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New Moves for Old Pokemon

I've also got some movesets for some of Ash's friends, rivals, and acquaintances:

  • Misty's PSYDUCK: Disable, Fury Swipes, Psychic, and Scald (created before Misty and Psyduck returned in S/M, my thought was that Psyduck finally mastered a Water-type technique...unfortunately for Misty, that move was Scald, which as soon as that scalding hot water leaves Psyduck's mouth, it burns itself as well!); Ability: Cloud Nine
  • Brock's STEELIX/Mega Steelix: Stone Edge, Earthquake/Dig (again, see my Ash team for the reason(s) why Earthquake may or may not be used), Dragon Breath, and Iron Tail; Ability: Sturdy (Sand Force when Mega Evolved)
  • Brock's GOLEM (evolved from Geodude): Rock Polish, Stone Edge, Earthquake/Gyro Ball, and Mega Punch; Ability: Sturdy
  • Brock's Alolan GOLEM: Stealth Rock, Thunder Punch, Rock Slide, and Heavy Slam; Ability: Sturdy - plus, ever since the Alolan variants showed up, I thought for sure Brock would be the type of Gym Leader to use the two distinct Geodude/Graveler/Golem along with Onix/Steelix on his team).
  • Brock's SWAMPERT: Brick Break, Rock Slide, Ice Beam, and Hydro Pump/Hydro Cannon (this last move's a flip flop for me, because as a fully-evolved Water-type, it'd be just like the anime to show off the power of Hydro Cannon, although Brock may end up content with Hydro Pump); Ability: Torrent
  • Brock's BLISSEY (evolved from Chansey): Rock Slide, Egg Bomb, Zen Headbutt, and Softboiled; Ability: Serene Grace
  • Tracey's SCYTHER: Swords Dance, Double Team, Slash, and X-Scissor; Ability: Swarm (which, due to Scyther's advanced age, is always active).
  • May's BLAZIKEN/Mega Blaziken: Aerial Ace, Blaze Kick, Mirror Move, and Sky Uppercut; Ability: Blaze (Speed Boost when Mega Evolved)
  • Dawn's PIPLUP: Hydro Pump, Drill Peck, Ice Beam, and Aqua Ring; Ability: Torrent
  • Dawn's LOPUNNY (evolved from Buneary): Bounce, Dizzy Punch, Ice Beam, and Giga Impact; Ability: Cute Charm
  • Jessie's ARBOK: Gunk Shot, Crunch, Dragon Tail, and Hyper Beam; Ability: Intimidate
  • James' WEEZING: Sludge Bomb, Smokescreen, Dark Pulse, and Hyper Beam; Ability: Levitate
  • Gary's BLASTOISE/Mega Blastoise: Skull Bash, Ice Beam, Flash Cannon, and Hydro Cannon; Ability: Torrent (Mega Launcher when Mega Evolved)
  • Gary's UMBREON: Double Team, Shadow Ball, Psychic, and Dark Pulse; Ability: Synchronize
  • Gary's ARCANINE: Extreme Speed, Dragon Pulse, Wild Charge, and Flare Blitz; Ability: Intimidate
  • Gary's ALAKAZAM: Calm Mind, Disable, Drain Punch, and Psychic; Ability: Synchronize
  • Gary's PIDGEOT: Aerial Ace, Feather Dance, Mirror Move, and Steel Wing; Ability: Keen Eye
  • Paul's TORTERRA: Giga Drain, Stone Edge, Crunch, and Frenzy Plant; Ability: Overgrow
  • Paul's ELECTIVIRE: Brick Break, Giga Impact, Protect, and Thunder; Ability: Motor Drive
  • Barry's EMPOLEON: Drill Peck, Flash Cannon, Grass Knot, and Hydro Cannon; Ability: Torrent
  • Lance's DRAGONITE: Safeguard, Hurricane, Draco Meteor, and Hyper Beam; Ability: Inner Focus
  • Lance's CHARIZARD/Mega Charizard X: Flamethrower, Air Slash, Dragon Claw, and Hype Beam; Ability: Blaze (Tough Claws when Mega Evolved)
  • Lt. Surge's RAICHU: Thunder, Double Team, Body Slam, and Focus Punch; Ability: Static
  • Roark's ONIX: Double-Edge, Stealth Rock, Screech, and Stone Edge; Ability: Rock Head

Anyways, that's what I've got so far. Let me know what you think.
Brock having a Swampert is something that needed to happen. Also everyone except for me has forgotten Brock’s Marshtomp for 15 years which is criminal. I just want him back and I miss him.
Brock having a Swampert is something that needed to happen. Also everyone except for me has forgotten Brock’s Marshtomp for 15 years which is criminal. I just want him back and I miss him.
No no i like swampert but i do love both mudkip and marshtomp more and mpre so i don't want to evolve
Recent discussion about the handling of Dawn's team in her returns have inspired me to make movepool updates for her Pokemon like I did for May's. New moves are ictalized:
  • Piplup- Bubble Beam, Whirlpool, Drill Peck, Grass Knot. Already explained in this post.
  • Buneary- Ice Beam, Mega Punch, Bounce, Double Kick/High Jump Kick. Buneary really just needs to learn a fourth move already, as I think everything else she has is perfectly fine. Alternate Dawn revealed that her Buneary knows Mega Punch, so it can be presumed that it replaced Dizzy Punch in Main Dawn's Buneary too. Ideally I would like for Buneary to evolve into Lopunny and have High Jump Kick as her fourth move, but if she HAS to stay unevolved I guess Double Kick will do nicely for that purpose too.
  • Pachirisu- Discharge, Super Fang, Nuzzle, Dig. Nuzzle because it's the signature move of the Pikaclones and because the guaranteed Paralysis would be a great asset in the battle portion of Contests due to slowing down the opponent and preventing them from showing off to the crowd/fighting back properly. Dig is coverage that could also be used to execute underground Discharge combos that could make for a cool visual.
  • Mamoswine- Ancient Power, High Horsepower, Icicle Spear, Protect. High Horsepower is STAB that takes full advantage of Mamoswine's proficiency for ramming into things, Icicle Spear is a potentially stronger Ice Shard, and Protect is there mainly because with Mamoswine being Dawn's largest Pokemon by a significant margin, it could serve as a way to shield her other Pokemon from enemy attacks in battle rounds.
  • Quilava- Flamethrower, Swift, Extrasensory, Flame Charge. Extrasensory is there both as coverage and as a way to distinguish Dawn's Quilava from Ash's. Flame Charge is a close range move that is funtionally like Flame Wheel except it comes with the added bonus of boosting speed. Quilava evolving into Typhlosion would also be neat, though I admit I'd rather see Ash's Quilava evolve first.
  • Togekiss- Air Slash, Sky Attack, Aura Sphere, Dazzling Gleam. Mainly just to acknowledge that Togekiss is now Fairy-type by giving her Fairy STAB, and one that would be pretty darn good in Contests at that.
With Gary's Arcanine and Umbreon confirmed to be reappearing in JN102, what moves could they use?

Would be nice to see Umbreon use a Dark type move, maybe Wild Charge and Burn Up from Arcanine
Would be nice to see Umbreon use a Dark type move, maybe Wild Charge and Burn Up from Arcanine
For the love of Arceus, please not Dark Pulse. You know what would be nice? Foul Play. We've only seen it with James' Inkay and even then, it barely used it. Seeing Umbreon perform the maneuver would be interesting to say the least. But if not that, then Assurance or Payback - Dark-type moves that are rarely animated; just something different.
Some moves for Ash's Sinnoh squad plus their description.
Note 1: Ash's Gible has evolved into Gabite
Note 2: I know Earthquake is banned in the anime but if it was ever unbanned Torterra should definitely use it.
Brave Bird- Staraptor's body becomes surrounded in a light blue aura. It then flies straight at the opponent, slamming into them at full force. Sometimes, Staraptor suffers from recoil damage after using the move.
Close Combat- Staraptor repeatedly kicks, pecks, and hits the opponent with its wings at a fast speed.
Double Edge- Staraptor flies at the opponent and slams into it with great force. While charging, Staraptor leaves behind a gold streak. This may sometimes cause recoil damage.
Quick Attack- Staraptor flies at the opponent at a fast speed and tackles it. While flying, a white trail of energy is seen behind it.
Leaf Storm- The leaves on the tree on Torterra's back start to glow light green, and it releases a cyclone of wind and glowing light green leaves from the tree towards the opponent.
Energy Ball- Torterra opens its mouth and fires a light green ball of energy from its mouth at the opponent.
Earthquake- Torterra stomps its feet on the ground, causing an earthquake.
Synthesis- Torterra's body becomes surrounded by white sparkles and its body glows white. The leaves on its back then glow brightly, healing its injuries.
Flare Blitz- Infernape's body becomes surrounded by red-orange fire and it shoots at the opponent like a missile; or, the flame on Infernape's head extends and covers its entire body. Infernape then slams into the opponent with great force; or, the flame on Infernape's head extends and covers its entire body. Infernape then rolls into the opponent. On occasion, this will burn the opponent. Sometimes, as it charges at the opponent, the fire around it turns light blue. When the attack is over, red sparks surround Infernape's body as it takes recoil damage.
Dig- Infernape dives into the ground, digging with its hands. Seconds later, it comes back up and hits the opponent. Infernape's hands can also glow in a light-blue aura.
Mach Punch- Infernape's fist glows light blue and it punches the opponent, or both of Infernape's fists or whole arms glow light blue and it repeatedly punches the opponent. Sometimes, its eyes flash yellow before it uses the attack.
Overheat- Infernape's body turns red and it releases a powerful orange-yellow fire with an orange flame spiraling around it from its mouth at the opponent. The blast is most powerful when first used and becomes weaker when used repeatedly.
Aqua Jet- Buizel's body becomes surrounded by water and it rises into the air and tackles the opponent. To move, it spins its tails like a propeller.
Ice Punch- Buizel's fist glows light blue and a stream of energy of the same color spins around it. Buizel then punches the opponent, freezing it.
Water Pulse- Buizel creates a blue sphere of energy from in between its hands. It then fires the sphere at the opponent, which explodes into a wave of water.
Brick Break- Buizel’s paw glows white, which it then uses to slam its paw downwards on its opponent.
Earth Power- Gliscor’s body becomes surrounded in a golden outline. The ground then shakes and erupts, and golden light comes out from underneath and hits the opponent.
Stone Edge- Gliscor's eyes glow white and two light blue rings appear around its body. The rings then glow white and form into white stones that spin around Gliscor's body. The white glow then fades into light blue rocks. Gliscor then fires the stones at the opponent; or Gliscor slams its pincers or tail onto the ground, creating light blue pillars that slam into the opponent.
Wing Attack- Gliscor’s wings glow white and it hits the opponent with one or both of them.
X-Scissor- Gliscor's claws glow light blue, and it swipes them in an 'X' formation, creating a magenta 'X' in front of it and tackling the opponent with the 'X' in front of it, or Gliscor's claws glow light blue and it swipes them in an 'X'-like fashion, firing an 'X' shaped magenta energy at the opponent, or Gliscor's claws glow light blue and it hits the opponent with them.
Draco Meteor- Gabite's body becomes surrounded in an orange aura and then it tilts its head towards the sky and fires a white ball of aura, which is surrounded in a light-orange glow and then the ball explodes in the sky and sends multiple orange rocks with a light-orange glow in the center and a white and light-orange aura surrounding the rocks and the rocks fall towards the ground, hitting the opponent.
Sand Tomb- Gabite creates wisps of sand with its tail that surround the opponent which then turn into a swirling sand vortex that encompasses the opponent.
Metal Claw- Gabite’s claws glow a silver and white color and then the glow grows to form a bigger claw shape of silver and white energy around its claw(s) before attacking its opponent with its claws.
Dragon Rush- Streams of bright blue aura start to form around Gabite's head and then they grow and cover most of its body, with a black shadowy aura inside the bright blue aura as it grows. Gabite then slams into the opponent.
Gninja: replace Cut with Gunk Shot
Heracross: replace Horn attack with whatever Fighting type move the writer want it to have.
I want snivy to learn new moves. She only had leave storm as the strongest attack. At least make her learn more strong attacks.

I love her attacks such as leaf storm, leaf blade, vine wipe and attract attack but at least let her learn new move.
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