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New ideas for bug type moves

Aug 27, 2021
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Well I think that the bug pokemon is lacking creativity to get new moves and I mean innovative and powerful attacks. In the last generations most new bug type moves were status moves and new attacks that has nothing to do with insects like Lunge( it seens like a fighting move) , steamroller( it appears to be a ground or steel type move in my opinion) or First impression(why is this a bug type move anyway)??

Generation four introduced several good and coherent bug typemoves line Signal beam( fireflies can lit up their bellies) and Bug Buzz( bees cause that sound when they fly) but nowadays the Pokemon developers lack creativity in this area bit I have new ideas:

- Honey Bomb : The user attack the foe throwing a very large droplet of honey. Power 95. This move make sense because only bees van produce honey andhoney isliquid which van foram droplets.

- Biofluorescent beam: Power 90. The user lit up their entire body and shoot a ball or beam or a wave into the target. Bioluminescence is a feature of many invertebrates making this move logic to belong of the bug type.

- Honey drink: A status move similar to Milk drink. The user would drink honey and recover their fully health andcure all status ailments like Full Restore. Honey is onde if tge healtgies foods and it has curing properties so this moves make sense.

- Antennae Whip: Power 35. The user allongate and uses its antennae to hit the target. Only bug Pokemon could use this move.

- Hive Power: Power 120. The user create a large hive in the air then many colored and small lit up insect figures attack the target. Bees attack people if they messwith their hives so this move make sense.

- Fury Swarm: Power 95. The user create a cloud of fierce bugs to attack the foe. Many insects van destroy agriculture when they form a swarm. This moves lowers speed and defense and may poison the foe.

- Structural pulse: The user uses its colorful physical features to create acolorful pulse to attack the foe. Power 75. Many insects have structural colors which are bright colors that are built in their bodies and wings. One example is the Jewel beetle.

This last idea that I have seems surreal and more like a psyquic move.

It is called Insect vision. The user eyes glow and the foe is surrounded by a mosaic-like sight colores red and violet then a strange kind of energy attack the for from all directions. It may cause congusion and lowers speed and accuracy. Power 65. Many insects see in UV and in IR and I read in articles that bugs have poor vision they see things like a mosaic in which an image is made of many smaller ones.
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