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New episode title


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Jun 8, 2004
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...it's boring.

AG187, August 17
The Pokémon Center is Very Busy!

LOL, we have like, less than 6 episodes before D/P comes out, and this is the title they give us? WTF?
Why do I get the bad feeling someone's going to interpret this as something ridiculous like, "There's a Pokémon Center that's so busy that Brock will stay behind to help Nurse Joy with it for the next four years!"

I dunno, recent events just seem to be putting us all in the conspiracy theory mindset.

I'd say we're looking at one of those episodes that's all, "Oh noes, Ash can't get his Pokémon healed because Nurse Joy is swamped and Ash has to do something incredibly dangerous which absolutely can't wait until after Nurse Joy handles the other Pokémon."

May and Ash are gonna kiss, before May finnaly gives up on her dream to stay in the Pokecenter forever!!!!!!!
Isn't Ash going to battle Nurse Joy to prepare himself for Registeel, in the summary for the Pyramid?

Could this be the same pokemon center?
I was thinking of that but we have "Rivals Forever" between the two episodes so I'm not sure what's going to happen with that.)

Brock can't stay with Nurse Joy. It just undermines the entire histoy of the anime. (He can stay in Pewter City but not here.)

We might get something like the Doctor Proctor episode in Kanto.
That's what I was thinking...

The title of this thread on SPP is "New Title, bye bye May..."

I'm such a jerk for tricking people for them to find out the episode title tells us nothing at all really. XD
Just so you know, it has been 'pretty much' confirmed now that Advanced Generation is still continuing so you don't have to worry about there are 'only' a few episodes left. If Satoshi and Haruka's adventure were going to end, I am sure they would have had some kind of grand final that would last a few episodes. When Satoshi beats the final four or wins a tournament or two, then the Satoshi's anime adventure will be over.

I actually like these episodes where they build up to the new series or region. I find there is a lot of character development and backstory that is filled in during these episodes. Believe it or not, I am actually looking forward to this episode as it might be quite interesting.
The new theory now is it's two seperate series, have you heard Sunain?

Maybe this episode will be about a influenza of Pokerus? That'd be cool!
Well, even if AG continues, Battle Frontier is still going to end soon.

May's arc is done, and Ash can't lose at the Pyramid forever, can he? I imagine he'll lose maybe once more so Regice can be shown, and that's it.

Even if AG continues, Battle Frontier is most likely ending. I wonder where Ash will go after this?
Habunake said:
That's what I was thinking...

The title of this thread on SPP is "New Title, bye bye May..."

I'm such a jerk for tricking people for them to find out the episode title tells us nothing at all really. XD
Can I give you a hug? XD
I'd be up for Doctor Proctor coming back. It gives me more jealousy to laugh at. Maybe Jessie and May fall for him? XD
::hopes for the return of May's nurse costume::
Ooh, I forgot that May wore the Nurse outfit once before.

If that happens again, I'm all for it!
With the amount of Nurse Joy(s) presumabley on offer we might see a bit more of Brock than normal. Perhaps he'll become a bit more pro-active in something for a change.
I reckon it'll be about Ash wanting to rotate his team but can't cause there's a problem and they fix it and so on... why else would they go (assuming he loses to Registeel and plans to come back again)?

I want to see this be a Porygon2 episode where the computer gets messed up again, even though we all know that the chances of Porygon2 ever being shown is almost zero.

If they do make a completely different series for D/P and continue with AG seperatly they could probably go to like Johto again and find something to do there, or like Sevii Islands.
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