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New scan & titles (minor updates)

o_O sorry, didn't mean to tick you off. It's not like I'm supporting it or anything, I'm just saying that with D/P being so full of twists, anything is bound to happen.
All I can say is that I'm happy Gardenia is making another appearance. Recurring characters FTW.
Aggh, I just realized how sad I am that Sabonea is going away. I hope that since it's going away to a gym leader (most likely) that we might get to see it again :(

Actually, I just thought of something. Why did the animators go through the trouble of updating the OP with Shinji's "full" team a few episodes before he'll release one of his pokemon? I guess whether or not Hikozaru will be on his side after he releases it will determine who it stays with. If they updated his team now, they'll update it again if he's losing the pokemon for good.

I think they changed it because (this might not make sense) they are going to change the opening all together. For some reason it makes sense in my mind . . possibly a tribute to his team because it might not be shown in the next one?
I think Gardenia re-appeared because now she has been in the same amount of episodes as Roark. Maybe each Gym leader this region will get 4 episodes.

That, and if James had to release Cacnea she made the most sense to leave it with.

This throws a MAJOR monkey wrench into my plans for my fic... the chapter I was writing had Paul beating the living crap out of a Pikachu. With an *Infernape.* Now I have to go back and re-edit it all.

OMGYAYRETURNOFGARDENIAYAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO <3 I guess they figured her grass glomping had to go somewhere... now the question is, when is Dustox gonna go? Probably when Jessie makes a capture, whenever that is. But at this point, I've learned to expect anything from the writers now.

Is it safe to say DP is the best saga yet?
I wonder when the Pokehunter J will turn up again.

Probably when Butch and Cassidy show up again.
In all seriousness, I have to say I'm shocked that I've suddenly become a... a... NAY-SAYER!!!

Now really seriously, I think it's a cool development with Chimchar going to Ash, temporarily or otherwise. If it really stays, it'll get to have it's sweet revenge on Paul. If it goes back in the Tears ep, we may get to see how even after the harsh treatment it got, it could still want to go back. Of course, that'd sort of be the opposite message we got from Charmander, but meh...

And now, as I don't have much to lose anyway, I'll just say I'd rather have them get Chimchar back to Paul. I mean, Ash already has a starter AND a monkey, so what does he need a two-in-one for? And seeing as it's got Charmander's backstory copies now after getting it's name, they might as well call it Chimcharmander or something. Add in Blaziken's Fire/Fighting typing and we got ourselves a regular monkey see, monkey doer here. AUGH!!! Paul, take your ape back already!!! Nyagyagyriaaaa!!!

That is all.
Pretty cool, although I was really hoping for Magby > Magmar > Magmotar for Ash, since it's really offbeat and could have been interesting. Oh well. I wonder who will evolve first, Turtwig or Chimchar?

I approve of Cacnea going to a Gym Leader, too.

I'm going to say I think Chimchar may evolve first but hey who knows the writers love to suprise us now and days eh? Any ways...

1. I dought Chimchar will go back to Shinji....I think that is one of the theorys wrong, Shinji does not except weaklings back into his group of Pokemon, becuase Shinji didn't win the last battle do to the loss of Chimchar he won't take him back. Even if he sees how much better of a fighter Chimchar is and wants him back, some thing tells me Chimchar grows fond of Ash and his group and the way Ash treats him. So even if Shinji would want him back, some thing tells me when the time comes Chimchar won't want to go back. Ash will just show to Shinji in the end that his Pokemon is strong if you show it love and friendship. Will it change Shinji? Who knows. But some thing tells me my theory on this from the kego was right. I can't wait to see Ash train it though, should be fun.
I wonder when the Pokehunter J will turn up again.

Probably when Butch and Cassidy show up again.

Pokehunter J is the main villain of D/P.

Butch/Cassidy are minor villains who have never shown up in D/P period, and only had 2 measly episodes in AG.

Why are you even comparing them?
Oh, who am I kidding...

I can see Chimchar'll probably stay for good. It's certainly not as though I don't like the little guy, 'cause I do. I mean, it'll provide a good "kindness is best" lesson, and it should prove an interesting battler and personality and all. Plus the fact it'll expound upon the Charmander situation with the strong liklihood of payback is highly intriguing. It's just the whole situation still seems wigged out to me. Two starters, two monkeys, and the fact it pretty much destroys Ash's chances of getting more diverse typings in his team this season, not to mention Riolu's chances are totally shot (I was really rooting for it.) And I just hope this doesn't take away Staravia's one shot at glory in the Fighting gym, since after that it won't have a single advantage.

Well, Chimchar, it's still a shaky situation, but lets see how you do.
Ash getting a diverse team this region was pretty much screwed the moment he got the grass starter and flyer again. All that needs to happen now is the Aipom/Buizel trade...and meh...Ash is back to the same exact types he has every region.

At least Chimchar has a personality, which will certainly add to Ash's team which was honestly been quite dull this saga.
Well, well...I've been saying Paul was gonna give up Chimchar, but I was also saying Brock would get it. So I was half-right.

Also...I found this obvious after seeing that D/P promo image when Chimchar was standing with the main trio...meh, maybe that had nothing to do with it...
At least Chimchar has a personality, which will certainly add to Ash's team which was honestly been quite dull this saga.

Not to mention that like Treecko Chimchar could bring a different intresting battling style to the table that the previous three fire types couldn't offer. So there are silver linings to this occurance.
And the fandom gets their bitching wishes answered. Maybe it'll be good, sigh...
You know, with Chimchar going to Ash similar to how Charmander did...and with Turtwig's origin ep being very similar to Bulbasaur's....


Nah, I won't say it. :p
They're reusing plots from their own mangas...a similar thing happened with Silver's Bayleef in Golden Boys. After Silver abandoned Bayleef, Gold captured it.
You know, with Chimchar going to Ash similar to how Charmander did...and with Turtwig's origin ep being very similar to Bulbasaur's....
Are you suggesting the Piplup Squad... hmmmmmm doesn't have the same ring as The Squirtle Squad. -giggles at Piplup wearing pimpish sunglasses-
This is quite unexpected. My money was on Chimchar evolving and becoming the new badass of Paul's team. In the episode where he battles Cynthia, Paul even notes that Chimchar has "hidden power." Oh well.

Cacnea! No!

I was glad when they got past Eterna, because I thought James had dodged the bullet of losing Cacnea there... Gardenia returning is most welcome, and as stated, the best possible outcome for Cacnea, but it will be bittersweet. James had better win this tag battle.
dear god.... will the nostalgia-pimping never end?

Anyway, I've kinda got mixed thoughts on Shinji ditching Hikozaru and Satoshi taking it.... on one hand, I'm in agreement with Crystal Clair. I hate it when the fanbase makes seemingly idiotic assumptions only to be proven right in the end (this reminds me of "Brock will get a Bonsly because it's a Rock-type" -_-). It's also kinda annoying that, in spite of Shin'ou having a severe lack of Fire-types and Water-types (with people giving decent reasoning that the few available options wouldn't go to Satoshi) thus leaving his team open for more diverse types (as well as non-starters, Pokemon that otherwise aren't very well-showcased, which is what I fucking loved about Heigani and Cotoise in AG). But on the plus side, this does look like an opportunity for some very nice character dynamics between Satoshi, Hikozaru, and Shinji, as well as the fact that Satoshi's team is FINALLY seeing a change after being so fucking static for the past 40 episodes now (Scott also makes a point about Hikozaru having a personality that's actually interesting). And if nothing else, the assumptions that Satoshi's only temporarily taking Hikozaru while trying to convince Shinji of his mistake could end up true (perhaps when the opening changes in an estimated 20 episodes, then we'll know for sure).

now the question is, when is Dustox gonna go? Probably when Jessie makes a capture, whenever that is.

I say she could go a region without anything new. After all, Kojirou went through all of Jouto that way (and lost his Utsubot in the process), and she did make two captures in Houen. On the other hand, Kojirou did have more recent changes to his team.
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