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New details on the Pokémon Café ReMix launch coming October 28, 2021

  • Staff
The official Pokémon Café Mix Japanese website has revealed a range of details on changes coming to Pokémon Café Mix with the relaunch of the game as Pokémon Café ReMix on October 28, 2021.

According to the announcement from the Pokémon Café Mix developers, these changes are being made for two reasons:
  1. To make the purpose and goals of the game easier to understand
    • Collect lots of Pokémon, and grow your favourite Pokémon
  2. To make all puzzles a pleasant experience for a wide range of players
    • The conditions to clear puzzles have been reviewed, and new elements are added to adjust the overall difficulty so old and new players can enjoy them.
Player feedback from the closed β in Japan in July has also contributed to the specific changes being made. These changes are as follows:

Gameflow will change significantly:
  1. Select a Pokémon you want to entertain as a customer. Clearing puzzles with the customer Pokémon will increase your friendship level with them. When their friendship level is full, they will become a Staff member.
  2. New menus are developed as Staff Pokémon grow.
  3. Hearing rumors of the new menu, Pokémon that have never appear before will come to the café. Increase your Staff Pokémon to fill the Café with Pokémon.
Four new modes of puzzles are being introduced:
Pokémon Visit mode (Main Order)
This mode will replace the current "Pokémon Invitation" feature. In this mode, you will cook food for guest Pokémon that have come to the store. Following the update to Café ReMix, players will be able to choose the Pokémon they want to serve from a list. Golden Acorns can be used to change the Pokémon available to choose from.

In addition, there will be new elements such as "Large Order", which will give you an extra level of friendliness when you complete an order, and "Additional Order", which will allow you to serve the same Pokémon in the next order.

The Master Café Mode will be playable in the same way as in the current game version. It can be unlocked from launch after you clear the new 300 Main Orders.

Past Order mode
The Pokémon Visit Mode can now be re-challenged after it has been cleared to achieve a higher ☆ rating for the Order. The ☆ you earn in the re-challenge will be added to the friendliness of the Pokémon you've selected in the first attempt.

Menu Development mode
When certain conditions are met, such as having certain Pokémon as Staff, and having them at specific levels, players will be able to attempt puzzles allowing them to develop new menus.

Training mode
In this mode, players can raise the level of a specific Staff Pokémon. As their Level increases, puzzles will be easier to clear, and new menus can be developed.

EXTRA Order mode
The Main Orders of the current version have been moved to the EXTRA Order. You can continue to complete those Orders in the relaunched version from where you left off.

Players will receive certain rewards when they complete specific Order numbers.
  • Order #100: Charmander
  • Order #600: Pikachu Chef costume
  • Order #1200: Lucario Chef costume

Puzzles are being revised and updated:
  1. Clearing puzzles is a three level system
    • Pokémon Visit mode and Training mode puzzles have a three level system for ranking how well a player has achieved the goals of the puzzle. Clearing a puzzle at 1☆ will now be easier than before, while clearing at 3☆ is harder than before.
  2. More exciting puzzles including new Unique Gimmicks
    • New Unique Gimmicks (translated name) are being added to the game. Each Pokémon has its own Unique Gimmick, a power which helps to clear puzzles, such as the ability to remove all of a puzzle's Gimmicks in one shot. The kind of Gimmicks the Pokémon are good at, and how effective they are, will increase as you level up your Pokémon.
  3. Megaphones are stronger and can be combined
    • The Megaphones are powered up, and up to 4 Megaphones can now be combined and used in a single move. The power and direction of the Megaphones will differ depending on how you combine them.
  4. Change to the stamina system
    • The Hearts required to attempt an Order will be changed to Stamina. Stamina will now always be reduced by 1 regardless of clearing or failing an Order.
    • The recovery time will be reduced from 30 minutes per Heart to 15 minutes per Stamina. Stamina will be able to be recovered or obtained in other ways in the future.
    • A Lively Group (translated name) item is being introduced which prevents stamina loss for a few minutes when used.
    • It will now be possible to send Stamina between Team members. There is a limit to the amount of Stamina you can receive from a single Team member in any particular day.
New Pokémon and Costumes are being added:
  1. After the game is relaunched, a number of Events will be held in quick succession, introducing new Pokémon to the game.
  2. As your Pokémon level up, you will be able to get different colors of Costumes.
  3. Additional Costumes will be constantly added to the game via gifts during events, the "Premium Pass" and "Pokémon Dress-up Packs".
Additional feedback from the closed β:
During the closed β in Japan, applicants voted on which Pokémon they wanted most to be added to the game. These are the top 5:
5th place - Charizard
4th place - Ditto
3rd place - Yamper
2nd place - Jirachi
1st place - Mew

As the direct result of this poll, Mew will be appearing as a customer in a special event immediately after the relaunch. Mew will also have a unique Skill if it joins the Staff.


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