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New scan & titles (minor updates)


Jan 20, 2006
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well, I have added a little bit more details to the summaries of DP53&54, enjoy the underlined part.
Source: Pokeani discussion board

from the New Type scan:

Nov. 1, DP53: ヒコザルの涙!Tears of Chimchar!
Nov. 8, DP54: ナタネとサボネア!さよならは誰のため!Gardenia & Cacnea! Farewell is for whom!

from the summary of DP52, it is confirmed that Ash will catch the Chimchar released by Paul; and DP54 is probably about Cacnea leaving James.

more summaries:

DP51: Ash & Paul, who have established temporary partnership in the tag battle tournament, win the first round battle. In order to win in the second round, Paul forces Chimchar into harsher training. Ash sees this and questions Paul on the reason why he treats Chimchar so strictly.

DP52: Ash & Paul advances into the semi-finals. However, due to Chimchar not being able to adjust its battle status perfectly, Paul releases Chimchar! On seeing that, Ash tells Chimchar "Let's have a journey and become stronger together!", and then makes the capture of Chimchar.

DP53: Ash & co. head to Veilstone City where the next Gym locates. During the trip, they have a happy picnic together with their Pokemon. But Chimchar is confused at the harmonious atmosphere, because this never happened in its journey with Paul who gave it nothing but harsh training. Ash wants to give some training to this Chimchar and lets it have a battle with Dawn's Piplup; however, the moment it loses the battle, Chimchar suddently recalls Paul's stern expression and becomes really afraid of Ash getting mad at it...

DP54: Ash & co. arrives Tajiki Town and meets Gardenia, the Eterna Gym Leader, who is organising a promotion activity for Pokemon battle. There appear Team Rocket, and by the suggestion of Gardenia, Ash & co. agree to have a tag battle against the Gardenia-James partnership. After the battle, Gardenia points out that James was not using Cacnea to its full potential and she proposes that James leave Cacnea with her...
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あら? Somehow I had sensed that Shinji would hold on to Chimchar at least. Hmm...
I guess the writers are going with the "Ash-shows-Paul-that-any-Pokemon-can-be-strong-if-you're-friends-with-it" route in rivalry.

If Cacnea leaves, I will be WTF'ing at how Duxtox outstayed Cacnea.
Oh, nozz...Ash getting chimchar? I hope it is for a few minutes of episode and after it go back to Paul Geez, not again that idea of "lets give Ash all the starters". After this, even Dawn could give piplup to Ash...

But, in the other hand, it's pretty funny if chimchar evolve on Ash's hands...
I think it's possible Chimchar will go back to Paul later on, I can't really see him sticking with Ash - but it sounds like a good set of episodes we'll have to miss... :/

Sounds like they're finally getting around to cutting loose Cacnea and Dustox too. Though, how Cacnea ends up going before Dustox is baffling....
Natane reappears! Cool! But it's still a pity that they omitted the Hakutai Forest Manor. Maybe they'll retcon it someday.

And I saw that coming. Sabonea isn't needed anymore because Muscippa kinda took it's place. The next Rocket Group Pokemon which is going to be released soon is Dokucail. I wish they'd get rid of Sonansu but they're never going to do it. It's an everlasting gag Pokemon.

About Satoshi's Hikozaru - it made me shout "HOLY SHIT!". I really don't see him sticking to Satoshi. I'm pretty sure it's going to return to Shinji someday.

And when are Satoshi-tachi going to visit Zui Town. Well, it's likely that when they finally decide to visit Zui, it will be presented as a dull, another filler town. Yaaawn.
I did not see this coming. Well, Ash has his Fire type. Happy now? I absolutely do not think Paul would just welcome back Chimchar, regardless of whether it would want to return to him or not. I don't think it will, once it realizes the bond all of Ash's pokemon share. And Gardenia's back. And fangirling over James's pokemon again.
Well, I was right about Satoshi getting Hikozaru.

Sabonea-chan, sayonara~ T_T
Oh. My. God. Wow. Totally unexpected. This actually surprised me a lot . . I never thought Shinji would actually release Hikozaru . . and it going to Satoshi. That's really weird.

What's Shinji going to do when he see's how powerful it's become under Satoshi's training? I could see him with a lighter side, most definitely, however . . what if Satoshi can't train it to beat Shinji? This might be a more plausable route.

Can you believe how serious the anime's suddenly become? o_O

And Natane!! YES! I LOVE HER. :) Especially her interactions with Kojiro, awww yay!
Would be awesome if Ash used Chimchar against Paul to help finally win against him.

And giving Cacnea to the Grass-type loving Gardenia seems like a decent excuse to write him off.

OMNOMNOMshipping, yo.
I can't believe I'm saying this, but the thought of Ash getting Hikozaru makes me delighted.

I mean. Dude. I love Hikozaru. And if he'll be on Ash's team, he'll appear more and more, and then he'll evolve to Moukazaru and Goukazaru and I will die of yay.

And yet, I am sad.

The second I read the summary, a cold wave (unlike any cold wave I have ever felt) passed through my body.

After all the telling of the fanbase that Shinji wasn't gonna release Hikozaru...

sorry. The writers are getting so unpredictable these days that they do things the fandom predicts.
Now how am I gonna face up to the fandom who I tried to convince that Shinji wasn't going to release Hikozaru

at least he kept it a lot longer than he would've

I swear, Shinou is like the best thing to happen in Pokemon since ..... ever.

edit: I forgot to add that I think Hiko-chan would like being friends with Ash but I'm still mad at the writers for not doing something interesting.

now I have to put up with the dumb "wahoo" posts of those members
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Ugh, I guess Ash is back to getting all the starters again. Pathetic. Thank god Dawn will never get rid of Piplup.


Cancea was FUCKING awesome. I loved that little thing since it came back in AG5 or whatever it was. GOD BLESS YOU CACNEA. LIVE WELL.
Good, this means Gardenia will have the same amount of appearences as Roark.

And I'm willing to be that in the final Ash VS Paul showdown, Ash will use Infernape to take down Torterra, which would drive Paul crazy and be a satisfiying conclusion to their rivalry.
And someone on Bulbapedia already jumped to (wrong) conclusions and posted that Kojirou is going to give his Sabonea to Natane.


God! Why do I have to be banned.....
Heh, at this rate I wouldn't be surprised if the Aipom for Buizel trade actually happens.

Ash is reverting back to his usual lineup of the same types and Aipom will now conflict with Chimchar.

Dawn is going to get Aipom now. I believe.
Ugh, I guess Ash is back to getting all the starters again. Pathetic. Thank god Dawn will never get rid of Piplup.


Cancea was FUCKING awesome. I loved that little thing since it came back in AG5 or whatever it was. GOD BLESS YOU CACNEA. LIVE WELL.

I really hope that our monkeyfriend will return to Shinji after hile... :/
If not, here is the answer to everyone who wanted a fire pokemon on Satoshi´s Team. Maybe he´ll recall Totodile when there is a GS remake...who knows...

I am happy to hear that Cacnea will go with Natane. ( at least it is the most logical way to get rid of the cute cactus in this episode) At least she will love the little guy as much as Kojiro does. And she actually likes its hugging ;)

If Natane will get Cacnea, will it be a trade? I´m looking forward to this episode since the animation director is pure awesomeness.
Yay for Natane anyway ^^
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And someone on Bulbapedia already jumped to (wrong) conclusions and posted that Kojirou is going to give his Sabonea to Natane.

Unconfirmed =/= wrong. Chill pill, please.

....Nnnn. *gnaws her thumb hard* Stupid Ash. Doesn't deserve Chimchar.
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