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New Pokémon Snap Pre-order Bonus Roundup

New Pokémon Snap logo.png
New Pokémon Snap, the successor to the classic Nintendo 64 title Pokémon Snap, is set to be released for the Nintendo Switch worldwide on April 30th. Taking place in the many isles of the Lental region, players take on the role of a photographer working together with Professor Mirror and his assistant Rita on a ecological survey to capture photos of Pokémon in their natural habitats and complete the Photodex.

A large variety of different bonuses are being offered by different stores around the world together with pre-orders for the physical copy of the game. As you might expect, Japanese gamers have the most options for different pre-order bonuses, with most of the rest of the world sharing from a more narrow selection of items. In this article, we'll be rounding up a list of all the pre-order bonuses that we're aware of currently. If you know of one that we've missed, please send through the details in the comments below, or via Bulbagarden's social media channels, so that we can add it to the list.

United States
Double-sided poster featuring the game's cover art and one of its key art illustrations
Gamestop pre-order bonus.jpg
Magnetic photo frame
Target pre order bonus.jpeg

EB Games
Magnetic photo frame
EB Games Canada pre order bonus.jpeg

United Kingdom
Amazon / GAME / Smyths
Double-sided poster and sticker sheet
GAME pre-order bonus.jpg
UK pre order bonus.jpg

EB Games
Double-sided A2 poster featuring the game's cover art and one of its key art illustrations
EB Games Australia pre order bonus.jpg
JB Hi-Fi
Sticker sheet
JB Hi-Fi pre order bonus.jpg

Pokémon Center / Shopee
Tote bag and photo album
Singapore pre order bonus 2.jpeg
Singapore pre order bonus 1.jpeg

Pokémon Photo Bromide Collection
Amazon JP pre order bonus.jpg
A4 glitter file
AEON pre order bonus.jpg
BicCamera / Sofmap / Kojima
Mask case
BC S K pre order bonus.jpg
Book Square
Picnic sheet
Book square pre order bonus.jpg

Smartphone ring
EDION Group pre order bonus.jpg
GEO pre order bonus.jpg
Spray bottle and bottle case
Ito-Yokado pre order bonus.jpg
Joshin pre order bonus.jpg
Lawson Loppi / HMV
Mini clear file with the cover being the original Pokémon Snap poster
Lawson HMV pre order bonus.jpg
Eco bag
Nojima pre order bonus.jpg
Pokémon Center
Acrylic stand
Pokémon Center pre order bonus.jpg
Rakuten Books
Rakuten pre order bonus.jpg
Seven Net Shopping
Acrylic key chain
Seven Net pre order bonus.jpg
Participating TSUTAYA stores
Double pocket clear file
Tsutaya pre order bonus.jpg
WonderGOO pre order bonus.jpg
A5 notepad
Yamada Denki pre order bonus.jpg
Yodobashi Camera
Camera lens cloth
Yodobashi pre order bonus.jpg
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