Same here!

I don't know what it is exactly, it might just be the show itself, or the episodes, or characters themselves, but every time I watch Pokemon (no matter how bad of a mood I'm in) it always has a way of cheering me up and making me really happy. And I love that. It's a great feeling. ^_^

Also, I'm glad that I'm not the only one here who has that great feeling whenever they watch Pokemon. Heh, I thought it was just me, lol. XD