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New Pokémon X and Y videos have been released: A couple of new attacks shown

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Dreams of electric Bulbasaur
Nov 13, 2005
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New Pokémon X and Y videos have been released: A couple of new attacks shown

New Pokémon X and Y videos have been released. Two new attacks were shown, one of which is a Fairy-type attack.

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one of the comercials is really bad.. please... i'd like to see how the game looks like, not fake opinions made by paid actors....
A new Fairy-type attack was shown called 「じゃれつく」 Frolic.

A new attack was used by Sylveon on a Tyrunt.

It seems odd that Frolic is stated to definitely be Fairy, yet the other move isn't, when both have the same amount of proof: both used in the Fairy segment of their respective trailers, by Fairy Pokemon, and used on Dragon-types. (You can even hear the super effective noise when used on Tyrunt.) Not like it really matters since the other move doesn't even have a name yet, but it seems weird to see one confirmed as Fairy but the other not.

I'm hoping one of these trailers makes it into English shortly. The Japanese trailers are showing off Orotto in various ones, yet we don't even have its name from an English version of these trailers :/

Edit: Ok, seems I misremembered a little after rewatching.
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I absolutely cannot wait. Nearly 3 weeks now, so close!

I can honestly say that with the recent reveals of such expansive customization options, the customization feature is now one of my favourites and one I'm most looking forward to. Riding Pokemon is cool, but nothing I'm overly excited for. And of course, the graphics look great. Perfect? No, but by far the best improvement I could have hoped for since Generation V.

And I actually enjoyed the premise of the CGI animated commercial with the actors. I also wonder if the notion of "dreams" used in the commercial have any real relevance and play a part in the plot of the games, or if it was just a device used to prompt a creative introduction of the games. More than likely the latter, but who knows?
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