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Notice New RP Rules (as of 8/8/2017)

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Jun 29, 2010
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Hey, lovelies! We've created a new set of rules for the section! As such, they don't differ too much from the older set of rules (minus a few things). We hope they're easier to understand, and that you take your time to read them.

Also keep in mind to also read the new general forum rules that have been updated. These can be found here: Bulbagarden Forum Rules - *New Set!*

Here's also the moderators of the section if you have any questions!

@Yun @Flaze @Prez @Alolan Ninetales

1. Within the bounds of their thread, a GM has total control (all normal forum rules apply of course).
  • The moderators have the highest power in the section, over GMs if need be.
  • No players should be posting in Rps they aren’t a part of.
2. Participation and Behavior
  • Be cooperative, be kind, and always be respectful of another!
  • If a user has any issues with another (non-rule breaking), it should be reported to the GM. Rules violations should be reported on site like any other.
3. Starting an RP:
  • All Public RPs require a Sign-Up thread.

  • All Sign-Up and Start-Up threads have a two week period of inactivity or stagnation before the GM is warned that it needs to be archived. Private RPs are exempt from the above rules.

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