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New episode title of 422


Dec 29, 2002
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Psychic VS Ghost! Midnight Duel!

Btw, at first I thought the "Ghost" was Haunter, since Haunter's Japanese name, Ghost, is the exact same word as the word for the type. But given that its' "Esper VS Ghost"... Esper is the name of the Psychic type, and it's not a name of any Pokemon... is it?

AG146: エスパーVSゴースト!真夜中の決闘!?

Indeed. Apparently this comes from the new issue of NewType... the website hasn't updated yet though.
This is the one right after the fighting dojo episode, isn't it?
It could be a good ep, but it's probably about some wild pokemon fighting over territory. Something like a Drowzee/Abra/Kadabra fighting off some Gastly and Haunter.

After how lackluster the fillers in this saga are turning out to be, I wouldn't be too surprised.
OMGSabrina and Haunter!!

Well, hopefully. The group is still in Saffron, right?
Yes, they are, because Satoshi has yet to enter the next Battle Frontier facility, which is in that city.
It would be nice if this episode shows Sabrina letting Ash use Haunter agaisnt her Kadabra. After all, he couldn't beat her in a real battle back in Kanto.

But I wont get my hopes too high, since this is probably not going to happen at all.
If it was about Sabrina wouldn't they at least put the GYM name in the title? Or Sabrina's name? Didn't they do that when Ash battled Wattson a second time even after he already beat him?

It's going to be another filler most likely.
Anyone else notice that Kadabra has not appeared once in the Anime after Orange Islands, even in the background...? People seem to assume that it was because of the Uri Gellar thing. I guess either this can disprove that rumor, or rather show us some more of her Pokemon...?

Since the Psychic type is in the title, could Manene be involved in this one? We know somebody's gonna capture one from the ending sequence, so yeah...
Barb: No, Espeon's Japanese name is Eifie. ESPer is the Japanese name for Psychic (type).
Midnight Duel? Sounds sexy.

All these titles have been quite misleading. Whether that was intentional or not, it is hair-pullingly delicious.
I wonder if this will be a animé version of the Saffron City story from the Ono manga, with Ash, Brock and Sabrina hunting down and killing a lv100+ Haunter that has been plaguing the region for years. I know that this is unlikely but it would be an interesting episode or two.

Of course, as it involves Haunter using Dream Eater to suck away people's souls Dementor-style and ends with said Haunter killing itself to avoid capture, we can safely say that such an episode would never be dubbled :p
It wouldn't be the first Harry Potter reference if they did do that... But if Sabrina is in it, then the Haunter will be Ash's.
Given the parallel title, I will be very surprised if this episode doesn't have some direct connection to a certain gym battle.
With reference to Murg's comment above, I have always felt that the animé (and the character of Ash) would benefit from an 'unfinished business' season where Ash battles a Gym Leader to prove that he deserves the badge that was given to him out of pity or in recognition of good sportsmanship.
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