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Mafia New Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony Mafia - Endgame - Everyone's Killing Game Closing Ceremony - Town Victory - 03/19/2020

Dumb and Numb
Apr 5, 2016
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Note to self: Memeing is apparently acceptable when you're old af and barely play.
having fun is the most important part
I think Zinn mentioned before he wasn’t being able to handle the stress from playing seriously anymore so if playing like this is fun for him I’m fine with that
he’s been contributing more to the game than some players like say AE who just got subbed out
Night 2 - The Maid Has Fallen - 03/15/2021
Brutal Pokémon
Mar 24, 2014
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1. @Frozen Fennec
2. @ZinnLav
3. @Timaeus
5. @Tood
6. @Jinjo
7. @ExLight
8. @Space
10. @Feenie
11. @Chevywolf30
12. @Death Meta Apres Midi
13. @Grande Homme
14. @Jeff Peak Passenger
15. @Rainbow Cloud
16. @Soulmaster

SpaceTood, Feenie, ExLight, Jinjo, Soulmaster, Jeff Peak Passenger, Timaeus, Grande Homme
Grande HommeZinnLav

Space has been lynched.

Dear Space, you are Kirumi Tojo.

As the Ultimate Maid, you have sworn to fulfil one’s every command.

One of your greatest skills is cleaning. As such, you are the 2x Janitor. Using the command Clean Up during a Night Phase, the Nightkill committed by Mafia will be “cleaned up”, which will prevent that player’s Role and alignment being revealed upon being announced dead.

You are Mafia-aligned and win when Mafia outnumbers Town.

Space was Kirumi Tojo, Mafia Janitor.


Surviving Students: 13

Night 2 starts now. You have 24 hours to submit your Night Actions.
Mar 8, 2021
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Fair view point, for me, it felt a little confusing because aside from the discussion of whether ExLight was being honest or not claiming Cop before the improvised rule of no more rolecalling seemed really weird. That and just a lot of discussion regarding past Mafia games which I think, to be fair we could do without; how one played in a past mafia game shouldn't affect how players view them playing the current mafia game.

With all of that out of the way, finally got all caught up on reading through the thread (took like forty-five minutes for me to read through all of it so sorry for just now getting to responding.) I'm inclined to believe ExLight with his roleclaim of Cop given how hard he argued why he should be believed that he is the cop. I'm hoping that no more roleclaiming being allowed will help prevent stacking onto any particular player so quickly along with preventing any more in-fighting amongst us.
lol this person is almost definitely town I guess unless she is scum with exactly ExLight