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New Pokemon Species Discussion

What's your opinion on the new Galar Pokémon we've seen so far?

  • I like most of them

    Votes: 89 69.5%
  • I dislike most of them

    Votes: 11 8.6%
  • I'm neutral on most of them

    Votes: 28 21.9%

  • Total voters
in-thread fanart reminder 8/9
  • Perfect Chronology
    Dec 30, 2008
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    Quick reminder to include sources to any fanart you post. The original artists will appreciate it :D
    Apologies in advance if it's already been discussed here but...

    Found this on Serebii... any thoughts on this? I hope Impidimp evolves into it. It's terrifying and I love every piece of it. Imagine wandering the region at night, wondering if you should set up camp. Then you see something in the corner of your eye. You look around and can't see anything unusual so you keep walking. You find a nice place to settle in for the night and get everything set up. Then you drift off to sleep, only to be awoken by rustling soon after. You unzip your tent and the last thing you see before everything fades to white is a spiky silhouette turning to face you.
    The head reminds me of Fraxure, specifically the growths on the side of its head. Looks like it has a horn like Rhydon's and a mohawk, not to mention the bottom half looks too small for its torso. Also those fingers/claw are humongous. Odd design, but it's probably much better up close.
    Galar Pokemon Update--SPOILERS
  • Eyes of Ruby
    Aug 13, 2019
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    In the above spoiler tag is an image with all known Galar Pokemon and Galarian forms. Due note that some of these Pokemon have been leaked and that there is no guarantees that they are legitimate, however, it seems likely that they, or at least most of them, are real.


    Here's a list (no images) of all the leaked Pokemon. I tried to keep the descriptions as vague and basic as possible.
    1. Grookey second stage
    2. Grookey final stage
    3. Scorbunny final stage
    4. Sobble second stage
    5. Sobble final stage
    6. Wooloo evolution
    7. Red fox
    8. Red fox evolution
    9. Bubble witch
    10. Bubble witch evolution
    11. Ball python
    12. Ball python evolution
    13. Galarian Meowth
    14. Meowth-G evolution
    15. Orange elephant
    16. Purple dinosaur
    17. Centipede
    18. Galarian Farfetch'd
    19. Octopus
    20. Octopus evolution
    21. Spiky urchin
    22. Gmax apple lizard (it's really hard to tell from the image)
    23. Impidimp second stage
    24. Impidimp final stage
    25. Yamper evolution
    26. Rolycoly second stage
    27. Rolycoly final stage
    28. Corviknight stage 1
    29. Corviknight stage 2

    Edit 2: Another Pokemon has been leaked; it's presumably Yamper's evolution.

    Edit 3: More leaked Pokemon

    Edit 4: More leaks
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    New Pokémon in 11/11/19 trailer
  • Eyes of Ruby
    Aug 13, 2019
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    Two new Pokémon were shown in today’s trailer, however, they weren’t revealed like other new Pokémon. All we know of them is their appearance.
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